MNF - Packers @ Seahawks

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Cowboys&LakersFan, Sep 24, 2012.

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    The NFL came out with an official statement today that there should have been an offensive pass-interference call on Golden Tate prior to the ball landing, when Tate pushed the GB player prior to jumping up to catch the ball.

    If that call had been made correctly, then the catch/interception is irrelevant, and the game is over with GB correctly winning.
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    I live in Wisconsin so im in the center of all the rants here. It sounds like this is really going to happen on sunday and i guess its getting national attention. At the packer game this weekend fans will be walking out of the game at halftime. So im doing my part in spreading the word to try to possibly get other fans of other teams to try and stage a walk out at halftime also.
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    That's great, but the NFL will have already gotten their $$ when the Cheeseheads show up for the first half.
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    I agree with you im just doing my part. The only thing it does is send a message maybe???? Also we all know fans that are walking out will be watching the game on TV which will benefit ratings for fox. The only way to do it is to not sell out any of the games so that they are all blacked out
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    Also they are trying to get people to not buy any food or drinks from the stadium. The only way this works is if all fans across the NFL did this. If it just Packer fans all that does is hurt the pocket book of the Packers.
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    Tate actually knocked 2 Packers out of the play. The guy he pushed fell & in falling he tripped up his own teammate.


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