Mike Fisher on the radio this morning

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Dec 31, 2013.

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    Word was--so you really don't know.
    If in fact it's proven we did have a good draft last year, how do you know how much he had to do with it.
    Good personnel guys like Mcclay, give me past history/experience showing this is a fact--hearsay on your part until you can show proof.
    Draftees will get on the field quickly. That is not a common trait of the Cowboys. Ask Escobar.

    Don't do it, I see you following Jerry to the cash register. To late, I heard that horrible sound--Cha-Ching.
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    I would love this move. If we are stuck with JG another year, better to have a new playcaller who will tell JG what's up, and hopefully bring some running balance into the attack.
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    I just don't care what tactics and who is calling when and what. Who knows if Red asked for the playing back. There's about three people possibly more that would know that but its a good conspiriousy theory.

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