Merrill Hodge's take on Vince Young

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jksmith269, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. jksmith269

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    Tonight on FNF on ESPN he said Vince young will have trouble in the NFL because the type offense he's in and will take 3 years to develope and if he starts as a rookie he will be seen as a bust and many many NFL GM's feel the same way that he's not ready hasn't had enough exposure to NFL system and reading D's (from under center) (my take)

    For once I agree with Merrill He also doesn't think VY is a top pick in this years draft.....and if he's there at 18 I hope we pass on him....
  2. Chuck 54

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    Insane....I love USC and almost cried after that I can see Young's shortcomings. In another thread I asked that people imagine Leinart running the Texas offense against the USC defense with wide open receivers and Young running the USC offense against the Texas defense with a heavy rush on him all game long and receivers with defenders hanging on their backs, and try to imagine which QB would look more like an NFL QB. Why did about 1/4 of YOung's completions to wide open receivers cause them to make the catches from their knees with no defenders nearby?

    STill, Young would be selected in the top 5, probably top 3 just on future value after being developed. If he was there at #18 (ridiculous) and we passed, I'd be ready to assinate both Parcells and JOnes....totally insane thought, even for a USC fan.
  3. BHendri5

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    I'd be willing to assasinate Parcells and Jones if they drafted Young to be a QB, now if they were drafting him to be a WR, I would be all for it.
    I still say he will be a HOF WR in the NFL, once he finally realizes that he will not make it as a QB.
  4. jbsg02

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    he wont be there ay 18 anyways, if he even comes out
  5. Qwickdraw

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    I agree entirely.
  6. Dale

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    Here's my problem with Hoge's statement. He claims it will take Vince three years to develop, as if that's a problem. Unless I'm misunderstanding his comments -- and he's saying Vince will need three years to develop to the level of that of a normal rookie that comes from an NFL-style offense -- I don't see how this is a negative. Most quarterbacks out of college take three years to develop, especially ones entering the league a year early, as Vince would be.
  7. jay cee

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    Thank you Dale. The only guys that have not taken at least 3 years are Hall of Famers like Manning, Brady and Marino. I know there are some others, but it is not the norm. There have been many good to great qb's that took 2-3 years to become really good.

    You make a good point on the possibility that we may be misunderstanding his comments. And if that is the true meaning of his comments, I wonder how he can determine the timeframe that it would take to bring Young to the level of a normal rookie?
  8. jksmith269

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    Thats kind of how it sounded his exact words where

    "Vince Young needs 3 years sitting on the bench behind an established QB before he'll be ready to play"

    Most QB's are asked to sit one year then go thru their rookie year their second year he's pretty much saying Vince will need 3 before he's ready to even do that. Not that after 3 years he'd be an established QB.

    I think the biggest thing with any QB is the system they go to and is there a QB there willing to help them. I really hope we draft a QB this year and give him time under Drew B. Unless BP really feel Henson or Romo are the answer; Which I don't see happening but who knows...
  9. Cbz40

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    Nail on the head Dale.......What QB going into the NFL doesnt take 2-3 years to be ready.

    If anyone disagrees just ask Parcells.
  10. mullet

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    IF V. Young slipped to 18 (which he won't), and the Cowboys passed, I will vommit.
    Is there a chance he doesn't pan out as a QB? Sure. But, his leadership, moxie, demeanor, will to win...... are undeniable. Any team will be fortunate to have him.
  11. Tobal

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    we shall see is all I've got to say,

    I've seen nothing from Young to make me think he can be a WR,
  12. kingwhicker

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    Unless a player plays for Pittsburgh or has a chance to play for Pittsburgh, Hoge thinks they are no good.
  13. Tobal

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    The only thing I like about Hoge is he pisses Philly fans off, becauses he's been saying they were terrible every yr even in the superbowl year.
  14. InmanRoshi

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    We've never really seen Young take a snap from center, make a 5 step drop, plant his back leg and fire a sideline route to a WR. But then again, we never saw Alex Smith do it either at Utah, and he was drafted with the #1 pick in the draft. Ditto with Tim Couch playing in Mike Leach's offense coming out of Kentucky.

    I do agree with Hodge in that Young will need to sit the bench his entire rookie year and get acclimated to an NFL offense, like Culpepper and McNair did. This isn't going to be a Troy Aikman or Peyton Manning who is a polished product coming out of college and just needs to get acclimated to the speed of the game. That's why I think Houston might be the best place for him. He can sit behind Carr for a year or so, and then Houston can trade off Carr and get what they can for him. Young is a hometown favorite, and the fans will be patient with him and overlook his early struggles.
  15. CrazyCowboy

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    I DO NOT want YOUNG on the Cowboys........I just don't believe that style will work on Sunday's
  16. joseephuss

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    Parcells wouldn't have Young play the style of offense that UT did. Parcells would fit any QB he drafted into his style of offense.
  17. ThreeSportStar80

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    Man Cowboy fans aren't ready for a dynamic QB like Vince Young. People are still waiting for the next Roger Staubach or Aikmen.
  18. Cbz40

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    This Cowboy fan is.......too bad we will have no chance of getting him.
  19. jimmy40

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    Leinart would be in the hospital trying to run Texas offense.
  20. Tio

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    Hodge looks silly when he isn't talking about blocking or running.

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