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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Hoofbite, Dec 30, 2011.

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    This is probably as off topic as it gets but Michael Smith and some other guy are on The Heard. I think they are filling in for Colin but they are talking about the Giants.

    The guy who's name I don't know is talking about how he's a Giants fan and how he thinks Coughlin has done a pretty good job this year in overcoming the injuries. They were talking about how Couglin is always on the hot seat.

    He moves on to how the Giants have been collapsing in the 2nd half. He said they always do but that wasn't the case when they won the SB a few years back.

    Anyway, he says he doesn't know why and suggest that Coughlin go to New Orleans to see a witch doctor.

    Michael Smith interrupts him and say, "hey man that's a stereotype".

    IMMEDIATELY following this Smith reminds the guy that he had called the Giants dead a couple weeks ago and then says.

    "So you, much me like me, you're an emotional, reactional cat. You a Leo"?

    The other guy says that he is and Smith replies by saying, "I didn't know that. Now that makes sense".

    It just struck me funny that he got serious and called the guy for stereotyping New Orleans for the witch doctor comment and then immediately came back and dropped a stereotype of his own pertaining to astrology.

    Not a big deal or anything but just interesting. I understand the idea behind avoiding stereotypes and respect him saying something he thought was a little iffy but it's just interesting that his own stereotype didn't register with him as a stereotype.
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    I must have missed that.

    Funny story about Michael Smith and how he got his break on ESPN...

    He was a store manager for a Lids store, and a customer walks in and is talking sports with him, apparently it was a bigwig in the company for ESPN who asked him if he had ever thought about doing sports radio, Smith said "No" but asked him about it. Next thing you know, Smith turned in his two weeks,and got hired for a sports radio show for ESPN. lol. I work for Lids and the corporate office always tells that story.
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    Coughlin gets one more year.
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    so this won't be a total waste of anyone's time unlucky enough to click on this thread.
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    This made me think, Gina Carano is starring in a movie called "Haywire" which looks like it's almost the exact same plot as the Bourne Identity series just with a hot female instead.
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    Sorry my preface of it being way off topic wasn't enough for you.

    Nice gif though. I'd put this in every thread.

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