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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Mar 26, 2012.

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    OK with the team being awarded a 4th round compensatory pick, here are the positions I would like to see targeted with the 5 available draft picks up to and including the 4th round...

    I'm not going to give names because the situation is so fluid that I think it's kinda meaningless, that's why I'm focused on positions. Any by following a BPA philosophy, I think it sorta lends itself to just listing positions rather than saying, "Hey, I want to draft a tightend in the 3rd round".

    Anywho, here is my list of positions targeted with those five selections:

    DE– Coleman and Spears combined had 2 sacks and 16 pressures over 800 snaps, nuff said.
    OLB– Have nothing behind Spencer and need a possible replacement for him.
    C– Want to see the center of the offensive line become stabalized.
    TE– Bennett left and Witten's getting older, nuff said.
    CB– Jenkins is in the last year of his contract and a developmental corner is needed.

    OK, that's my list. DE and Center are probably the two top needs.
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    Overall I think the roster doesn't have any glaring needs outside of CB where we only have 3 players and one is coming off injury and the other one isn't good. Furthermore both of those guys may be gone next year - one to FA and one a cap casualty.

    I know most people don't concur but I have high hopes for Kowalski. I've already seen him compete against NFL quality DTs and he did fine. He has great movement skills and balance. He will be much better with a year in the offseason conditioning program and a year of playing and practicing against high level competetion as he came from a smaller program Toledo.

    I do agree that DE, TE, interior OL, TE, OLB and CB are needs.

    I would rank those needs (considering both this year and 2013 year)

    1. OLB or DE - we need another catalytic player in the front 7 who can get after QBs. Until we find such a player we will be gutted on 3rd downs and late game leads. In general it is extremely difficult to find a 3-4 DE who can get after the QB and most 3-4 teams try to find 2 LBs with major pass rush skills. Overall I'd prefer to go after the OLB so Spencer can be released. I still have high hopes for Lissemore and he should be extended this year. I also think Jason Hatcher should give us the same performance from last year. Spears is still a load when we need to defend the run. Coleman is done and should be released. I also have some hope Geathers can turn the corner as he is the ideal physical specimen for the slot and has now had a couple of years in the NFL to get acclimated to the game - it is time for the switch to go on.

    We need to draft at least one OLB this year with only Albright and Butler behind Ware and Spencer on a franchise tag and unlikely to return. I really think we dropped the ball by not pursuing Wimbley who signed for a reasonable 5 year $35M contract in the end - he could have been the double digit sack buy across from Ware we have been missing since we dumped Ellis before the 2009 season. That need has become increasingly obvious the past two seasons as Ratliff's production as a pass rusher has fallen off a cliff and I fear he is in rapid decline now.

    So for OLB I think we should draft a guy in the first two rounds this year or we'll be in the exact same situation next year and I don't want to be tagging Spencer again because we've got nothing behind him.

    As for DE we probably should pick one guy but I don't see the need as compelling. Unless it is a clear BPA situation I'd prefer to wait until the second half of the draft.

    2. CB: Scandrick is bad and expensive so he may need to be cut soon. Jenkins is good but is coming off a shoulder surgery and is going to be an expensive FA next year. If we want to keep him around I hope we work out a deal in the first quarter of the season. Of course we just signed Carr and then we have basically nothing. We need to draft at least one CB this year and it should be in the first 3 rounds.

    3. OL: We could use a young high ceiling OG or Center to add to the mix of players that we have. I'd like Brandon Brooks in the 3rd but he probably won't last that long so we'd have to take him in the second if we want him. I'd also be happy with Zeitler or Simatolu in the second. We should draft an OT late to add to the mix.

    4. TE: Witten is getting old and I don't think he is going to age gracefully like Gonzalez. He has absorbed too much punishment and his level of play as a blocker and receiver dropped way off last year. He basically made 3 really big plays last year: deep pass against the Jets, Seattle and Redskins. If you take those 3 somewhat anomalous plays out (he normally has only 1 long catch like those a year) you see a big dropoff in production from previous years. We probably need to start grooming his replacement and if everything lines up I wouldn't mind one of the athletic all-around TEs in the second (Coby Fleener).

