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    So, a very early and optimistic mock. First, let me point that I find the lack of appropriate pieces on defense to be our biggest issue this year. Our OL is a need, but I think drafting a Guard in the first few rounds could dissuade Brian Waters from coming back another year, and, if healthy, is still a very appealing option.

    Secondly, I don't see a huge drop off in talent on offensive guard. Drafting Gabe Jackson in the 1st when Spencer Long is available in the 5th is not a bad drop off in talent when compared to drafting Khalil Mack in the 1st when Prince Shembo is your option in the 4th.

    David King, FA
    , formally Philadelphia Eagles practice squad. This is an underrated player that was drafted in the 7th round last year. He was an underachiever in college (Oklahoma), but he has great size for either DE or DT (6'5, 285), and would be a cheaper option than Jason Hatcher or Henry Melton. One off season with Marinelli could make him awesome.

    Brian Waters, on the roster with one year contract (I think?). Yea, I liked him. Saw him as capable. needs to stay healthy. We need to find better backups than Bernadeau if he decides to get hurt again, but when thinking about drafting an OG early, I think of David Decastro and Jonathon Cooper in their first year. of course Frederick worked out.

    I'm not even gonna think of a scenario in which I acquired the draft picks to make this mock; just know that I moved up in the 1st, gained a 3rd, lost a 4th, and have three 7th round picks (compensatory).

    1st.Khalil Mack, OLB/DE, Buffalo - If this guy falls out of the top 8-10, I find him to be a worthy reason to trade up. When watching film, though mostly the MAC, he flashes as very dominate. like Von Miller having that cool 45 degree angle bend to avoid OL, Mack has great fast twitch motion, often juking the OL off balance before using his strength to finish them off (the use of a special skill is the similarity I was trying to make). He's also not a liability in coverage, which could make him versatile at both DE or a LB. I would keep Ware and Selvie as the starting DEs, while Mack getting a LB spot, making Sims expendable and Carter and Holloman reserves. That being said, I would have him rush the QB,...alot. Think of Ware and Mack rushing from the same side. I would give up a 2015 2nd round for him.

    2nd..Dion Bailey, S/OLB, USC - Let me start by saying I didn't like this pick when first going through film, but I cannot get away from how talented this young man is. His skills are like a mix of Kenny Vacarro and Alec Ogletree of last years draft, and I'm convinced he could play either position. He can cover tight ends, and is more than willing to make the tackle. Hes also a great ball hawk and he plays his angles well. Finally, he played successfully under Kiffin's system in 2012. I think he would be used as a roaming LB, with Church and Wilcox holding the back. I would like this guy to be a Cowboy if you haven't noticed.

    3rd...Daquan Jones, DT, Penn State - I would take Aaron Donald from Pitt here, but I see him going in the early 2nd. Daquan is more than capable as his time pressuring the QB is more than his college numbers suggest. Dominique Easley is another option here.

    3rd...Tre Mason, RB, Auburn - If this guy is sitting in the 3rd (which I think he might be overlooked by Gordon, Williams, Sankey, and Seastrunk), hes worth the unnecessary pick, and probably would be less excruciating than the Escobar one. Remember when people wanted us to pick up MJD recently? This guy is better and with Murray as the feature back, Mason and a one more year experienced Randle would be formidable change of pace, third down weapons.

    5th.....Spencer Long, OG Nebraska - formally a 2nd round grade before a season ending injury, this guy would be a fantastic steal in the 5th and could develop quickly to a day 1 starter if healthy. That would make for a nice 5th round pick.

    6th......Cornelius Lucas, OT, Washington - Big guy at 6'8''; a really big guy, but nimble on his feet. I'm not ready to give up Doug Free, and this guy could use the time to develop. Maybe picking up a battle tested FA would be wise if Parnell is no longer worth a roster spot. Our patience could be rewarded by year 2, and we could have a wall on the right side.

    7th.......John Urshel, OG, Penn State - Good OL depth for making no early selections on Oline. Good player and also a genius Mathematician with multiple published works. We could solve world problems if we pair him with the Engineering Frederick. Those problems being the middle of our Oline collapsing.

    7th.......Merrill Noel, CB, Wake Forest - I'm not ready to give up on Morris Claiborne yet (mainly because I have an autographed football of his that I'm still kinda proud of), but depth in the position is necessary. I find Noel more capable than B.W. Webb, and with the additions of Mack and Bailey, I'm sure he could have more opportunities to shine. This is also where I think a fourth string corner should be drafted, not in the fourth.

    7th.......Jeff Mathews, QB, Cornell - There is absolutely no reason to draft a QB early if were not looking to replace Romo. This young man could be really good if he can get better with his footwork. He's got a strong arm and keeps poised in the pocket, but his inconsistent accuracy is all attributed to how he sets his feet. fix that, and you may have the next Tom Brady.


    Bernard Reedy, WR, Toledo
    - a short, speedy, capable WR not too much unlike Beasley. His claim to fame might be in his return game, and could test Harris to just WR duties.

    Adrian Phillips, SS, Texas - can be a great depth pick up behind Church.

    Keith Smith, ILB, San Jose State - Depth

    Justin Ellis, DT, Louisiana Tech - Big guy in the middle at 6'3 357. Always good to have on the roster......Fullback.
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    Interesting mock and good write-up.

    They would need to change the defensive philosophy to make worth playing Mack at LB. The primary reason to draft Mack, IMO, would be his pass rushing skills. Kiffin does not blitz often. Seattle moved Bruce Irvin to LB, from DE last year. He had 8 sacks in zero starts last year and 2 sacks in 9 starts this year. Obviously, Denver does something different to utilize Von Miller as a pass rushing 4-3 LB.

    You project both the 1st and 2nd round players to LB. I generally like going BPA, but the Cowboy really really need a top DE and your free agent is not enough.

    I like DaQuan Jones as a 1-tech DT.

    Mason is impressive. He has a great burst and change of direction skills.

    Spencer Long in the 5th is a good pick.

    Cornelius Lucas looks like a high upside OLineman which is always good to draft in the later rounds; however, I don't know why you would think Parnell does not deserve a roster spot. I'm of the opposite opinion and believe that he could be better then Free with enough experience. He didn't get to challenge Free in training camp due to an injury, but I think he will challenge him in TC this year.

    John Urshel is an interesting player. I'm always in favor of smart players and I believe Engineers/Mathematicians should rule the world.

    Merrill Noel is only about 5-9. If the Cowboy are going to spend time developing a CB, I really think they need to focus on getting bigger at that position. They are really struggling with the monster sized WRs this year. I would really like to draft Stanley Jean-Baptiste (6-2, 220) somewhere in the mid rounds.
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    Doubt he falls out of the top 10, but approaching the draft in finding replacements for Ware, Carr and Romo and their three bad contracts might not be the worst idea.
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    I like this draft, though I think I would want to go for DL help earlier.

    I also think Bailey is too small to be an LB, he's only listed at 200.
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    I like the idea that you have developed here. My early draft strategy also utilizes a change to the SOLB/rushLBer. The guy I see in the roll is Van Noy. Its so early its hard to tell where these guys are gonna go, might be able to get him in the second.

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