Mock draft from GBN

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by walrus, Nov 17, 2004.

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    First round
    1 San Francisco Matt Leinart QB Southern California
    2 Miami Aaron Rodgers QB California
    3 Carolina Braylon Edwards WR Michigan
    4 Tampa Bay Cedric Benson RB Texas
    5 Tennessee Ahmad Brooks LB Virginia
    6 Washington Mathias KiwanukaDE Boston College
    7 Dallas (from Buffalo) Antrel Rolle CB Miami
    8 Oakland Mike Williams WR Southern California
    9 Kansas City Marlin Jackson CB Michigan
    10 Dallas Rodrique Wright* DT Texas
    11 Cleveland Erasmus James DE Wisconsin
    12 Arizona Andrew Walter QB Arizona State
    13 New Orleans Derrick Johnson LB Texas
    14 Chicago Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma
    15 Houston Carnell WilliamsRB Auburn
    16 Detroit Thomas Davis* FS Georgia
    17 Cincinnati Corey Webster CB LSU
    18 Seattle Elton Brown OG Virginia
    19 St. Louis David Pollack DE Georgia
    20 Green Bay Marcus Spears DE LSU
    21 Minnesota Orien Harris DT Miami
    22 San Diego(from NYG) Andrew WhitworthOT LSU
    23 Denver Heath Miller TE Virginia
    24 San Diego A.J. Hawk LB Ohio State
    25 New York Jets Carlos Rogers CB Auburn
    26 Jacksonville Marcus McNeill OT Auburn
    27 Baltimore Alex Barron OT Florida State
    28 Indianapolis Ronnie Brown RB Auburn
    29 Atlanta Wesley Britt OT Alabama
    30 New England Kevin Burnett LB Tennessee
    31 Philadelphia Abdul Hodge LB Iowa
    32 Pittsburgh Jammal Brown OT Oklahoma

    Second round
    33 Philadelphia(from Miami) Shaun Cody DT Southern California
    34 San Francisco Anttaj HawthorneDT Wisconsin
    35 Carolina Michael Munoz OT Tennessee
    36 Tennessee Charlie Frye* QB Akron
    37 New Orleans (from Wash) Brodney Pool FS Oklahoma
    38 Buffalo Max Jean-Gilles OT Georgia
    39 Oakland DeAngelo WilliamRB Memphis
    40 Kansas City Dan Cody DE Oklahoma
    41 Dallas Donte Nicholson SS Oklahoma
    42 Cleveland Winston Justice OT Southern California
    43 Tampa Bay C.J. Brooks OT Maryland
    44 Green Bay (from NO) Odell Thurman LB Georgia
    45 Chicago David Baas OG Michigan
    46 Houston Travis Johnson DT Florida State
    47 Detroit Adam Jones CB West Virginia
    48 Cincinnati Mike Patterson DT Southern California
    49 Arizona Jimmy Williams CB Virginia Tech
    50 St. Louis Darrent WilliamsCB Oklahoma State
    51 Green Bay Jammal Brimmer SS UNLV
    52 Minnesota Daryl BlackstockLB Virginia
    53 New York Giants Anthony Alabi OT Texas Christian
    54 Seattle Barrett Ruud LB Nebraska
    55 San Diego Matt Roth DE Iowa
    56 New York Jets Dan Buenning OG Wisconsin
    57 Jacksonville Loren Howard DE Northwestern
    58 Baltimore Terrance Murphy WR Texas A&M
    59 Indianapolis Kirk Morrison LB San Diego State
    60 Denver Chris Canty DE Virginia
    61 Atlanta J.R. Russell WR Louisville
    62 New England Khalif Barnes OT Washington
    63 Philadelphia Frank Gore RB Miami
    64 Pittsburgh Michael Boley LB Southern Mississippi

    I can live with this draft (CB,DT and SS)
  2. Rack Bauer

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    If we draft Rod Wright that high I'll drive to Valley Ranch and kick JJ's ***.
  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    *** would we take a SS in the 2nd round....we got enough SS's on the team...we need a true FS. :mad:
  4. Midswat

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    So Ahmad Brooks is better than Derrick Johnson?
  5. Yakuza Rich

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    - Leinart ain’t going #1. If he does, that’s a huge mistake. Doesn’t have a lot of physical skills. Rodgers is a much much better QB and has much more upside.

