Twitter: Mike Fisher: Five Cowboys issues of the moment...Lee talks to get rolling soon

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 15, 2013.

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    I love the data this man gets.
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    Escobar is never going to be a good option at FB. Not many 6-6 guys can do it. We are better off with maybe a backup LB taking the spot or perhaps a backup OL like Kowalski.

    Escobar does need to work on strength to play inline in the NFL. He only did 12 reps at the Combine. Hopefully he'll be quite a bit stronger in 2 years if he is dedicated.
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    Does an NFL suspension of Brent mean: 1. he is off the the 90 man roster 2. he doesn't impact the Cowboys' cap 3. the boys retain his rights if his suspension is cleared?
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    I'm fairly certain that he is not currently counting against the 90 man roster. He is on some type of list similar to the Non-Football Injury (NFI) list.

    He would definitely not count against the 90 man roster if suspended. He also wouldn't count against the cap. The Cowboys would retain his rights if they choose not to outright cut him.
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    Haven't given Brent a second thought since the incident... Since it seemed like it was going to be a long, long time before he was even eligible to play in the NFL (again).
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    Agree. Hanna or Rosario, both at around 6-3 to 6-4 would be better options in the backfield type positions, IMO.

    In theory, when the Cowboys 2 TE set is playing against a base defense (all Linebackers in the game), they will primarily pass the ball. Conversely, they should run the ball from 2 TE sets primarily when there are extra DBs in the game (nickel, dime packages). At 6-6, 254, Escobar should be a mismatch against any DB regardless of his lack of great upper body strength.

    In reviewing the Coaches Film from, I noticed many running plays that failed due to bad blocking by TE John Phillips. Phillips was not a enough of a threat in the passing game to get defenses to replace Linebackers with DBs; therefore, he ended up having to block linebackers on running plays.

    Kowalski is my favorite to be the short yardage FB. I've said it in other threads, but Kowalski had better times in the 10-yard, 3-cone and short-shuttle than Vickers while outweighing him by 55 lbs. Alabama's DT, Jesse Williams, was very good as a short yardage FB in 2012. He appeared to really know how to play the position and had the ability to adjust to the defenders. That was not the case when the Cowboys used Montrae Holland and Josh Brent in that type of role. Holland and Brent would just slam into the line at a predefined spot regardless of where the defenders attacked. They didn't appear to have much practice time at the position and neither where as athletic as Jesse Williams or Kevin Kowalski.
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    Good point about Kowalski.
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    If those are the cowboys biggest concerns we really might win the Super Bowl this year, lol, this guy fisher everything I read by him I cringe

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