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    This is a Draft and FA from my crazy my crazy mind thing seem to go the Cowboys way(its early so gonna have a little fun).
    In this mock the are going to be trades....alot, but with the new change to rookie salary I expect lot of trading in this draft. Cowboys didnt trade last year so I seem them making alot of trades.
    With this Off-Season let discuss FA, well were gonna sign some, so with money going it would make sense to restrucre guys like Free, Spears, Scandrick, Sensabaugh, and etc......all guys that are able.


    Players Re-Signed
    Martellus Bennett- I know this guy is not popular, but we need to re-sign him IMO.
    Laurent Robinson- I think he likes playing here.....I also think Garrett and Tony like Robinson playing here. So for that he stays for the fit and stays because he believes this Team can win it all and wants to help......DISCOUNT
    Tony Fiammetta- Read above.....DISCOUNT!

    Players Gone
    Terence Newman- Well its been good budy...liked you, but when you rely on athleticism to much.....then start losing decline rapidly. oh MONEY!
    Spears or Colemen- D-line needs help, Cowboys are gonna get some but need to cut some cost.
    Keith Brooking- Old! ammm....done
    Bradie James- Its been nice, but Rob is gonna get a guy in FA if B.Carter not ready......not you.
    Anthony Spencer- With the FA Cowboys are targeting......Spencer isnt affordable.
    Abram Elam- See above.
    John Phillips- Explain later.
    John Kitna- Done.
    Holland or Kosier- Maybe both. Last year we saw more attention to rebuliding the sould continue next year on both sides.
    McCray or Church- Most likely McCray, but depends on Church's recovery.
    Kevin Ogletree- Harris seems to improve as a returner, should continue. That may have given him Ogletree's spot. Harris will improve as a WR also with a full off-season with Jimmy(WR Coach). Add Radway, and he's no longer needed.
    Sammy Morris- Old...Tanner

    Free Agents
    Ben Grubbs OG 6'3 310LBS or Carl Nicks OG 6'5 336LBS- Garrett is gonna continue to rebulid the O-Line and get the one that makes the best fit. Its gonna be expensive but necessary. Once the O-Line gets fixed it will allow this Offense to explode on defenses......One of these guy will help.
    Vernon Carey OG 6-5 330LBS- Sign him to a one year and let him earn more. with Carey it will give us another year to see if we have players in Arkin, Nagy, Costa, and Killa. Remember rebuild Oline in steps, this is part of it and should be finshed 2013 offseason, Oh Carey follows Sparano here....DISCOUNT!
    Calais Campbell DE 6'8 310LBS- Ooohhh man two big names Cowboys cant afford that...right? With some guys leaving and others restrucring this should leave room, plus I think you can go over the cap next year with home signed players. Campbell would do wonders for this DLine. that would make Campbell, Ratliff, Hatcher, Lissemore, Brent, Spears, and Geathers. If Geathers improvise then we may let Spears go....Maybe trade?
    Osi Umenyira OLB 6'3 255LBS- The Battle of Troy......I think he signs here(Troy connection). He can play Spencers spot or who knows Rob could throw some 4-3 sets in there. Wants to come play with his buddy before its to late.....DISCOUNT!
    Ahmad Brooks OLB 6'3 255LBS- Another guy to add in the loss of Spencer. Sign Brooks to a 3 year deal with the abilty to cuy after one year.....let him earn it.
    Aaron Ross CB 6'0 190LBS- Aaron is tired of the NY scene and wants to come home to Texas!!!........DISCOUNT!
    D'Qwell Jackson ILB 6'0 240LBS- Rob grabs a guy that can fill in if needed or play if Carter aint ready.

    With the Rookie cap on......Trades trades treades, I think the Cowboys we be involed with a few.

