Mock Draft combined with Roster Projection

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by xwalker, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Did we forfeit our first rounder in this scenario?
  3. Eskimo

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    Yes, this was a trade down mock with the first pick in the early 30s if I remember.
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    We spend 2 high picks on OLB it means there is no interest in bring Spencer back. Also we would never carry 6 OLB's.
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    yes, the dreaded double face palm

    FWIW, a lot of people want to copy the Giants formula of drafting infinite pass rushers, however the Giants are able to deploy them in a number of spots because of their size. JPP (280) can play LE/RE and if he wasn't such an athlete could even slide inside (would waste his abilities), Tuck (268) can play LE or slide inside to DT on passing downs, Osi (255) can play LE or RE and Kiwi can play OLB or any of the D-Line spots in nickel situations.

    We don't have that flexability. Moving Ware inside wastes his abilities. He needs to play LE/RE just like JPP. Irvin at 245 would have to take the other DE spot or a LB spot (which means Bruce Carter or Sean Lee sit) cause at 245 he would get stonewalled inside. Shea McClein may have that same problem, so you are talking about 2 spots, for 3 guys that need to play starter snaps. It could work, but it seems like a waste of resources.
  6. xwalker

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    Yes, I realize that 8 is the normal number of LBs on a 3-4 team.

    My thoughts are:

    1. Spencer and Butler are both FAs after the season.

    2. I see McClellin and Albright as being able to play either OLB or ILB.

    3. In 2011, Rob Ryan sometimes played with 5 LBs on the field, 2 OLB and 3 ILB. I could see this happening more with Bruce Carter having better speed/athleticism than a lot of safeties.

    4. Barry Church was basically a LB in 2011. I see his nickle LB role being replaced by Bruce Carter.

    5. I think the 3 rookie LBs will be standouts on special teams. Carter and Albright were standouts on special teams in 2011. This is my justification for Danny McCray not making the roster.

    My projected LBs for the 2013 season would be:
    OLB Ware, DeMarcus
    OLB Shea McClellin
    ILB Carter, Bruce
    ILB Lee, Sean

    ILB Connor, Dan
    ILB Miles Burris
    OLB Bruce Irvin
    OLB Albright, Alex
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    I don't mind having all of that depth at LB. But, isn't Akiem Hicks better suited at DT not DE? Also, what's with all the interest in Josh Robinson? Is it just because he's fast? Because that seems like a silly reason to be so interested in someone.

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