Meth abuse at work continues to grow

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by k19, Jul 15, 2005.

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    So thats whats up with half the people I see at Walmart and local fast food joints :eek:

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    I live in WV and so it is mostly rural areas, small towns and such.

    For years the only drugs that went on around here that generated interest was Mary Jane.

    Every summer they, the cops, would always HUGE loads of this stuff....there has been so much planted hear and across the river in Meigs County ohio that after so long there have been small areas where it has just grown wild due to the birds.

    And each summer you hear the stories of the cops getting these huge busts and then taking all of the Mary Jane and burning it in a big bonfire....hmmm anyone say contact buzz lol. But I don't think they have done that in a long time.

    You would occasionally hear of a cocain bust an acid bust or something along those lines but it was not common at all.

    Now however Meth has swept the is common place, in in our small rural area, to see a meth bust at least 4-5 times a month (I am just talking in one county and once again just two small towns of note in this county).

    It has gotten crazy.
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    Yeah, it is pretty sad. My husband and I have a good friend that has lost his job, his home, his wife, his kids... all in the last year because of this stuff....pretty depressing!

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