    - I doubt you’ll see the Panthers take a WR since they’ll have Steve Smith coming back and Keary Colbert is playing really well right now. They need help with their pass rush and O-Line first.

    - Tennessee won’t go LB. They’ll go D-Line, probably defensive end since the loss of Kearse has screwed things up.

    - I would think Washington would look at O-Line, but a DE makes sense as well.

    - I think Oakland takes a look at Derrick Johnson because he’s that incredible athlete that Al Davis covets.

    - Mike Williams was expected to go in the teens at the earliest in last year’s draft. He was widely criticized by scouts, many of whom felt that Keary Colbert was the reason for his success. The scouts appear to have a point as Colbert is playing really well in his rookie year. So, what’s the logic behind having Williams in the top 10 picks with all of this is happening AND he hasn’t played football in over a year?

    - Cleveland will probably look at CB, OT, OG, and DT before they look to get a DE as Kenard Lang is really solid.

    - Arizona will most likely go RB. They like McCown. Their O-Line is horrible as well.

    - Derrick Johnson won’t fall that far below Brooks if at all (I do love Brooks though).

    - I doubt the Bears go after Clayton. They want a real burner at WR. If they went after Clayton, it would most likely be in the 2nd round.

    - Houston giving up on Dominick Davis already? I don’t think so.

    - Detroit needs more help at CB than safety.

    - I think Cincy goes after a DT or LB over a CB in the first round.

    - I think Spears goes higher after putting up a great combine. Just my personal feeling.

    - I would think Indy would continue to try and build their defense instead of getting another RB.

    - San Diego’s O-Line is playing fine, except for center, but their center is only in their second year. I think they’ll look more at a DE/OLB type and some more cornerback/secondary help.

  6. Oh_Canada

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    My idea of a great draft based on the current order:

    1)Ahmad Brooks--I just don't think he'll be picked ahead of Derrick Johnson, but you never know.

    *Trade down 10th with G.B to pick up an additional second.

    2) Carlos Rogers--The guy has great size, makes plays and will solidfy the secondary for the next decade.

    3)Albert Means--The guy doesn't appear on GBN's list, but he's a load at 335lbs and would be the perfect nose tackle in a 3-4.

    4)Terrance Murphy--Nice size, blazing speed, good work ethic...sounds like a KJ replacement to me.
  7. Cajuncowboy

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    Good Lord. Mike Williams is there when we pick and we pass? Don't think so. Take mike WIlliams and then if Rolle or Jackson is there when we pick next take one. Rolle first then Jackson. THis isn't that hard.
  8. GTaylor

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    Amen brother
  9. Bobo

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    I can give you some info there since I'm also a Titans fan. They drafted 3 DE's high last year. 2 are doing ok, one has yet to play with a broken foot but may be about to come back. The hurt guy was said to be in the best shape to start at the beginning of the season. Kevin Carter is still looking good at his age. They've used him at DT and DE, but he's probably better at DE.

    Some Titans fans think we may draft a DT, but our young DT's like Randy Starks are looking pretty good. Albert Haynseworth is having a Pro Bowl type year at DT.

    Now if they use their pick as a best player available type deal, and it's a d-lineman, sure it's possable, but unlikely. D-line is argueably the strongest point of that team now.

    They've lost one starting LB before the season started with an ACL. He wasn't the fastest OLB to start with, now what speed will he come back at? The starting MLB has had injury problems in the past and has only played one game so far this year.

