Melvin Ingram is a beast

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by supercowboy8, Jan 8, 2012.

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    you make me laugh stating that we have Butler. My god could you imagine McCoy running at Butler next year, 300 yards for each game for McCoy next year if that happens.

    I would like to bring Spencer back, I have fought so hard and one of the only ones on here that wants to bring him back but I'm not down for bringing him back for 7 million a year. See Calvin Pace contract if you don't think SPencer can't get that.
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    The problem is that Spencer is substandard. He has the best pure passrusher in the NFL opposite him, and he rarely takes advantage of that. The frustrating thing is he has the ability, but rarely displays it. Giving him a deal of any sort just eats more cap space and does nothing to help the pass rush.

    A lot of other 34 LOLBs aren't like Spencer. He rushes the passer a lot. Someone posted stats back several weeks ago that Spencer rushes 75% of the time on pass plays. A lot of other LBs don't do that.

    The more I think about it, the guy I like most is Hightower. He's a great athlete. He doesn't have huge sack stats, but he also didn't play OLB or DE full time. I have no doubt that be it as an OLB or ILB, the guy could help the D tremendously. I like both the Alabama guys, because they're smart, physical, and both have played in the 3-4. I don't think either is going to be a bust, but I think Hightower has the athleticism to be special.

    With Ingram, he doesn't have the greatest quickness, but we're drafting 14th, not 4th. Almost every player we look at is going to have some flaws. Greg Ellis didn't have great quickness either and yet he was vastly superior to Spencer as a passrusher.

    Whether it's this draft, free agency, or next year's draft, Dallas desperately needs another pass rusher, and Spencer isn't it. Giving him a new contract would be yet another gigantic waste of Jones' $$$ and cap room.
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    I agree with you, I like HIghtower but he too will be a first round pick, I think after his bowl game, then I;m sure he will perform well at the senior bowl and combine he will be a first round pick.

    Ingram has great burst and can close a gap quickley. Have you seen him play, he can cover 3 ro 4 yards in a heart beat. His problem is off the snap but I think that can be fixed.
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    Giants have had no problem playing 3 DE's in Osi, JPP and Tuck. I'd actually prefer the Cowboys sign Spencer and still get another guy in here to where when Spencer or Ware take a seat we don't miss a beat.

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