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Memorial Day weekend is coming that means 1 thing

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Kangaroo, May 27, 2004.

  1. Kangaroo

    Kangaroo Active Member

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    [font=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]2004 NCAA men's lacrosse championships[/font]

    These are some of the big boys and fun to watch

    Since 1990
    Priceton has a record of 6-2 In the championship game
    Syracuse has a 5-2 record in the championship game

    Here is the funny part both of Pricenton's loses came at the hands of Syracuse; but both of Syracuse's loses came at the hands of Priceton

    Hopkins has a history from the 70-80's and lost in the most recent years they have been real close and knocking on the door for years including losing to Virgina 9-7 last year.

    Navy has made 1 apperance in the Chamionship game that was 1975

    They are probaly in over there head at this point they did not have to play a lot of top teir teams to make it to the semifinals Cornell was there hardest game and cornell has not done anything since 88
    some how they did not pull cards for Virgina;Maryland or North Carolina all who have at least 2 titles and Maryland has lost in the finals 4 times in the 90's

    The other 3 teams in the semifinals have a combine 21 Titles

    I am picking Hopkins as my favorite to get it done this year but Princeton will be tough they are the most discplined and best coach team (imo)
    Syracuse is a run and gun lacrosse team they will do the most running espically trying o force fast breaks

    Saturday, May 29
    M&T Bank Stadium
    At Baltimore

    Princeton (11-3) vs. Navy (14-2), 11:30 a.m. (ESPN2)
    Johns Hopkins (13-1) vs. Syracuse (13-2), 2 p.m. (ESPN2)

    Monday, May 31
    M&T Bank Stadium
    At Baltimore

    Princeton-Navy winner vs. Johns Hopkins-Syracuse winner
    ESPN, 2:30 p.m.

    Sorry about boring you guys to death
  2. stag hunter

    stag hunter Hater

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    Haha I almost put a picture of myself playing lax as my signature, but i figured a lot of folks on the board would get confused. Where are you from/where did you play? if your going to the games this weekend, the laxpower forum is getting together to play a game, check their boards for details. nice to see a fellow laxer/cowboys fan.
  3. Kangaroo

    Kangaroo Active Member

    9,893 Messages
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    Played club lacrosse started at like 22 years of age at Sam Houston State for 3 years played 8 games in VA at Fort Eustia with a group called the Pensuila Panthers a club team when I was stationed there for 4 months.

    I played over 4 years in the Houston club league we played clubs from Dallas Austin; houston etc etc

    What is amazing is how many D1 and lower players we had on the club rosters from the east coast.

    We had a player from Austin who even played on a MIL team; A guy that played for Princeton and lead Princeton in ground balls an all american Dmen from the Orangemen. The Texas lacrosse has blosumed with this type of talent in the club leagues and it is now being played by a lot of High School's in Texas it is growing at a steady pace in Texas. A bonus is over the last few years we now have kids getting scholarship to play lacrosse.
  4. stag hunter

    stag hunter Hater

    603 Messages
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    Yup lax has certainly spread across the western us and texas is one of the states that is starting to come into their own. I'm graduating from high school in a couple days and my team, St. John's (Washington, DC), played St. John's from Houston earlier this year. We had a hell of a team this year so it wasn't a close game but you could definitely see that they had all mastered the fundamentals and there were a couple kids that had college potential. Good to see the game growing. What are your predictions for the finals? who's your favorite team?
  5. Kangaroo

    Kangaroo Active Member

    9,893 Messages
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    They made it last year and have talent and are Hungry

    Princeton is the best coached IMO and will be a tough draw

    Syarcuse can still pull it of with there run and gun style as we seen in past tourneys

    Navy is way in over there head I just trying to figure out how they did not have to play North Carolina; Maryland or Virginia

    The other 3 did which shows you they had a tougher draw

    Not suprising you guys whopped them up it is not a UIL sport in Texas yet so it does not have the draw like football baseball or basketball so the funding is less. But I will take steady growth because the sport is great to play. It will take at least another 10 years to get on the level of play you guys have all over out there

    I noticed one difference in Texas Lacrosse over East coast Lacrosse we still have the football mentailty and tend to hit more

    When maryland makes it I pull for them because a friend of the family graduated from there and was on there swim team a long time ago

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