    Trade: Rams get M.Kalil in the 1st now they trade up to Dallas to pick up a falling Michael Floyd. 2nd, 3rd, and 5th for Dallas 1st and 7th

    Trade: Patriots call up for trade to get D.Still. 2nd, and 4th for Dallas 2nd and 6th.
    2nd) Janoris Jenkins CB 5'10 184LBS- With Newman gone Cowboys take the biggest hole on the team while still picking BPA. Jenkins is a talented ballhawking corner. Infact I think he's better then J.Haden who went to the Browns at 7th overall. The only reason he falls is thick CB draft and charcter concerns. I think he learned his leason and will play with chip for all the teams passed on him. He played good against top WR and played good.

    2nd) Markelle Martin FS 6'1 198LBS- This guy is a Ballhawk.....the kind we've been looking for awhile. A true with DLine getting better the pass rush is better, add that with the all new head turning ball catching DB......I see more turnovers in the future.

    3rd) Dontari Poe NT/DE 6-5 350LBS- Trenches......Dallas starts adding more young talent by picking Poe. He's big(inside joke) he's not just big he's strong and athletic......can you imagine Poe and Ratliff on two man fronts! With this pick someone on the DLine is going to be the odd man out.

    3rd) Michael Brewster C 6'5 302LBS- Dallas picks up a center to battle it out with Costa, and Killa.....may the best man win.

    4th) Ladarius Green TE 6'6 237LBS- The reason you let Phillps walk is he didnt match well with Bennett and Witten. I think a fast quick explosive WR type TE will help open up plays for Witten and WR's......Green is that think Finley.

    4th) Donte Paige-Moss OLB 6'4 260- Athletic freak.......he lost is starting job and is he fell. Dallas picks him up in the 4th and takes a shot on possible game changer.

    5th) Kenny Tate LB/SS 6'4 220LBS- This guy would be a perfect Nickel LB, and PT Ace........5th round is a steal. Rob is going crazy with all his new toys.

    5th) Mike Harris CB 5'11 198LBS- Good tackler, solid coverage, good guy to have on the team, he turns is head........steal!!!

    6th) Cody Johnson FB 5'11 250LBS- Athletic FB, emergency RB if needed. A guy you can bring in and compete with Chapas.......may the best man win!!!!

    The draft is a little ways I will make more realistic Mock as it gets closer.......Coment and let me know what you think.
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    I like Martin quite a bit myself, I just wonder if it won't be kind of the same situation we saw with Rahim Moore. Pretty good athlete, viewed as a ball hawk but just doesn't strike the right chords with the scouts.

    I will say though that I have virtually no interest in trading down, and I'm not a huge fan of Brewster. Poe I'd be pleased to have because I think we need to do something with this front. Moving Ratliff is a dead horse, but I'm going to keep beating it as long as I damn well please! At the very least, we need to have the option of a capable plugger there.

    Green I like obviously, I put him in my mock. Tate, I don't think is going to come out. He just moved to LB and got hurt, so he couldn't even raise his stock. He was also awarded an extra year of eligibility, so he may try to stay and get more work at either LB or Safety.

    I definitely love your FA splurge though, having Osi opposite Ware would be pretty damn great.
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    Yea I got a little FA happy.......where do u get all your info on who's declaring?
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    Donte Paige-Moss just tore his ACL in the bowl game. Had a poor year and has another year of eligibility, but it sounds like he's burnt all his bridges at UNC.

    His tweets after the bowl game:

    “Worst xmas eva cant wait till.this horrible bowl in this horrible city wit sum of da mos horrible coaches r ova”

    “Sum of yall mofos jus haten cuz yall.gotta pay fo skool”

    “unc. Fans its all.good. Have a bad game we suck thats a reason #imout #nosupport”

    Hmm...I think I'll pass. :D

    Pretty confident Poe will end up in the 1st barring a medical issue. He's a better player and athlete than Phil Taylor, who was drafted at #21 last year. And it's a much worse DL draft vs last year.
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    did I miss it or did you explain about Phillips...
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    Yea look under the Ladarius Green pick

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