News: Mike Golic on NFL Live said Cowboys better not rush TO

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Aug 8, 2006.

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    Was watching NFL Live and Mike Golic who seems to be a fairly level-headed guy (not too anti-Cowboys or pro-Cowboys) doesn't think TO is jaking the injury and warns the Cowboys organization that hammies are nothing to mess around with for a receiver. He said the Cowboys should make sure TO is absolutely 100% before allowing him to play again, otherwise the hammy will just get worse as the year goes on and the Cowboys will have a chump change wideout instead of a ten million dollar one. :eek::

    Sort of reminds me of the groin situation with Henry. I know Bill loves to challenge the manhood of players when they are hurt, but I think he sometimes does it to his team's detriment. Wideouts and corners need those legs. Don't risk it. It would be nice to let him and Bledsoe develop some cohesion early, but it's not worth risking an 8-8 season instead of a 12-4 one. We all know this offense can become handicapped quickly. My opinion is best not to rush it. Thought I'd share Golic's opinion for those who think TO is being a wimp about it.
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    I don't think Bill is stupid enough to get into a whizzing contest with TO at this point of the season over something that could be legit.

    I hope TO is not dogging it. Parcells has no real choice but to go along with it. At least if TO is dogging it he has the sense to pick something that can not be disproved.
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    Im a die hard Yankees fan - our 2b man -Robinson Cano supppossedly "ONLY tweaked " his hammy but missed his All Star Appearance...and 25 games! he tried to run the bases a few times and had to stop b/c of pain ...
    Yes - BE CAREFUL here if he really did tweak it....Cano is a kid BTW and TO is in his 30's.
    We don't wanna wind up rueing the day we rushed him ontop of rueing the day we signed him.
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    Parcells 'Superman came back from that in just four days!'
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    Shut the hell up, Golic. Go back to stuffing your face with bearclaws.
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    He's already back jogging. He said he was feeling good today. Give him 5 more days and I bet hes back to practice on Monday.
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    Parcells also says he bases his opinion on what the trainers say. But nobody knows the true but the one feeling it. I say rest it till its 100% better.
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    I think you should change your aviatar into a cat,because you are one sour puss.
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    I knew there was a reason i didn't like you. LETS GO METS!!!!!!!! joke :p
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    Fat guy in a little coat.
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    I bet if Chris Farley had owned one of TO's magical oxygen chambers, he may have lived a year longer.
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    Toomy Boy was an awesome movie.

    And yes, golic is an ***clown.
  14. CrazyCowboy

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    TO will come back at 100 percent......I hope
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    Henry's injury was more of a case of a misdiagnosis by the medical staff. They thought he just pulled his groin and couldn't figure out why he wasn't able to go a few weeks later. Then they found out at the end of the season that he had an abdominal tear (extremely painful injury) as well that they never noticed.

  16. Jarv

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    Really, I never heard that, it makes sense tho.

    And how do they miss something like that ???
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    Yakuza Rich said:

    And this is exactly why I have no problem with TO bringing his own Dr in.

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