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Mike Shanahan not happy with officials on touched punt ruling

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cebrin, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Cebrin

    Cebrin Well-Known Member

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    Shanahan really needs to lay off the tanning booth too. He looks like he rolled around in a bag or Doritos. Or maybe he got kicked out of Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory for being to tall or not singing well.
  2. StarHead69

    StarHead69 Active Member

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    The redskin player was out of bounds and pushed him into the ball. The rules are the rules bub.
    We also learned that once rglll gets near the sideline, you have to let him score or give them 15 and an automatic 1st.
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  3. theebs

    theebs Believe!!!!

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    he has a big fancy place in mexico if I recall correctly. Maybe he spent some time there during the bye week.
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  4. Ring Leader

    Ring Leader Active Member

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    The ruling was absolutely correct. Last time I saw it enforced was Superbowl XXX when a Stealer blocked one of our guys into a punt and subsequently recovered it, only to get it overturned exactly like last night. This ruling was not a gift, it was totally legit.
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  5. Idgit

    Idgit Ice up, son. Ice up! Staff Member

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    I didn't have a problem with the refs' interpretation of that rule. I could have seen it go either way. But that play was another in a group of 3-4 officiating calls that had a material impact on the outcome of that game. The first down on the Marinelli penalty, for example, was essentially a turnover in the Redskins favor, which was a huge decision at that juncture.
  6. Gameover

    Gameover Well-Known Member

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    He should be.
  7. Hoofbite

    Hoofbite Well-Known Member

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    It was a horrid call. I would have been pissed if that happened to Dallas.
  8. landroverking

    landroverking Well-Known Member

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    Sorry no it can't go either way. That's the rule and has been for years & years.
  9. CanadianCowboysFan

    CanadianCowboysFan Lightning Rod

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    that is how I saw it too
  10. Idgit

    Idgit Ice up, son. Ice up! Staff Member

    32,800 Messages
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    If you say so. I'm really not disputing the call. Either way, I'm happy with the outcome. I do think those officials were too involved with the outcome of that game.
  11. Reverend Conehead

    Reverend Conehead Well-Known Member

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    Good rule, good call. On the replay you can see that he was indeed pushed into the ball. That rule's in place so that teams can't strategically push a player into the ball and then recover it. I'd be pissed if they got rid of this rule.

    I can't believe Shanahan is whining about this when the Redskins got so many bogus calls in their favor. Those late hit out of bounds calls were ridiculous. However, the most absurd one was when when they flagged our coach for complaining about a bad call that he ended up being right about. I have no doubt that was just a ref retaliating because his feelings were hurt. It was like, "Hey, you were right, RG's knee was down -- now here's a 15-yard penalty to negate that."
  12. Blackspider214

    Blackspider214 Well-Known Member

    2,942 Messages
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    How? It's the rule. You can't block someone into the ball like they did and recover. The rule was put in place for that very reason. You can't just push someone into the ball and then recover. Or that would be going on all the time.
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  13. hornitosmonster

    hornitosmonster Well-Known Member

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    It is the rule. The bad flags are the Marinelli penalty and RGIII calls (I know the NFL wants to protect the Golden Boy)
  14. Fritsch_the_cat

    Fritsch_the_cat Well-Known Member

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    Me too, but since it was the Redskins getting screwed, I'm fine with it.
  15. Seven

    Seven Messenger to the football Gods

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    Shanahan should be unhappy when he looks in the mirror.

    I ain't talking about the physical look either............
  16. Cebrin

    Cebrin Well-Known Member

    1,032 Messages
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    Shanahan,No más sol por favor!
  17. rynochop

    rynochop Well-Known Member

    2,790 Messages
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    i didnt have a problem with the 2nd PF on Church, looked like he punched him in the face, inadvertantly or not, gonna get called. The first one looked worse than it was, wasnt surprised it was called either though.
  18. Erik_H

    Erik_H Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun. Zone Supporter

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    This is exactly correct. It was clear push and Webb really wasn't making any effort of any kind at that point (both in line with the rule). But like you said, if he wasn't pushed, there's a REALLY good chance that ball hits him anyway. We didn't get lucky that flag was thrown, we got lucky that the Redskin happened to push Webb at the wrong moment and that the rule actually exists.
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  19. CooterBrown

    CooterBrown Well-Known Member

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    The second one was clearly un-necessary, but the first, he was a runner still in bounds when contact was initiated. Next time, they will let him go out and he'll turn up field and the announcers will celebrate his "great run." I understand the financial concerns in protecting the QB, but when he is a runner, he should be the same as everyone else.
  20. dallasdave

    dallasdave Well-Known Member

    2,831 Messages
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    Hey it was a great call. Any call right or wrong that goes against the redskins is a great call, and I love it.

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