Mock/Ellis Trade/ Trade Down?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MarionBarberThe4th, Mar 27, 2009.

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    I know its not sexy to trade down when we have no 1st and are stocked w/ picks, but Im afraid we might lose out on a few key guys(S. Smith, Duke)

    We trade 51 to STL for 66 and 103 and 2010 5th
    And then
    Trade 101 and 186 for 93 (Car)
    And theeeeen
    Trade 103 and 166 for 94 (Tenn)
    And theeen
    Greg Ellis, 210 and 227 to Cincinnati for 142(5th rd) and a 2010 5th based on performance
    That leaves us with:
    3rd- 66, 93, 94
    4th- 103
    5th- 142, 172
    6th- 197, 208

    8 picks, 8 needs

    OT, C/G, FS, OLB, ILB, CB, NT, WR.

    66 - Rashad Johnson- Alabama- FS - Ball hawk, future starter?
    93- Jamon Meredith - OT - SC - Getting leaped by Beaty, drops a little, should start in 2010
    94- Cody Brown - OLB - UConn Need a 3rd rusher if we trade Ellis. Love Browns HWS, has speed/athleticism to turn the corner
    103- Antoine Caldwell - Alabama C/G - Nothing behind Gurode or Davis
    142 - Jason Phillips -T.C.U- I like Brinkley, but hes rising too high.
    172- Domonique Johnson -CB/S - Jackson St. - Perfect HWS, has all the tools. Nice tackler. 10 picks the last 2 years. Small school, so hell need time to adjust, but worth the gamble

    197 Samie Lee Hill -NT - Stillman - I dont ses nose as big of a need as T, S, b/c we have our starter for years. Where Ratliff just needs some plays here and there
    208- Tiquan Underwood - WR/PR Rutgers - Blazing speed, super quick. Great hands. Desean Jackson w/ better size, and no attitude but also no strength

    And no, I havent played Madden in a few years
  2. stasheroo

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    One key problem.

    If you traded away 103, how do you still use it?

  3. cowboyjoe

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    lol stash thats a good one,
  4. RS12

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    Another key problem, no way Jerry goes more than 6 hours on draft day with no face time, other than him and Stephen sitting in chairs with hands on chins.:laugh1:
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    I don't mind any of the players you selected but don't think I'd trade Ellis for such a paltry return.

    At some point you just keep a guy and then cut him for nothing if you have to.

    We can get a 6th to 7th for him at the close of camp. It would be silly to trade him for chump change now. Drafting Cody Brown is hardly a bad idea. But drafting him as a day 1 Ellis replacement is cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Ellis may be a donkey but he has 20.5 sacks the past 2 seasons and averages 8 sacks a year for like ever. Cody Brown may well end up with 8 career sacks. He isn't the type of prospect you plug in as a sure thing.

    He is 244 pounds which is very light at 3-4 OLB and especially on that strong side where the TE lines up generally.

    I think the team is better off minus your trades after I see the scenarios play out. I'd rather draft an OLB at 51 and then still get Rashad who I think can make it to r3.

    I'd love to use a couple of picks to move up a few slots but I wouldn't want to dump Ellis plus lose 4 of the 11 draft picks we have and come out with just this medley of talent.
  6. Bizwah

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    I've always had a problem with mocks that include trades.

    Usually, folks include scenarios that are highly, we have someone trading picks for Ellis (I highly doubt that anyone would trade for him)....

    Trades are nigh impossible to predict. I guess they're fun.....but unrealistic.
  7. jterrell

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    In the OP's defense I am almost certain Cincy with Mike Zimmer there would trade for Greg Ellis. They get a guy who may whine but isn't going to get arrested or cause the club any embarrassment and can get 8 sacks for them. He'd likely restructure his deal to go back to Zimmer's 4-3 and play a regular rush end.

    Cincy needs to win this second. Their coach is on thin ice.

    I mean we are talking a team starting Jumpy Geathers coming off a whopping 2.5 sacks and Antwan Odom coming off of 3. Ellis would be revered there once he hit 8 sacks in a year and he could facing that chumpy competition
  8. Double Trouble

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    Trying to match picks to needs like that is impossible.

    I doubt seriously the Cowboys trade out of the 2nd round completely unless they get an amazing deal. Winding up with 3 less picks and no 2nd rounder would be some pretty lousy trading.
  9. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Theres no way were drafting 11 guys. We lost Walden last year and he was our 6th pick.

    Of course Im not going to nail the trades, but there will be trades and well end up w/ about 8 picks and also a 2010 pick.
  10. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Great catch. After looking at the lab results, looks like I completely left out #69 overall(Cle) that we had all along

    So I must of added 103 b/c I knew I had us w/ 8 picks

    So even better.

    * I cant edit the OP. But its possible to end up w/

    66-William Beaty(OT)
    69 Rashad Johnson FS
    93- Cody Brown OLB
    94- Antoine Caldwell C/G
    142- Jason Phillips ILB
    172 - Domonique Johnson CB/S
    197 -Samie Lee Hill - NT
    208 -Tiquan Underwood - WR/PR
    Plus STL and maybe Cincys 5th next year

    The only question is Beaty. Hes rising, and I love him.

    What would you guys do w/ those picks? I agree w/JTerrell about pass rushers, but I think right before 51 is about where you miss out on a few. Like Sintim/Freeman.

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