Mike Fisher Interview of Jason Garrett...w/audio Post #1

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by craig71, Jan 2, 2013.

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    And there are some who give themselves an out to do that. It is called "I hope I am wrong."

    If it isn't an "I told you so," why are you explaining that you "ate a lot of crap?" That sure makes it sound like you think people who disagreed with you, and you're now not saying I was one, owe you some kind of pat on the back.

    Okay, pat on the back from me. You told us so. Oh wait...



    Which isn't me, even though you addressed me originally? I am so lost.
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    It's a pretty good interview, I think. I really do like JG as a guy.

    I think the points on the press conferences are insightful and true, and people would do well to recognize them. Both the supporters and naysayers of Garrett should realize that press conferences have a particular audience. I never understood why people criticize Garrett for not "calling out" players for mistakes at press conferences, and I also never understood why people laud Garrett for saying right-sounding-things in those same conferences. They serve a particular purpose, and it's a small part of the job he does reasonably well. Not only that, but understanding when, how and to whom to say certain things is a key aspect of leadership a lot of leaders don't understand.

    I wasn't crazy about his answer on the softball question on whether his Xs and Os were "beyond reproach." (It's like asking a controversial figure "Are you the worst person on the planet?" to allow them an easy rebuttal opportunity - sloppy interviewing to curry favor) Calling flaws a "collective responsibility" means that he's taking vicarious responsibility for others' mistakes because of his role. It was a weak response that didn't acknowledge direct mistakes of his own - the crux of the question in the first place - and felt very defensive to me.

    You always hear what you expect to hear in things like this, and I'm as guilty of that as anyone. But after listening to this, again, I can't help wishing he were 1/10th as effective at coaching Xs and Os and creating an atmosphere of discipline as he is as a leader and speaker.

    There's a lot of hat on this guy and we're all just waiting for the cattle. I hope they show up at some point here but I'm losing hope.
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    I see an Elway like ending for Romo....

    But im waiting on couchscout to give his findings. Can u give him a ring and see if he'll drop a few nuggets
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    i don't see why it was such a great interview. the "insight" about the vanilla interviews should have been apparent.

    as for the questions asked, i couldn't care less about whether jg listens to springsteen or watches seinfeld. rather, i would like to know:

    why did you suck at game management last year?

    what did you do to address those flaws, and do you think you improved in that regard this season?

    why couldn't the team run the ball well, consistently, throughout the season?

    why didn't you do more of the things that made the hurry-up offense successful, before the last, desperate moments of games?

    would you accept the hiring of an offensive coordinator, or would you quit rather than give up play-calling duties for the offense?
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    i'm hoping for an elway-like ending for romo...

    but it isn't up to him. like elway, he needs the rights pieces to be put in place.
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    This was a "let's make Jason look good" softball piece, nothing more.

    Wonder why Gailey or Campo or Wade never got one of those.
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    I don't know why he had to clarify his press conferences. Anyone with a brain in the 21st century should know this, but I guess that's asking for too much. I too think it was a great interview.
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    Dead on. This was completely planned by the Cowboys PR team to lift the JG brand as much as possible after a disappointing season.
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    The DFW media and fans here haven't picked up on what he is doing in his PCs. If you think the media have why do they ask him the exact same questions each week?

    Q: What's the status on __________'s injury?

    A: Day to day right now.
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    Of course they have picked up on it. What else do you want them to ask? They have a job to do.
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    Their job is to report each and every player as day to day?

    Easiest job ever. No need to even go hear him.
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    I never claimed that the OL would be the best we'd ever seen. In the offseason I argued about Costa and how I thought the team thought very highly of him. I can't claim being right to that line of thinking because his body of work is incomplete.

    I also argued that Livings would be a good signing after watching him when he played with the Bengals. He was the most stable OL we had this year and the most consistent.

    Another thing I argued is how Dallas didn't spend big money on Livings or Bernadeau. Livings is only guranteed $6.2M and Bernadeau didly squat. Both could be cut pretty easily without significant cap penalties. However, the argument that I kept seeing is that we spent $29M on JAGs which is far from the case when you look at what they are being paid on a yearly basis.

    I've also said more than a number of times that I didn't think this team would be able to start seriously competing until 2013 and beyond. The reason I said that is because of poor drafting before 2010, cuts along the skill positions and OL, and being hamstrung by dead money from those cuts. I think this team has been rebuilding, retooling, or whatever you want to call it when the front office made those decisions years ago. Nobody in the NFL has turned over 4 out of 5 OL in two seasons, no one...and we did it without quality depth. I pay attention to what the team does personnel wise rather than listening to what Jerry says publicly. The two things are quite different.

    I don't either and I learn new things everyday.
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    Good post.

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