Met one of the all time greats last night

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Manster74, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Manster74

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    :bow: I was lucky enough to meet one of my all time favorites last night. Mr. Ed "Too Tall" Jones! We were at a casino in Lake Charles, La. It was one of those last minute decisions to even go. Then, as I'm walking around aimlessly, who do I see but Mr. jones himself. I'm 38 years old and felt like a little kid. I don't post much, but just had to get that out there. Pretty awesome! :bow:
  2. GoCowboysGo

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    That's awesome! I would love to meet one of the greats from the '70s. I think he belongs in the HOF.
  3. daboyzareback

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    Randy White dropped the ceremonial puck before the Allen Americans CHL Hockey game last night.
  4. WPBCowboysFan

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    Just curious, how did you recognize him? Besides his height.

    Or was it obvious it was him becasue it was a public thing?
  5. Manster74

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    His height and the huge Super Bowl ring were pretty good clues. It was a publicity thing. He was announcing the winners from a contest. Athough we had no idea any of this was going on when we decided to go.
  6. Sarge

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    Thanks for sharing that story! Lucky you.
  7. jobberone

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    No pics Dude? :laugh1: If no pics then you're weren't there. :D

    Seriously, I'm envious. One of my favorite all time Cowboys. Thanks for sharing. Did he say why he was in LA?
  8. WPBCowboysFan

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    . . . . . SB?
  9. Manster74

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    I actually do have a couple of pictures. I just don't know how to post them.
  10. Manster74

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    In Louisiana for Super Bowl and is doing a signing at a memorabilia shop in Lake Charles today!
  11. bark

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    Was one of the good ones.....
    I believe in addition to his sacks, he batted down over 100 passes at the los...
    Played 15 yrs and never missed a game....
    Took a yr off to box ... and was undefeated .....
  12. WV Cowboy

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    I shook his hand one time below 3 Rivers Stadium after we had lost to the steelers. Landry's last year I think.

    It actually startled me, and sort of took my breath away to see how enormous his hand was.

    My hand in his looked like my 2 yr old grandson's hand in mine.
  13. hipfake08

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    Interesting there is a Cowboy doing autographs in Saints land. :rolleyes:

    Tells you how popular the Saints are in their own state.
  14. Duane

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    The casinos in that part of Louisiana pull a in ton of people from Texas. :)
  15. wilatino_98

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    One of the guys @work met george andrie in a church here wuakesha wi he said his hands were huge and he was wearing a superbowl ring
  16. Pokeness

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    I used to run into Too Tall in the Dallas night clubs. Nicest sports figure you would ever want to meet!! One time he introduced me to at least 10 other Cowboys that were with him after a big Cowboy win including Tony Dorsett.

    Years later, I ran into Charles Haley on a couple of occasions and let me just say it was the exact opposite! :chop:
  17. Nightshade

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    Ed Jones was my favorite Cowboy growing up. Later on as I learned more about the game it changed to number 12 but I still think "Too Tall" has one hell of a lot more business being in the Ring of Honor than Haley does. :mad:
  18. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    I'll 2nd that.
  19. Wood

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    I would be disappointed if Haley acted any other way. The guy was a beast/warrior to the core. If he didn't smile to another human being rest of his life...I would be fine with that. He was always about paying the ultimate price toward winning championships.
  20. newlander

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    he could wup all our butts at once?:bow: What a great player and a VERY solid guy. LOVE me some Too Tall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:starspin

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