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    an interesting mock draft has us taking a QB at 18. anyone know anything about him?

    1. Houston Texans - Reggie Bush*, RB USC
    Even with the presence of Dominick Davis, I doubt the Texans would pass on Bush unless they can work out a deal to swap picks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them trade down.
    2. New Orleans Saints - Matt Leinart, QB USC
    Aaron Brooks is a big part of the reason New Orleans has been so inconsistent over the past few years and it’s time to go in another direction.
    3. Tennessee Titans – Vince Young*, QB Texas
    Steve McNair doesn’t have many years left and Young could use a year or two to improve his game. His upside, however, is unlimited, and he‘s well worth a top-five pick. I could also see the Titans moving down a few spots to gain an extra pick or two. They have a lot of holes to fill.
    4. New York Jets – D‘Brickashaw Ferguson, OT Virginia
    The loss of offensive tackle Kareem McKenzie to free agency last year turned out to be a huge one, and Ferguson could anchor the left side for years to come.
    5. Green Bay Packers – Mario Williams*, DE North Carolina State
    A consistent pass rush would do wonders for the development of their young secondary and Mario Williams is the best defensive end in college football.
    6. Oakland Raiders – Tamba Hali, DE Penn State
    Derrick Burgess has been doing a god job since coming over from Philadelphia, but the Raiders need to generate more consistent pressure on opposing QBs and Hali is a relentless pass rusher.
    7. San Francisco 49ers – A.J. Hawk, OLB Ohio State
    There’s a good chance LB Julian Peterson will be gone, and Hawk should be ready to start from day one.
    8. Buffalo Bills – Haloti Ngata*, DT Oregon
    The loss of nose tackle Pat Williams has been devastating to the Bills run defense. Ngata is the top defensive tackle, in my opinion, and he has the tremendous size needed to stuff the run.
    9. Detroit Lions – Jimmy Williams, CB Virginia Tech
    Williams can play corner or safety, and would immediately upgrade the Lions secondary. Trading down for an offensive tackle is a solid possibility here as well.
    10. Arizona Cardinals – DeAngelo Williams, RB Memphis,
    At this point, there’s not a huge need that can be filled without reaching, so they go with the value pick. They invested a high second-round pick in J.J. Arrington last year, but Williams’ has a much higher upside.
    11. St. Louis Rams - Mathias Kiwanuka, DE Boston College
    Leonard Little will be 31 this year and the team could use another pass rusher in the rotation.
    12. Cleveland Browns - DeMeco Ryans, LB Alabama
    Linebackers are key to Crennel‘s defense and I expect him to continue concentrating on defense early in the draft.
    13. Baltimore Ravens – LenDale White*, RB USC
    Jamal Lewis came on strong toward the end of the ‘05 season, but he may not be back with the team in ‘06. White is another bruising type of runner who could fill the same role.
    14. Philadelphia Eagles – Chad Greenway, LB Iowa
    Keith Adams just doesn’t cut it on the weak side, and needs to be replaced. Greenway has good field vision and a nice combination of physical skills.
    15. Atlanta Falcons - Michael Huff, DB Texas
    Atlanta could use some help in the secondary, and Huff can play either corner or safety.
    16. Miami Dolphins – Eric Winston, Miami (FL)
    The Dolphins need a lot of help on the offensive line, and Winston could step in and play immediately. He possesses great size and intelligence, and can play either on the left or right side.
    17. Minnesota Vikings – Laurence Maroney*, RB Minnesota
    The Vikings need to settle the running back position once and for all. Michael Bennett will probably be gone next year and Onterrio Smith can’t be counted on if he is back.
    18. Dallas Cowboys – Jay Cutler, QB Vanderbilt
    Drew Henson is showing no sign of being the QB of the future for the Cowboys, and Cutler would be a good bargain this late in the first round.
    19. San Diego Chargers – Santonio Holmes*, WR Ohio State
    The Chargers lack a true No. 1 receiver and Keenan McCardell is 35-years old.
    20. Kansas City Chiefs – Orien Harris, DT Miami (Fl)
