Mock First 11 Picks

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jem88, Mar 6, 2005.

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    Alright here we go....

    49ers- Aarron Rogers- sure they'd love to trade down but can't see anybody jumping to make a deal with them. They really need to address the position so at the end of the day, Rogers makes the most sense.

    Dolphins- Ronnie Brown- I think they'll give Feeley one last look, especially considering what they gave up for him (although Sabian had nothing to do with that.) Brown would go a long to making them forget about Ricky Williams and his stock has shot up since the combine. If they're going to pay the money necessary for a #2 overall pick, then they'll want maximum value, something that Brown provides.

    Browns- Alex Smith- Makes the most sense here. Yes they have many needs, but the recent signing of Dilfer hints that they want to mentor a young QB and Smith is the best available.

    Chicago- Alex Barron- After signing Muhammad to a big contract, I'm not sure they'll be ready to splash out on Edwards. Their first priority should be to protect Grossman. Their O-line was porous last year (just ask Ogbogu.) What I see as a very real possibility is them trading down with the Skins, who would then use this pick to take Edwards with the Bears taking Barron at #7.

    Tampa Bay- Cadillac Williams- He seemed to improve, or at least maintain, his stock by participating in the combine. I can't really see the Bucs doing anything else.

    Tennessee- Braylon Edwards- Providing the aforementioned trade doesn't happen, they'll take Edwards. If the Skins do move up past them to take Edwards, then they I could see them doing two things: Either taking the next best WR, Williams or taking Rolle to replace his namesake.

    Minnesota- Mike Williams- They need to replace Moss. However, if both Edwards and Williams are gone by this point, then they'll probably look at defence. Derrick Johnson would be an upgrade over Claiborne.

    Arizona- Cedric Benson- The Cards will just wait to see whichever RB falls to them. Benson seems the most likely candidate but they'd happily settle for Williams should the Bucs take Benson.

    Washington- Antrel Rolle- Providing they don't trade up for one the big 2 receivers, they could turn to Rolle who would be a great replacement for Smoot. Getting a premier CB at this slot is pretty good value. They could try to trade down, perhaps to a team who covets Merriman (the Cowboys being one of them but I can't see the Skins and Cowboys making a trade.)

    Detroit- Shawn Merriman- They'll look at defence this year. Pac-Man Jones could be a possibility but it'd be pretty hard to pass up on a guy like Merriman at this point.

    Dallas- Derrick Johnson- If Merriman were somehow to last until this pick,he'd be the guy. If not, then Johnson would be very good value at this pick and we do have a glaring need at linebacker. As well, Spears looks to be a Parcells type.

    That's it for now. I'll start thinking about the rest of the round.
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    Barron is generally not regarded as being worthy of the #3 pick. Crennel would probably go after DJ in that spot. Which would leave us Spears.
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    he has Barron #4 to the bears... not cleveland.

    I'm not wild with barron at 4 weither though.... Mainly because the Beas are the favourite to get LJ Shelton now, and i heard a rumor that Mike Williams has already been told by chicago that he won't go past #4.
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    But I could very easily see the Bears trading down 3 or 4 spots and then taking Barron. They need to address the O-Line. Getting Shelton may change things but I remember seeing a pretty porous unit last season.

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