Mike Sherrard: Time in Dallas marred by what-ifs By RICK HERRIN

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    Mike Sherrard: Time in Dallas marred by what-ifs

    [size=-1]Star-Telegram Staff Writer[/size]

    Mike Sherrard never had the career with the Cowboys that fans and the organization had hoped.

    An injured leg, broken twice -- once while running on the beach -- kept that from happening. It created plenty of what-ifs for Sherrard in Dallas. He could have caught passes from Troy Aikman and lined up opposite Michael Irvin.

    But Sherrard persevered through multiple injuries and doubts about his future to play 11 years in the NFL with four teams. He went on to become the New York Giants' top receiver.

    Sherrard returned to his native California after retiring and is an analyst on Fox Sports Net for his alma mater UCLA.

    How disappointed were you that a career in Dallas didn't work out?

    It was just an unfortunate circumstance. It was tough when I broke my leg the second time. It was better for me to go somewhere and sit on the bench and get healthy. I didn't really like the trainers or the doctors [in Dallas] too much. I just needed a change.

    Do you look back and think your NFL career was cursed from the start by injuries?

    I had bad luck, without a doubt. I had some weird injuries. I think it's just part of the game. I stuck it out for 11 years. Did I reach my potential? Probably not.

    What went through your mind after breaking your leg the second time while running on the beach?

    I thought I was going down the road to recovery and playing the next season. My whole career was in doubt. That was the toughest point in my football career. I was wondering what was going to happen. I had some big hurdles coming back from that.

    Did you ever feel you got back to where you were before you were injured in Dallas?

    When it [the leg] finally healed, it never gave me any problems. After the next year with the [49ers], I felt 100 percent. The positive of going to the 49ers was that I had time to heal. They didn't pressure me. The negative was they had Jerry Rice and John Taylor. They had so many talented people, I didn't get a chance to show what I could do.

    What memory do you have of Tom Landry that sticks out?

    How he just knew everybody's assignment. One day at practice, he took over the film and knew exactly what everybody on the film was supposed to do. Then he switched to the defense and knew what everyone was doing step for step. It was kind of mind-blowing. I just thought he was a head coach that delegated.



    Position: Wide receiver

    Career: Cowboys 1986; 49ers 1990-92; Giants 1993-95; Broncos 1996.

    Highlights: Cowboys' No. 18 overall pick (1st WR taken) in 1986 draft out of UCLA. ... Had 41 catches for 744 yards and a team-high five TDs as a rookie in Dallas. Averaged a career-best 18.1 yards per catch that season. ... Career year with Giants in 1994 with 53 catches for 825 yards and 6 TDs.

    Age: 42

    Residence: Malibu, Calif.

    Occupation: Recently started Venus Event Travel, which organizes alumni fantasy trips with former college greats.

    Notable: Sat out 1987-89 with a broken leg. ... Suffered broken ankle with 49ers and broken hip with Giants. ... Coaches his 7-year-old daughter Chloe's soccer team. ... Has three children.
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    I remember when we drafted him as a first rounder out of UCLA in '86. The guy had blazing speed, but he seemed to be "fragile/brittle" and could never stay healthy when he was with us.
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    One of those lasting images stuck in my head. Sherrard breaking his leg in training camp entering his seond season.
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    If Sherrard had stayed healthy, we may not have taken Michael Irvin. Things happen for a reason.
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    This was an awesome read. I dreamt of a Sherrard/Irvin receiving tandem and COULD NOT BELIEVE when the Cowboys left him unprotected as a Plan B free agent. In 1989 I checked the waiver fine print in the Washington Post every morning praying Sherrard would not sign with anyone. I was feeling pretty good until that morning right before the Plan B period was over I saw the 49ers had signed him. AAAGGGH!! The 49ers made the moves that fans of other teams wanted their team to make. They traded for Steve Young when it was obvious he would be dealt after Tampa Bay drafted Testaverde in 1987 and they signed Sherrard. The 49ers aggressively did in the 1980's the things the Cowboys did in the 1970's. The Cowboys managment had become older and more conservative, like a 2nd round pick was too much to pay for a "franchise" QB that couldn't get it done in Tampa Bay. Hmmm, Ron Francis or Steve Young, whom would you pick?

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    A lesson learned here is that while Peerless Price hasn't been a big asset yet, it only takes one play like last year and he's starting. We got some really brittle bones at wr, bet we loose one to a hammy, knee, or whatever somewhere down the road...
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    Great read...untapped potential...unfortunate to say the least...

    I remember when he went down in camp that guys on the team were actually crying..
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    it always sucked that he never really got to show what he was capable of ...
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    Must be a slow news day. Maybe he'll follow this up with........

    "what if you were worth a flip with Rod Hill"

    "what if you hadnt had neck problems with Billy Canon Jr"

    "What if we drafted you in the 3rd or 4th with Shante Carver" AKA "What gives you abigger sense of pride, playing in the XFL or for the Desperados with Shante Carver"

    "what if you could actually catch a football with David LaFluer" AKA "Why did we draft you again with David Lafleur"

    The only what if I would be interested in is "what if the Cowboys hadnt given up on Todd Christensen"
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    Wednesday is a slow news day. But I enjoyed the article. I like reading about the former cowboys. And not just the great ones.

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