    5. Safety: We have sucked back there for a long time. I hope the combination of Pool and Sensabaugh is better this year but we do need to add someone back there who can pick off passes and be a very sure tackler. This position has been too neglected by this franchise but this is a weak safety draft so I don't want to reach too much. I don't like the thoughts of going after Barron in the first or second but I'd be open to looking at him in the 3rd.

    Given the large number of needs for young talent injection and the lack of elite talent at our biggest need (pass rusher) I prefer the trade down route in this draft. I really wouldn't mind trading out of the first to get an extra second rounder and take a flier on getting a future first rounder from a team with a bad QB who may underperform next year.

    With those 2 second rounders I'd get myself an OLB (Irvin, McClellin or Curry) and a starting OG (Brooks or Zeitler) or TE (Fleener) or the BPA at CB.

    With the 3rd rounder I'd try to find a CB, TE or OG depending on what we got with the second 2nd rounder and what is left on the draft board.

    In the 4th round I'd take a look at a safety or whatever position we missed out on the 2nd and 3rd (CB, OG or TE)

    With the second 4th rounder I'd look for a safety or a slot WR or CB who can be a factor in the return game. This might be a good spot to take a shot at Ryan Broyles but I don't know how serious his injury is and what the docs think about his recovery.

    In the 5th through 7th just take a player who you think can contribute and will make the roster and contribute to special teams. Ideally we get another CB, maybe a safety and an OT. Maybe we take a flier on a future pass rusher who needs refinement or perhaps another flier on an injured player.
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    Welp Mike, I think most of your wishes get granted during the seven rounds. I'll guess curve ball in round two or three when a skill player they have high on their board drops.
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    Guard is a glaring omission.
  5. MichaelWinicki

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    Is it?

    Or isn't it?

    I don't think any of us knows what the Cowboy's brain-trust feels about Nagy, Arkin and the kid they signed from Carolina.

    I do think you can pencil Livings in as one starter.

    A month from now we'll know if the Cowboys think they need another guard, a center or both.

    But to assume anything at this point about the one guard and the center spot would be premature evaluation.
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  7. TheCount

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    I think we kind of do, they just signed two guards to 30m combined, even if the majority can be voided. Obviously, if we all only spoke about what we KNOW, there wouldn't be very many posts on this forum.
  8. MichaelWinicki

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    Oh I agree with that in a couple of ways.

    Signing those two guards doesn't mean that guard is still considered a problem.

    The fact is we don't know.
  9. TheCount

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    No, we don't. They've put themselves in a position there they don't HAVE to draft a guard, to me, that's a good thing. But I can't help myself, I'm greedy and I want DeCastro.

    If we don't take him, then I'd probably be fine going the draft without one and rolling with what we have, but I wouldn't be excited about it.
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    My feelings are that your priorities are pretty sound. I think that with the view and questions concerning Anthony Spencer and the lack of defensive line pressure, that OLB, strong side, and defensive end are the biggest needs of this team.

    Immediately, an upward potential is needed to fill as backup right now, for Spencer. We have no indicator beyond this season, with him. Spencer will only get more expensive, or be gone following this season. A strong candidate needs to be added to roster, in the first or second round area.

    As to the makeup of the draft, I feel, although, that defensive end should be the top targeted pick. There are usually a limited number of influence makers for defensive tackle in each draft. And the defense needs some immediate return with a change here.

    Ideally, the Cowboys could trade down in the first, and pick up an additional second round pick. Then use the top pick for a defensive tackle to plug into the rotational mix from the start of this next season.

    Then take a cornerback and OLB based upon BPA of the team's actual board. I would then use the 3rd round pick to pick up the very best G/C candidate at that point...and follow with the two 4th round picks for a tight end and wide receiver to add to the current mix.

    I would then use the remainder of the draft for BPA.

    Even considering the running back from Baylor here.
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    I like the philosophy of BPA at a position of need, I think it's a draft strategy with the exception of really good teams who have drafted well over the past 5 years and have the affordance of taking the highest rated player on their board without regard to position.

