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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by irvin88, Jan 3, 2005.

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    1. San Francisco 49ers- Matt Leinart, QB
    The 49ers have hinted they may trade this pick. Please, give me a break. Every team who's ever drafted 1st overall has done the same. Not even Dennis Errickson would make that move. They have 15 minutes, they need about 15 seconds to walk the card to the podium.

    2. Miami Dolphins- Cedric Benson, RB
    Can the Dolphins really draft a guy who lists Ricky Williams as a role model? Yes. They have little choice, unless they select Carnell Williams. I think Nick Saban is one of the few coaches in college football who can be successful in the NFL, with that said, he won't let Benson get by.

    3. Cleveland Browns- D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT
    I've heard a lot that Cleveland will take Antrell Rolle here. The only reason I could see that happening, is that they want to draft number 1 next year. That's not a knock on Rolle, it's a knock on how terrible their O line is. As far as the Browns taking a QB here, I don't believe the football Gods will allow them to put another young man back there until they get some protection up front. Games are lost in the trenches, and the Browns know a little something about losing games.

    4. Chicago Bears- Mike Williams, WR
    Lovie Smith traded Marty Booker, and gave David Terrell the responsibility of being the number 1 guy. He failed. While most teams would give fair consideration to Braylon Edwards here, the Bears fear Wolverine wideouts.

    5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Carnell Williams, RB
    While I actually believe the Bucs won't make this pick (I think they trade down to get Ciatrick Fason) this is the best pick here. The reason I think they trade down, is that Fason fits the Gruden offense much better than Cadillac, even though Cadillac is a much better back. Fason is great catching passes out of the backfield, the Gruden all-purpose back, while Cadillac is more of a Walter Payton/ Barry Sanders mix. Strength of Payton, with shiftiness of Sanders.

    6. Tennessee Titans- Matthias Kiwanuka, DE
    Tennessee could easily draft an O lineman here. With the age of their O line, no one would ask any questions. Cap concerns in the O line are overplayed. Good chance McNair retires, which frees up a lot. Tennessee fans miss The Freak. Kiwanuka will be a good compliment to Kevin Carter.

    7. Oakland Raiders- Ronnie Brown, RB
    It's been a LONG time since Al Davis signed a paycheck to a premier running back. Maybe you remember Marcus Allen, or Bo Jackson. Al likes Auburn Tiger RBs, and has a chance to get a really good one.

    8. Arizona Cardinals- Antrell Rolle, CB
    With the big three RBs off the board, Dennis Green picks up the best player available here. As long as he's not drafting WR, he's helping the team. (The Cardinals should be the team looking to move up for Williams)

    9. Washington Redskins- Heath Miller, TE
    This is too high for Miller to be drafted, so I look for the 'skins to try and trade down too. However, this is the guy they want. They need help on the line, why not also get a guy who can catch passes and boost the confidence of Patrick Ramsey?

    10. Detroit Lions- David Pollack, DE
    While no one would question a pick for a DB here, Shaun Ellis could use some help, and ask the Panthers; a great pass rush is a good fix for a not very good secondary.

    11. Dallas Cowboys- Carlos Rogers, CB
    The cornerbacks in Dallas were awful this year. Darren Woodson's retirement further cements this pick for the secondary. While they could go Thomas Davis, or Jamaal Brimmer at S, Rogers is by far the best DB left.

    12. San Diego Chargers (from NYG)- Braylon Edwards, WR
    Another weapon to the arsenal in San Diego. A big guy who can go across the middle, this guy plays like T.O.

    13. Houston Texans- Derrick Johnson, LB
    While there is some debate about where Houston goes with this pick, I think this makes the most sense. Kailee Wong look lost on Sundays. Jamie Sharper can't do it all alone. Dom Capers keep this Longhorn in Texas.

    14. Carolina Panthers- Elton Brown, OG
    While I believe this too high for Brown, it's the pick the Panthers want. There's an outside chance they could go after Alex Barron or even Ahmad Brooks, but in the end, I believe Brown's their guy.

