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    RD1 Tyron Smith T USC

    Fills Dallas' biggest need, protecting Tony Romo. Some people say he is typical LT prospect. Eventhough he's really never played LT. He's a RT that could probably switch over to RT if need be. But Dallas has a very good LT. Nothing wrong with having TWO athletic tackles protecting a QB who loves to scramble. Free and Smith will hold the fort for the next decade.

    RD2 Phil Taylor NT Baylor

    He's dropping right now and im hoping he drops a little more to fall to Dallas. Yes, he has some foot problems that will probably cut his career short if he doesnt take care of himself. But Dallas just signed the miracle man in Woicik. This would be a steal for Dallas. That would allow Rat to move to DE.

    RD3 Mark Herzlich LB BC

    Herzlich would be a smart pickup because he could play behind James for a couple of yrs and play in packages that James struggles with and thats the pass.

    RD4 Deunta Williams S UNC

    Deunta is another player who could sit and play in situational packages. That and get completely healthy for 2012 and play SS taking over for Sensabaugh. IMO he's make a great SS.

    RD5 Lawrence Guy DE Arizona St

    Good depth that can develope into a starter if Igor or Bowen arent up for the challenge. Smart pick up because of what he can do, and the fact that Dallas has 3 DEs who are FA's.

    RD6 Andrew Jackson G Fresno State

    IMO will be a starter sooner rather then later. Had a injury season but before the season was touted as one of the best Guards in college. Pat Hill just knows how to develope OL.

    RD7 DeMarcus Van Dyke CB Miami

    Dallas needs more CBs with teams going with so many wrs.

    RD7 Ricardo Lockette WR Fort Valley State

    Lately Dallas has developed and gotten most of its success at wr with lower draft picks.
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    i'd like kelvin shepperd instead of herzlich there in 3 but i like it.

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