Twitter: Mike Peirera believes Cruz TD catch was incomplete

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by blindzebra, Sep 11, 2013.

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    Wrong. Go watch it again and pay attention to hit feet. He only got one foot down meaning he had not established possession until his elbow hit the turf. He is certainly going to the ground at that point meaning he has to maintain possession throughout. Had he got both feet down initially, you might be right, but he did not.
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    I'm sure you are a parinoid fan who is under this delusion that the refs are out to get us. Fact is every team has them, there are people who will claim Dallas is the one who gets the breaks of course you don't see that just as they don't see how wrong they are. Do officals make mistakes you bet so do players so do coaches and likely so do you it is called being human.
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    That's cute that you are sure. I'm sure that that is the way I feel and I have stated specific plays. You sight blanket statements of "every team thinks this" but they do not. There is an entire NFLN show on top 10 blown calls. The steelers are featured twice. Their fans have the feeling the calls will go their way. I've felt in the past that the calls would balance out equally. It's possible I recently became paranoid. I guess. However, Many other cowboys fans feel the same as me and there is a lot of actual examples. Not one,which I'm sure even you could come up with,several.
    So how about I will feel the way I do based on what I have seen over the last say five or six years because I didn't always feel that way and you can feel however you want.
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    I think it's a bias and not a conspiracy.
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