    15. Kansas City Chiefs- Ahmad Brooks, LB
    If Kansas City takes any player that doesn't play defense, we can safely assume Coach Vermiel has been stricken with alzheimer's disease. I predict that on draft day, when this pick comes up, Vermeil will hold a teary-eyed press conference about how bad they wanted Johnson, and how much they tried to get him. Tears dry up quickly when he realizes Brooks is still available.

    16. New Orleans Saints- Marcus Spears, DE
    With Johnson and Brooks off the board, the Saints could go with Michael Boley, but a great speed rusher like Spears can make even Mike McKenzie look good.

    17. Cincinnati Bengals- Rodrique Wright, DT
    In his 3rd draft as a head coach, Marvin Lewis finally gets to draft a defensive guy in the 1st round. Wright is a run stopper who can get pressure on QBs. Marvin fills a big team need here.

    18. Dallas Cowboys (from Buffalo Bills)- Antajj Hawthorne, DT
    Parcells already picked up one of the top defensive players in the draft, now a big D tackle to take some pressure off Neumann.

    19. Jacksonville Jaguars- Erasmus James, DE
    Jack Del Rio adds a speed rusher to his already potent defense. The Jags have shown they can beat division rival Indianapolis, in Indianapolis, and Peyton has problems when being hurried.

    20. Blatimore Ravens- Mark Clayton, WR
    If Brian Billick makes this pick, then opposing defenses will not be able to line up 9 guys in the box and play double z on Todd Heap. In short, this takes a lot of pressure off Jamal Lewis, and helps to free up the Tight End.

    21. Minnesota Vikings- Dan Cody, DE
    Even though the Vikings went DE 1st round in last year's draft with Udeze, picking Cody here will eliminate the ability to run away from Udeze and Williams. I believe there's also a good chance the Vikings could go with Michael Boley, or Corey Webster here.

    22. Seattle Seahawks- Channing Crowder, LB
    Although Crowder is only a sophomore, he took a year between H.S. and college to recup. an injury, which makes him elgible. I believe he fits the Seahawks better than Boley, or Will Derting.

    23. Denver Broncos- Justin Tuck, DE
    Mike Shanahan is looking for younger guys who won't break the bank to play on his D line. I believe Tuck fits the mold for Denver.

    24. New York Jets- Marlin Jackson, CB
    The Jets miss Winfield. Herm Edwards has done a great job putting together a very strong AFC team, and continues the trend of taking a defensive guy who can be an anchor on the team (Robertson '02, Vilma '03).

    25. St. Louis Rams- Corey Webster, CB
    The Rams really need help on defense and Webster can provide that. Once again, we see a mediocre (at best) NFC team make the playoffs and miss out on the top notch players they need to significantly improve their team.

    26. Green Bay Packers- Charlie Frye, QB
    In this RB heavy draft, Aaron Rogers should stay in school, which leaves Frye and Jason Campbell the best available. Frye is the best pure passer, so the Packers pick him up here. They could easily go DE here, but Favre can't play forever, and Pederson is not the future.

    27. San Diego Chargers- Adam Jones, CB
    After picking up an offensive playmaker in Braylon Edwards earlier in the round, Marty picks up a defensive playmaker in Adam 'Pacman' Jones. There have been plenty of knocks on Jones, too short, too aggressive, gets burnt. Bottom line is this, some guys can just play football, and Adam Jones is one of them. He has a nose for the ball, and with a little discipline, will be a great tandem with Quentin Jammer.

    28. Indianapolis Colts- Darryl Blackstock, LB
    Until they get a defense in Indy, Peyton will not get a ring. The powers that be in Central Indiana must understand this, and Freeney is only 1 guy. They make a huge step forward with this pick.

    29. Philadelphia Eagles- DeAngelo Williams, RB
    Philadelphia gets a real running back who will combine with McNabb and T.O. to make a very scary offense in the NFC. It's about time, huh Philly fans?

    30. Pittsburg Steelers- Jamaal Brimmer, S
    Some help at safety allows Coach Lebeau to put Troy Polamalu in run support more, thus making the new steel curtain that much better. Although I believe 15-1 was a bit of a stretch, this is a team you will consistently see win 11 games for the next few years.

