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    It looks like Beast Mode is going into 'Hold Out Mode.' Former Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson said on Thursday that he talked to Marshawn Lynch on the phone and that Lynch told him he'll be holding out from training camp.

    "Marshawn Lynch just called me. We just talked," Robinson said during a segment on NFL Network's Inside Training Camp. "He said he will be holding out from training camp this year with the Seahawks."

    Another former teammate of Lynch's, Jordan Babineaux, said in June that Lynch might even consider retiring. ""The bottom line is, it is about the money. When a guy starts producing the way Marshawn has been producing, he wants to be paid," Babineaux said. "I don't want to rule out the fact that there could still be a possibility, because of Marshawn's personality, that retirement could just be something that he's OK settling for."

    Lynch doesn't have much leverage at this point and the Seahawks have made no indication that they're going give him more money. The running back is signed through 2015 and is scheduled to make a total of $10.5 million in base salary over the next two seasons. Lynch's contract also includes a total of $2.5 million in per game roster bonuses.

    For the 2014 season alone, Lynch is schedule to pull in $5.5 million.

    Robinson isn't so sure it's about the money though, "I don't know if there has been any talking back and forth but what I do know is Marshawn is a guy who is not all about money," Robinson said. "If it was about money he could have done interviews after games and made a lot of money with Skittles if it was all about money."

    At 28-years-old, Lynch is getting close to 30, the age where most running backs begin to dramatically lose their production value. The Seahawks running back may be hoping he can do something similar to what Jamaal Charles did in Kansas City this week. Charles threatened to holdout and was eventually rewarded with a $4.4 million raise on his 2014 pay.
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    buncha whine bags
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    28 years old, production in free-fall last year during a great year for Seattle (almost a full YPC drop from 5.0 to 4.2).

    It's not that 4.2 is bad, it's that with that defense this past year he should've ran for 2000 yards and had damn near a 6.0 YPC average. He had games where he was barely rushing for 75 yards this past year. Seattle sees the writing on the wall, and, allegedly, so does Marshawn.

    They should move on. Problem is they didn't prepare for his replacement.
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    this guy is so strange he might retire no matter what
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    At the end of the day, it's simple and basic......and about the Benjamin's.
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    I agree; however, I don't see how retiring makes him more money. Seems strange, but he is a strange cat.
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    Incentive based contract or bust...
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    Better careful, they have an awe fully good back in Seattle.
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    He had never gone above 4.2 prior to 2012. (Misspoke and thought he had 1 time)

    At this point it looks more like a single exceptional year amongst good years, and not so much an indication he's slipping.

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