    In terms of guard or center, I think within the first 5 rounds we take one and then just rely on a position battle between the rest of the interior line. Everyone says that you can get guards later in the draft and this seems like a weak center class, but is deep in the second-third tier. Couchscout says that Bernadeau can play center, we have a lot of young depth at guard so I would just take whichever one comes up first on your draft board and fill the rest of the draft slots with the positions that you listed.
  12. MichaelWinicki

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    You make some good points I would just prefer not having to go into say the 3rd round with my target being just one position. I'd like some flexibility of being able to take the best player available... Within reason of course.
  13. jobberone

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    Like the list. If we get a pass rusher, C and CB out of this draft I'll be very happy.
  14. Woods

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    IMO, we have to take a CB "relatively high", esp as Jenkins is coming off a shoulder injury and may not be ready until TC. Even then, there is speculation that the injury may only give Jenkins about 80% or so of his previous mobility (SDogo had discussed Jenkins' injury situation previously).

    And as MW mentioned, this is Jenkins contract year as well.

    Also, I think we need to get a development OLB given that both Spencer and V Butler may not be here next season. (I think this is Butler's contract year as well.)

    Maybe that's why there were rumors we were looking at E Walden again from GB - for depth purposes for the next couple of years.

    I would say that another position to look hard at is WR and TE. Now, maybe the Cowboys decide to deal with both issues with only 1 player who has size and can also stretch the field (like L Green).

    Finally, in terms of an upgrade, though maybe not a "must have", I would really look to upgrade the DE position and or OG/OC positions. I think Coleman is a fill in at this stage. And as for the OG/OC position, I'm not sure which one the Cowboys prefer to draft for. I think it depends on whether they want to move Mac (from the Panthers) to OC or leave him at OG. My guess is they prefer to get a guy who can play both positions. It also depends on what the staff thinks of Nagy and Arkin going forward.

    I think we will pick up 1 more interior OL in April regardless. And quite possibly an OT as well for depth purposes.
  15. xwalker

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    DE– Coleman and Spears combined had 2 sacks and 16 pressures over 800 snaps, nuff said.
    Yes, passrushing DE is much higher priority than run-stuffing NT, IMO. I would like to see the 2012 starting lineup of Ratliff and Lissemore at DE and Josh Brent at NT. Ratliff is the top DLineman at either NT or DE, but Brent is a better NT than Spears/Coleman are DEs, IMO.

    The wildcard is Clifton Geathers. They liked him enough last year to keep 7 DL on the roster. He is same size as Brockers with better measureables.

    OLB– Have nothing behind Spencer and need a possible replacement for him.
    Yes, don't wait until Spencer is gone to scramble around trying to find a replacement.

    C– Want to see the center of the offensive line become stabalized.
    Top issue for the 2012 season. Is Bernadeau really an option here? Have they really considered Arkin or Nagy? Where does Kowalski fit?

    TE– Bennett left and Witten's getting older, nuff said.
    Blocker or receiver? Even if they draft a TE in the 2nd, who is the blocking TE. Most of the top rated TEs in the draft are just ok blockers. It would be easier to draft a receiving TE if John Phillips was a top shelf blocker.

    CB– Jenkins is in the last year of his contract and a developmental corner is needed.
    It's hard to believe that they didn't carry any developmental CBs on the active roster last year. They cut Josh Thomas and kept the 4.65-forty Mario Butler on the practice squad. I don't think Rob Ryan likes to develop rookies because he always expects to be a head coach the next season.
  16. CCBoy

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    lol, there are six positions that need upgrading even yet. As a evaluation assistance, I look at such needs in a similar vein that a Washington would want a veteran to fill. And would weigh merit for positional concerns, on immediate need. But BPA is the way to go, when need doesn't dominate the view.

    I'm afraid that positional weight will push safety to a back burner yet another season. But all the more reason to arrive at a resolution that provides at least positional integrity and stability, and expand the next draft.

    That, or cowboy up in free agency now...and go purely BPA in the draft.

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