Mel Kiper Jr. first round projections.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cbz40, Mar 14, 2006.

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    Mel Kiper Jr. first round projections.

    *First-Round Projections
    1. Houston Reggie Bush, RB* USC
    2. New Orleans Matt Leinart, QB USC
    3. Tennessee Vince Young, QB* Texas
    4. N.Y. Jets D'Brickashaw Ferguson, T Virginia
    5. Green Bay Mario Williams, DE* NC State
    6. San Francisco A.J. Hawk, LB Ohio St.
    7. Oakland Jay Cutler, QB Vanderbilt
    8. Buffalo Haloti Ngata, DT* Oregon
    9. Detroit Michael Huff, DB Texas
    10. Arizona LenDale White, RB* USC
    11. St. Louis Vernon Davis, TE* Maryland
    12. Cleveland Tamba Hali, DE Penn St.
    13. Baltimore Brodrick Bunkley, DT Florida St.
    14. Philadelphia Ernie Sims, LB* Florida St.
    15. Atlanta Johnathan Joseph, CB* South Carolina
    16. Miami Winston Justice, T* USC
    17. Minnesota DeAngelo Williams, RB Memphis
    18. Dallas Chad Jackson, WR* Florida
    19. San Diego Santonio Holmes, WR* Ohio St.
    20. Kansas City Tye Hill, CB Clemson
    21. New England Ashton Youboty, CB* Ohio St.
    22. Denver (from WSH) Sinorice Moss, WR Miami
    23. Tampa Bay Chad Greenway, LB Iowa
    24. Cincinnati Jimmy Williams, CB Virginia Tech
    25. N.Y. Giants Kelly Jennings, CB Miami
    26. Chicago Dominique Byrd, TE USC
    27. Carolina Marcedes Lewis, TE UCLA
    28. Jacksonville DeMeco Ryans, LB Alabama
    29. Denver Kamerion Wimbley, DE Florida St.
    30. Indianapolis Laurence Maroney, RB* Minnesota
    31. Seattle Mathias Kiwanuka, DE Boston College
    32. Pittsburgh Bobby Carpenter, LB Ohio St
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    Hey CBz40 what do think about drafting Chad Johnson at 18???
  3. dmoore

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    I like it. Jackson's a player. It would be kinda hard to pass up Jimmy Williams though, but I think we need to go offense early in the draft. We just neglected it for far too long.
  4. Rudy

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    **** that. There is no reciever worth taking in the first round this year.
  5. Dayton Cowboy

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    I found it difficult to believe that kiper projected Youboty ahead of Williams.
  6. dmoore

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    Jackson is, just look at the numbers. Caught a ton of balls at Florida and posted a blazing time at the combine. He's got the ideal body as well. This might not be a great class for wideouts, but Holmes and Jackson both are worth a first rounder. Who at 18 is more disserving of a pick? I could understand if we were top ten, but at 18 we could get a legitimate weapon for our offense.
  7. Rush 2112

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    Chad Jackson played in a dink and dunk offense that inflated his catches.

    10 yard average?

    Same offense that Alex Smith came from.
  8. Cbz40

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    At the moment I'm leaning towards....Bobby Carpenter

    This could change at a moments notice...:D
  9. kiheikiwi

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    Is this Kipers latest update? Because already this is outdated due to what has happened in Free Agency. I would pass on Jackson. In that line up I would rather we take Jimmy Williams, Kamerion Wimbly or Bobby Carpenter.
  10. dmoore

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    That works both ways. His offense shows that he has good hands, but if hurt his yards per catch. If he played in a more wide open offense his yards per catch would be higher, but he would have less catches. If you look at his speed, hands, and size, you can see he's got all the physical ability to be a big play threat. He just wasn't used in that role at Florida. You put him on USC and he's probably putting up number comparable, if not better, than Mike Williams did.
  11. marchetta

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    Where the hell is Manny Lawson? I guess he's going to be like D. Ware, and shoot up everyone's draft board the closer we get to the draft. I remember a month before last year's draft, most people didn't know who Ware was, then he goes #12 on draft day. Manny is a faster version of Ware. I hope he's there for us @ #18, but I believe he'll go a lot higher than some of these prognosticators are sloting him. JMO.
  12. CrazyCowboy

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    I feel the same way! Please don't let this happen!:banghead:
  13. devman90

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    Chad Johnson plays for the Bengals

  14. MindReader

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    dallas cowboys - demarcus ware olb
    san diego chargers - shawne merriman olb

    dallas cowboys - chad jackson wr
    san diego chargers - santonio holmes wr

    im seeing a trend here.. with that said, im taking holmes over jackson.
  15. ghst187

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    We got our ILB in Ayodele, which mitigates our need for Carpenter.
    If we sign TO or Walker, I don't think we'll take a WR in the first.
    Lawson is the potential OLB playmaker that we need.
    I don't think Lawson lasts til the second round.
    I like Holmes and Jackson and Carpenter, but Lawson is a freak.
  16. Displaced Cowboy

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    Give me Williams or Carpenter over Jackson.

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