    31. Atlanta Falcons- Chris Henry, WR
    Peerless Price was so valuable in Buffalo because he was playing second fiddle to Eric Moulds. I believe he can redeem that value, if the Falcons bring in a guy who can take over that primary receiver role, and Chris Henry can do it. A big kid, at 6'5" he can make the same kind of difference in Atlanta (in a couple of years obviously) that Terrell Owens made in Philadelphia.

    32. New England Patriots- Justin Miller, CB
    One thing this year has shown us about the Patriots, is they're thin at corner. After Law and Poole, that's about it. I'm pretty sure Belichick is in no hurry to rush Troy Brown back on the field at cornerback.
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    If we take anyone with DJ still on the board I will throw my TV out the window
  3. Cajuncowboy

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    If it's a plasma screen can I just have it instead? Kidding. Continue venting. :)
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    Wow, that has been the crappiest mock draft I've seen yet in terms of our picks.
  5. The30YardSlant

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    If we pass on DJ I will hunt down a small furry animal in my backyard with a weed whacker
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    Based upon his drafting history, Parcells will not take a CB at 11, nor will he take a big receiver or attractive RB. He will draft defense front 7 and offensive linemen this year until it hurts (or I will throw my TV out the window). :banghead:
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    Gotta agree with you on that oe. No way the Cowboys take Rogers that high. Especially with Johnson and Edwards still on the board
  8. jdnalls

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    Yeah, and Brooks is also on board as well.

    See... this is the very reason why I REFUSE to take off the day of the draft from work this year becauase I have a feeling Parcells will do something stupid yet again come draft time.
  9. Hostile

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    Can I pretend it is skeets and shoot it with my shotgun as it is airborn.

    I like Rogers but I would not pass on DJ.
  10. panther1012

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    You must be on crack if you think the Cowboys will pass over Derrick Johnson, Rodrick Wright and Braylon Edwards!!!

    Please put down the pipe and seek help.
  11. jdnalls

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    Rodrick Wright is overrated. I sure in hell hope we pass over him.
  12. jimmy40

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    I really like Rogers but I can't see us spending 3 top 11 picks on the secondary.
  13. SacredStar

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    DJ will be gone by the 5th pick, Tampa will not pass on Johnson. I like the Hawthorne DT choice.

    Dallas could get Pollack and Hawthorne to bring instant pressure to the d-line and get a good CB, safety, and WR in free agency.
  14. Hostile

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    I like both players. I just don't want to pass on DJ.
  15. SuspectCorner

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    the hawthorne pick looks great (he is EXACTLY what they need for that D-line) - but if braylon edwards is on the board at #11...? parcells will be on him so fast lance armstrong will pedal the cowboys' card up to the stage.
  16. BadKarma

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    Who did this mock draft - Hellen Keller?!!!

    If we pass on D Johnson or B Edwards, I am going to **** in the middle of my living room and attempt to eat it (Anchorman) ! Eh...scratch that idea... :eek:
  17. jdnalls

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    I'd still rather have Mike Williams.
  18. SuspectCorner

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    mike williams is a man. but dallas needs a guy who will stretch the field keeping the underneath routes open for witten and guys like keyshawn, letting julius work his magic - that is edwards. terry glenn may not be around for long. let's make it easier on the passing AND the running game.
  19. T-New41

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    I agree with most of that....

    If DJ or Braylon Edwards are available when we pick and we pass, I may have a stroke. I'll take either one, cuz lord knows we need help pretty much everywhere.

    Also, what do you guys think of using a 4th on Nugent, the kicker for Ohio State? He will a stud (as far as kickers go) for a long time.
  20. Chuck 54

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    personally, I like the first pick....I still say there's no way we take a LB in round 1, especially not another smallish guy, though he has played great.

    secondary is our greatest need, and carlos rogers would be an awesome pick because he's over 6' and 200 lbs with great speed and plays physical...just what the doctor ordered in the NFC EAst, and he's the exact type of player who could later move to FS if any of our other CB's develop.

    We need a CB much more than we need a LB....

    Weaknesses: Could stand to add some weight and bulk up...Struggles to take on blocks...Will ignore his assignment at times in an effort to make a play.

    6'4", 230....he's lighter than DAT or Coakley....I like the college production, but I just don't see BP going for this guy in round 1 when he's desperate in the secondary at 2 positions and needs a DL....I think we'll bring in a LB in FA.

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