Mike Catapano DE Princeton

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Shawn Zobel ‏@ShawnZobel_DHQ
    Working on my profile of Princeton DE Mike Catapano. He reminds me of STL DE Chris Long. Almost identical build, motor, skilled pass rusher.
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    Anybody seen him play? Draftscout has a FA grade on him currently. Maybe a priority FA.

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    Princeton has another player there named Caraun Reid. He too has some talent. He's probably more physically gifted then is Catapano.
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    I've seen him play a few times (Princeton is my alma mater's rival school, so I've caught the games where we played them), and he definitely jumps off the tape as a man among boys there. It's hard to say how much that means, though. In reality, the senior tackles he's facing wouldn't be able to redshirt at an SEC school. Don't have the games recorded, but he was able to get by on better than average physicality, and I'd worry that his technique was nowhere near where someone like a Chris Long's was.

    Reminds me more of Tyrone Crawford than Long. My guess would be he goes somewhere in the 4th. UDFA doesn't seem realistic.

    Reid has more of an athletic 3-technique frame and could be an interesting prospect as well, but I think he's returning to school.
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    Word of advice, unfollow Shawn Zobel. He's what we call an idiot.
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    If we all unfollowed everyone in the media who is what we call an idiot, Twitter would be very quiet indeed.
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    Seriously, he's the biggest draftnik wannabe on Twitter.
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    we already have a guy from Princeton and he hasn't done very well: PASS
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    Thank you, exactly what I was going to say. No to Princeton!!

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