Mock Draft - Offseason Plan

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by junk, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. junk

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    I'll do this based upon NFLDS ratings. Not perfect, but something to go off at this time of year. Assume draft position of 15-20.

    Cut Free
    Sign Sebastian Vollmer, Dan Koppen

    1. Barrett Jones, C/G, Alabama
    2. Brandon Jenkins, DE/OLB, Florida State
    3. Datone Jones, DE, UCLA
    4. Ray Graham, RB, Pitt
    5. Micah Hyde, CB/S, Iowa
    6. Brad Sorenson, QB, Southern Utah
  2. tm1119

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    A bit early for Jones, especially if youre going to play him at OG which I assume you do with us signing Koppen. Both Warmack and Cooper would be a better pick IMO. Like the rest of the draft for the most part, would personally pick a different RB than Graham but I like the round for the RB. Jenkins and Jones would be nice additions to the defense for sure though.
  3. Oh_Canada

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    Love it. Vollmer would be a big upgrade and Jenkins/Jones is a nice combo.
  4. RS12

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    I wouldnt draft Jones there. I think you might be able to get Jenkins later. Read or posted something recently about the scouts were down on Hyde.
  5. junk

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    Think that is too high for Jones?

    I read the same thing on Hyde. In the 5th, guys are going to have some flaws. I'll take a guy who has been a three year starter and who has some return skills.

    Jenkins probably depends on if he is able to work out and how he works out, but his injury happened early enough in the year, he should be ready for pre-draft workouts. If he looks good, I think the second is reasonable. Feels like a Dallas 2nd round pick.

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