    As of now, I'd expect OT, LB, or maybe a S or CB taken 1st since they look like the biggest priorities.
  10. jcollins28

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    What? Mike Williams would have been not only the first WR taken last year but would have been a top 5 pick as well. I do not know where you live but I'm in L.A and I have never ever heard anyone with half a brain say that Kerry Kolbert made Mike Williams. If anything it was the other way around. The only knock and it is not much of a knock on Mike is his speed.
  11. Oh_Canada

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    I still can't believe Starks went in the third round....that was a pure steal!!
  12. Bobo

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    You got that right. I saw him play and kick *** in college, still kinda odd that he dropped so far. It may be his age, he's only 20, but they said he was already amazingly strong. Dude could squat close to 800 lbs. He'd be a big help to the Boys I believe if he was with them.
  13. Derinyar

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    Don't htink he would have passed up both Fitzgerald and Row Williams. Both have good size and better speed.
  14. jamez25

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    If Mike Williams is on the board at pick #8 and we don't pick him ...I will join Rack on his drive to Valley Ranch. :mad:
  15. lkelly

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    For all the people that seem to be in passionate love with Mike Williams...

    Consider the fact that he won't have played in over 15 months when he's drafted. He won't have taken any sort of hit during that time period. The best case scenario is he's spent some time running track, lifting, and catching passes from some hired goon like Todd Marinovich. So you get all giddy and throw a top 10 or top 5 pick at the kid come April, and do you know what you are getting when training camp rolls around? What are the odds that the guy pulls a hamstring or something much worse? How long has it been since he's read coverage or worked on his blocking?

    The kid has real potential, but he's certainly a risk. Give him an 8 figure signing bonus and you've done a lousy job at managing that risk. He better beat the increased odds he's created for himself or you are looking at a gaping hole in your rookie class.

    It would still shock me to see him picked over Braylon Edwards. Edwards will measure better at the combine/workouts and will have a senior year of impressive stats that Williams will lack. I'd love to see Edwards with a star on his helmet, but I wouldn't mind Williams either. Just give me Williams between 12 and 25 in the first round so I'm not so financially committed.
  16. InmanRoshi

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    Goose had him rated firmly behind Reggie Williams, Evans and Clayton as well when he polled NFL General Managers. NFL people never seemed to be nearly as entralled with him as fans were.
  17. jcollins28

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    If Mike Williams would have been in last years draft the Raiders at #2 would have taken him.
  18. jterrell

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    Try asking Carson Palmer or Matt Lienart.

    Both had favorite/goto WRs other than Mike Williams.

    And there is ZERO chance Mike Williams was going ahead of Larry Fitzgerald or Roy Williams last year. He was listed as a mid 1st round guy on the boards that we know of which included the Cards, Bengals and Lions. To think Denny Green would ever pass Fitzgerald would require a severe lack of following the draft.

    Mike Williams is big but his 40 last year was rather slow at high 4.5's. He also has issues with his route-running. He was not nearly as complete as people want to believe.

    He has a year to work on his 40 so should test well and be the 2nd Wr taken after Braylon Edwards due in large part to Chri Henry being a knucklehead. He could go earlier but I doubt it after a year away from football and with mediocre career numbers.

    Mike Williams is a Keyshawn Johnson, not a Randy Moss. If we select him over Antrel Rolle we simply have no clue as how to judge talent.
  19. jterrell

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    They would have traded down or taken Gallery as they did. With Williams on the board they might have traded down because they liked Larry Fitzgerald a lot as well and would have had a shot at 3 players they really liked.

    The Raiders have the worst draft selections of any team in the league so I am not arguing who they would rate first but only a team with zero clue would have rated Mike Williams ahead of the other 2 WRs in that class. Both were faster and much more proven in college.
  20. jcollins28

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    As a Bruin it pains me to talk up any SC player. But to say that Kerry Colbert was the better WR on that SC team is foolish.

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