Mike Fisher on the radio this morning

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. jterrell

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    Various:No No No to timing based drivel.
    This team needs to look forward not backwards.
    Please lord help these poor sots who can't evolve.
    Might as well run the wishbone.

    Orton is not better than Romo in any system. Same as he wouldn't be better than Rodgers or Brady in any system.
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  2. TVMan

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    Not silly at all.

    It's not Orton that I'm trying to make a point about. Orton just happens to be the closest to a "pocket passer" that we have even with his flaws.. What was on full display Sunday night was a guy that was rusty.

    Romo's bread and butter is buying time, not sitting in the pocket. Agree?
    If you agree with that, then Norv's offense would be an adjustment for Romo.

    Silly or not.
  3. wileedog

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    What does buying time in the pocket have to do with not being a pocket passer?

    Romo is not a running QB, hasn't been one for years, or really maybe ever. Just because he slides around the pocket well or can juke an occasional blitzer coming free sometimes doesn't make him any less of a pocket passer than Orton.
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  4. khiladi

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    I started disliking Garrett 2008 season. I found him just as conniving then as I feel he is now. I knew Wade was the guy being ham-strung by this clown, not the other way around.
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  5. TVMan

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    So you feel that Romo is a Prototypical Pocket passer then? No offense and to each his own belief, but I disagree, especially where Norv's offense is concerned. Tony would struggle in my opinion. Now I'm not saying that he wouldn't adapt. Which is why I think it would be interesting if it were to happen.
  6. jterrell

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    The timing based system is optimal for ONE elite QB in football. Peyton.
    Every other elite level guy is better in other systems where there are option routes, less blind faith.
    Thus why it is a bad fit in 2014.
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  7. Aven8

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    With the red head staying I want Jerry to bring in every top notch coach, coordinator, and consultant to help this moron get the job done right. If we are going to keep this crappy offense we might as well add the best expert and that's Norv. Tony would instantly have the best coaching of his career if that happened.
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  8. wileedog

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    Depends on your definition, but I would call him a pocket passer before anything else.

    Does he have the elite arm of a Payton or Brady? No, not many people do. Kyle Orton sure doesn't.

    But he can hit all of the throws (back willing), and he was always known as an anticipation passer, someone who depends on his receivers running their routes right and breaking when they are supposed to. I don't know why he couldn't translate that well into a Norv-type system.

    That said, I agree with jterrell above. I would hope that Tampa 2 debacle this season has taught us something about trying to succeed with ancient systems in a constantly evolving league.
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  9. Pokeness

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    Just think about this statement!
  10. Toruk_Makto

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    Believe it or not (i.e. you should believe it) most coaches don't run either side of the ball.

    Shocking I know.

    Having a coach who isn't a dual OC/DC isn't a bad thing.

    And LOL at people saying that JG was calling the plays because he was talking as soon as the play ended and sending in the new play.

    Do you think the play ends. Then the OC starts looking up and down his play sheet. Then picks a play. Then radios it in? I'm sure JG and Bill were having regular conversations as plays unfold.
  11. Tawney88

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    Makes you sad doesn't it?
  12. Zordon

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    i'd rather not, it gives me a headache!
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  13. BoysFan4ever

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    I'd rather not!
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  14. Zimmy Lives

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    Ironic and interesting when you compare their characters. Wade always came across as a honorable guy while Jason does not. Why is that?
  15. kirkjrk

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    He's just another ploy by Jerry to mislead the fan base into believing he's really making an effort to improve this team. His refusal to remove Garrett after 3+ years of incompetence shows that's not true. Jerry is like the pied piper of nonsense and knows, most fans, will believe anything he spews out and follow him to the cash register--cha-ching. Oh look Stevie, more money. I told you they would fall for anything.
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  16. jterrell

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    where do you guys pull this crap out of?

    last off-season mcclay was offered a job by another team so we promoted him to keep him.
    word was he had changed duties and taken over as lead scout but reports have been all over the place since about that.

    the cowboys had a good draft last year and likely will again this year.
    they have good personnel guys like mcclay in place.
    and whomever they draft will get on the field quickly.
  17. ilovejerry

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    No a self proclaimed Chief and Indians who don't know there really Squaw's
  18. dogunwo

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    I didn't have an issue with Garrett calling plays. I had an issue with his game management. Isn't there supposed to be a quality control coach who handles things like quick opinion on challenges, playclock and timeout basic management, down and distance relayer, etc.
  19. dogunwo

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    I could be on board with this. Chud did a great job in Carolina implementing a new scheme to fit his players skill sets. I am not sure what happened in Cleveland. It also seems very weird that they fired him after one season.
  20. MikeT22

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    In know most HC's aren' a coordinator. The point is that Garrett has been a horrible at clock management, game management, making in game adjustments, etc. And he also doesn't have any control over choosing the staff on the defensive side of the ball. You know, things that most real HC's do.

    So since he's not even the OC, doesn't have the authority a real HC has in choosing his own staff, and is terrible at game day management - then what's the point in him being here?

    As for the comment about people saying that JG was calling the plays because he was talking as soon as the play ended, you may want to address that to those saying that.

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