Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert draft prospect profile.

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    As much as we may want to deny it, it's the truth. The Bengals need a quarterback and will probably draft one with one of their first-four picks. As fans, I think we have a hard time coming to this conclusion because drafting a quarterback is a scary thought, especially with this franchise's history. Once they hit on Carson Palmer in 2003, nobody wanted to even think about the day where the Cincinnati Bengals would be looking for their next franchise leader. Now that's the exact situation. Carson Palmer clearly isn't the franchise leader anymore, even in the one in a million chance (So you're saying there's a chance?!) that he takes snaps for the Bengals in 2011, it would just be a bridge to their future signal caller.

    When we have talked about the possibility of the Bengals taking a quarterback early. The discussion usually ends up in a Cam Newton debate. After the NFL Scouting Combine, where Newton received mixed reviews, it has become common to think that the Carolina Panthers or the Buffalo Bills would take Cam Newton, should he be available. The closer the draft gets, the less likely it looks that Newton will even be available for Cincinnati.

    Note:Reason why I posted this, Newton and Gabbert can help us by either of 2 ways, either push a player down to us in the draft like Fairley or Peterson if both QBs are taken before us, or one of them is there when we are picking in first round. And we can trade down, get some extra picks and still get a good player around 12th to 17th spot.

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