Twitter: Michael Huff brought in for workout

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. CowboyGil

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    I kind of feel for Heath. He's an undrafted rookie all of a sudden thrown into duty against the likes of Megatron,AP and Brees. I'm kind of wary of vets nobody wants.:cool:
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  2. Toruk_Makto

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    I remember when people were hyping up heath found It hilarious then. Find it dad now.

    Still kind of hilarious because those same people complain about every jerry move as if they could do better.
  3. SilverStarCowboy

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    After 18 years it is obvious a lot of people would have done better.

    You churn by signing practice squad players off other NFL teams, not by signing washed up Vets. This team is in rebuilding mode, at least it needs to be.
  4. lostar2009

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    There was a guy on this post that threw Huff until the bus and stated Heath was better than him. Do anyone recall ???? Because as of now... Heath should be cut, iI thought iI would see another safety as bad as Alan Ball, but Heath takes the cake.
  5. Mr Cowboy

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  6. WoodysGirl

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  7. Nexx

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    i dont feel sorry for him. rookie, vet whatever you have to be able to tackle. for heavens sake he is professional football player and not being able to tackle at this level is inexcusable.
  8. big dog cowboy

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  9. jnday

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    You are right . They need to be in s rebuilding role. Jerry is much like some of the posters on this board. He wants to hang on the declining veterans with the hopes that they might help get to a Super Bowl. Hanging on to these players and thinking that the team is only a player or two away, keeps the team in a state of mediocrity.
  10. jnday

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    How long will safety continue to be a major problem for this defense? Huff or any of the other washed up vets are not going to fix the position and they will be nothing more than a waste of time. The safety position is a problem every year and every year there is talk of drafting a safety, but it never happens. A couple of 4th round projects is not a reliable plan and the results show it.
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  11. rat2k8

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    Huff left without signing. He is done.
  12. jnday

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    Several of the ones that complain could do better. At least they know there is a problem at the safety position and they want something done about it. The Heath love was about desperation. Kind of a last hope thing.
  13. JeffInDC

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  14. TrailBlazer

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    Heath has exceeded my expectations for him. Doing an admirable job for an UDFA rookie. I didn't get too high on him when he looked decent and I'm not goof to get too low in him when he looks bad.
    As a GM, I believe I could do a better job drafting and building a team than Jerry. Call me crazy, but I believe that.
  15. fifaguy

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    Serious question, what ever happened to kerry rhodes?
  16. links18

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    So they hyped up Heath, but cry about every Jerry move? Which one is it?
  17. TrailBlazer

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    Here we go......

    He is a homosexual. He won't admit it, but it's true. He's not passionate about football is the rumor about him.
  18. Bleu Star

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    Let's all get real. Heath is an undrafted "rookie" FA. He earned his way onto the roster because they saw something in him. While his level of stink right now disgusts me as well, I just don't see them cutting talent that they hope to develop.

    The Huff possibility doesn't make my blah face change one bit. However, it does potentially place an experienced NFL vet in a role where we desperately need some know how right now.
  19. Frozen700

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    Heath is ***.....

    Ed Reed, let's get him
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  20. Frozen700

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    Yeah we don't need that crap in our locker room....the circus is already out of control

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