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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Signals, Dec 21, 2012.

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    I am going to be building a computer system from scratch pretty soon and would like to know if when I buy MS Win 7 pro, does the license agreement permit me to install it on more than one machine or reinstall if needed?
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    One machine and yes you can reinstall it. They keep track of when you activate a license. If you activate it often, it will reject allowing you to activate it. You will need to call MS and get them to manually activate it for you.

    If you install/reinstall say once every six month or so, you generally won't have a problem. It's installing the same license over and over in a short amount of time that sets off the manual activation.

    1 license = 1 install. Make sure you buy it from a place like Newegg and make sure you buy the OEM license version otherwise you will spend more for you OS than you need too.
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    Depends on the version. Most versions are a single licence. You can purchase additional licences.

    You can save a bunch of money by purchasing white box OEM editions. Check

    Pro is $139
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    Thanks for this info. This may very well be the route I go because I have two other PC's, one with XP, and the other with Vista I want to upgrade. The one with XP is the one MS is going to quit writing service packs for next year.
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    What's been stated above is correct. If you're a student or if you work for a non-profit you might be able to get it much cheaper.

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