Michigan DT Alan Branch appears to be slipping

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Goldenrichards83, Mar 16, 2007.

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    I still don't see how that impact the Cowboys at all. Both players will be gone way before we are on the clock. Just because player x or players y move up or down a few spots doesn't impact us at all, like I said before.
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    Branch ran a 4.81 short-shuttle
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    Darrell Russell was pretty dominating when he played.
  4. Goldenrichards83

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    I agree 100%. I would even consider a trade up around #15 if he drops that much.
  5. Alexander

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    Yes, but only against us.
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    ...or standing pat for a WR and taking the next best NT prospect, as well as picking up a guy on Day 2. But i agree with those who say NT is one of our priorities - Fergy is doing a great job, and we need a young guy to learn what Fergy can show him. There really aren't any FA who seem to fill that backup spot...
  7. Alexander

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    Word trickling out of the Michigan Pro Day is that Chiefs defensive line coach Tim Krumrie roughed up defensive tackle Alan Branch in one of Krumrie's one-on-one slap fights.
    Per a league source, Branch looked winded before he even got to the patented Krumrie spanking machine. At one point during his session with Krumrie, Branch appeared to be ready to quit.
    Gil Brandt of NFL.com corroborates this in his Pro Day updates: "Tim Krumrie worked Branch hard during the position drills, and the scouts there said Branch did not look like he was in very good shape."
    Krumrie, better known to most fans as the guy who got Theismanned during Super Bowl XXIII, is a legend in league circles for the no-pads hand-fighting test, to which he subjects many of the linemen he is scouting.
    "It's Gladiator stuff," said one league source.
    For Branch, who is projected by many as a top-ten pick, the end result apparently was thumbs down.
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    Huh?? No, when he wasn't on drugs etc. ala Leon Lett, he was bonafide Pro-bowler. Please again, lets stop with this comparisons to failed players because they can fail. If thats the case, every QB can be Ryan Leaf or Every LB be a another Hyped up Brian Bosworth Or RB from Penn can be Curtis Ennis etc.

    ALan Branch can be Good or Bad, that we won't know till he plays few years in NFL, much like any other player in Draft, PERIOD. So lets not act like just because he compares in Physical stature to another failed player, he is destined to fail or there should be caution, as it is being implied.

    Based on his College play, Alan Branch is top 10 or at the very least top 15 player. And thats all one can go by. Whether he lives up to that or not, is always a 50-50 proposition.
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    To much recess:D
  10. Alexander

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    You are attempting to make some point, don't ask me what it is.

    My point was quite valid.

    In the last twenty plus years, there have been 11 DTs taken in the top five.

    2003 - Dwayne Robertson (fourth)
    2001 - Gerald Warren (third)
    1997 Darrell Russell (first)
    1994 Dan Wilkinson (first)
    1992 Steve Emtman (first)
    1992 Sean Gilbert (third)
    1991 Russell Maryland (first)
    1990 Cortez Kennedy (third
    1986 Tony Casillas (third)
    1984 Bill Maas (fifth)
    1982 Kenneth Sims (first)

    Care to point out how many of these save Kennedy were worth it and how the ratio of busts to successes can justify selecting one in the top five?

    If you stick to the numbers, you are better off no spending a pick in the top five. I've seen people giving Branch a third, fourth or fifth slot in this draft.

    That's insane. You don't pay that type of price for a run clogger in the top five of this or any draft and expect to get a decent return.
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    The real question should be is Branch worth the 22nd pick if he couldn't even show up on shape for his interviews. Branch should be available to the Boys at 22. I see him getting drafted somewhere between the 18th-25th range. I don't know if he is worth the 22nd pick though when Dallas can get a similar player in the 3rd round.
  12. CowboyFan74

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    Paul would work:cool:
  13. dwmyers

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    I'm probably one of the biggest pro DT types on this board, but Alex is absolutely on target here. You don't pay filet mignon prices for a player with half the skill set of a DL.

    The most recent successful 1st round draft of a NT type is Casey Hampton, but Casey was supposedly a mid second round in 2001 and Pittsburgh drafted him a round earlier than his draft position and succeeded. Who knows, maybe that success distorted the perceived price point for that kind of player.

    A top 5 defensive lineman should be a Julius Peppers type. They should change games.


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