Midseason Draft Needs: Dallas Cowboys by SI

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dart, Oct 30, 2013.

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    http://nflmocks.com/2013/10/30/mids...tm_medium=Network&utm_campaign=Trending on FS

    Defensive End - Round one should be a defensive linemen and I could see a player like Aaron Lynch of South Florida as a replacement for Anthony Spencer next season.

    Defensive Tackle - Even with the recent acquisition of former second round draft pick Marvin Austin, this is still a need position.
    Minnesota’s RaShede Hageman, Louisiana State’s Anthony Johnson or Arizona State’s Will Sutton immediately come to mind as early round targets

    Safety - One mid round safety to keep your eye on is Ohio State’s C.J. Barnett.

    Offensive Guard - Cyril Richardson is an absolute mauler at 6’5″ and 340 pounds. He is the type of player that can knock defenders to the second level and give this team an advantage in the running game. Richardson is most likely a first round type of player and if he is no longer available, Dallas can turn to Mississippi State’s Gabe Jackson. With either selection

    Other Positions
    With four running backs under the age of 26, it shouldn’t be a position to focus on. However, you can’t turn a blind eye if a back is the best player available on the board. Don’t be shocked if they take an offensive tackle or punter in this draft as well. Either way Dallas Cowboys’ fans should be excited about the future of this team as long as Jerry can find the right coach to lead this team moving forward
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    I agree that DE is the #1 need. However, DT wouldn't be #2 IF we resign Hatch. If no Hatcher next year then yeah DT would probably have to be #2.
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    LOL! What? Who writes this stuff. So they give a guy a shot who has been cut twice and has all kinds of issues as a stop gap, and they feel the need to mention this doesnt make the need less? No kidding. Was this guy paid by the word or something?
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    DT or DE would be my top priority followed by RG.
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    Remember it is the beginning of December oops November and they are just shooting spit wads this time of year in the draft section. I agree with positional picks, hope our visits with safeties if finally in the rear view mirror but the lack of a good centerfielder makes this position very shiny again in 2014. A good safety stops Calvin Johnson/Cruz/Gates/Thomas on some of those passes imagine what a great safety could bring to just covering mere mortals.
    As of the beginning of November my likes are DL and if there is a jewel for the Ol run to the podium, Doug Free has really changed the complexion of the line this year but long term trust in Learys knee and the age of Waters puts us in a very precarious dilemma. We have an alchemist in Marnelli who can spin lead into gold of the DL so I espouse if a starting talent for the Oline is available pay the price and hope Rod can keep doing his magic with second and third rd picks.
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    Another S to keep an eye on in the mid rounds is Kurtis Drummond from Michigan State. Narduzzi is a good defensive coordinator up there.

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