    Lionel Dalton is a unrestricted free agent, and even if the Chiefs re-sign him, they could stand to improve the rotation at the position.
    21. New England Patriots - Thomas Howard, LB UTEP
    The Patriots have three starting linebackers over the age of 30, and Howard’s great speed and athleticism is a great fit for the Patriots’ defense.
    22 Denver Broncos (from Washington) - Derek Hagan, WR Arizona St.
    Ashley Lelie is a solid receiver for the Broncos, but Rod Smith is on the downside of his career. Hagan is a borderline first-rounder, but could boost his stock with a good workout at the combine.
    23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Marcus McNeil, OT Auburn
    The Bucs should look to solidify the offensive line early in the draft, and they could definitely use an upgrade at left tackle.
    24. Carolina Panthers – Marcedes Lewis, TE UCLA
    The Panthers need weapons to complement wide receiver Steve Smith. Lewis has good size and, although he doesn’t have great speed, does a great job of separating from defenders.
    25. Chicago Bears – Vernon Davis*, TE Maryland
    The Bears have got to get their starting QB a weapon at tight end to stretch the middle of the field. Davis has good all-around skills and is a great fit for the Bears’ offense. His stock is on the rise, however, and he may not be available at this point.
    26. Cincinnati Bengals – Gabe Watson, DT Michigan
    Bryan Robinson is average at best, and the Bengals would benefit from an infusion of young talent at the position.
    27. Pittsburgh Steelers - Nick Mangold, C Ohio State
    Jeff Hartings is 33-years old and the Steelers would like to start grooming a replacement.
    28. New York Giants – Antonio Cromartie*, CB Florida State
    Cromartie missed his junior season with a knee injury, so it’s surprising he decided to enter the draft. However, don’t be surprised if someone takes a chance on him late in the first round. Had he gone back to school and rehabilitated his injury, there’s a chance he would have been the top defensive back off the board in ‘07.
    26. Jacksonville Jaguars – Elvis Dumervil, DE Louisville
    The Jags have a tough defense, but they could use a speed rusher from the outside to help conceal the deficiencies in the secondary.
    30.Denver Broncos – Leonard Pope*, TE Georgia
    Pope will be able to stretch the field vertically as a pass-catcher in the NFL, and will give the Broncos another weapon in the passing game.
    31. Seattle Seahawks – Kamerion Wimbly, DE Florida State
    I’m not sold on Bryce Fisher as a consistent pass rusher, so don’t be surprised if the Hawks look to upgrade the position.
    32. Indianapolis Colts – Ahmad Brooks*, ILB Virginia
    After a bit of a disappointing season, Brooks may decide to return to Virginia. He has the skills to play in just about any defensive scheme, and he shows outstanding instincts.
    * Indicates Underclassmen
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    Interesting pick in the first round. But I'm just not sure.

    Cutler would bring back memories of having a young QB coming out of college and grooming him to be the future at the position.

    Gets me all warm and fuzzy on the inside, back when Aikman was the man out of college.
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    Not gonna happen ... though I wish it would.

    No Scott in the first round?
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    Id rather take Olson. But not in the 1st round of course ;)
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    No kidding huh...what a concept. I'd love it!

    This looks like a pretty good mock from ones I've seen. Looking at team needs and BPA it looks pretty darn good.

    Taking Cutler with first pick and somehow getting a high second...via trade up or Ellis trade or something to land top OT...i'd be happy.

    In my mind teams with stability have 3 key things in place:
    1) QB on the roster...or at least THE future QB on the roster grooming
    2) Stud LT
    3) HC that we know will be around for a while...

    If we draft Cutler and take a top OT...and now knowing Tuna will be here for at least two years....I'd be happy.

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