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    First round end of February Mock ( trade ups included ):

    Picks 1-15

    1. Colts: QB - Andrew Luck , Stanford
    Any questions ?

    2. Browns: QB - Robert Griffin III, Baylor
    Cleveland uses their extra first round pick to move up for a potential franchise phenom.

    3. Vikings: OT - Matt Kalil, USC
    I've had the Vikings taken Justin Blackmon with this pick for almost 2 months now, and they might still end up doing that, but I've heard enough voices saying the Vikes want OT help and Kalil is the best one of the bunch.

    4. Rams: CB - Morris Claiborne, LSU
    Every year there's a team who almost everybody wants to be because of their draft position. This year the Rams are it. After making this no brainer trade, they get to pick the best CB in the draft AND still have a pick to address their other need which happens to coincide with the stregth of this draft. I'm jealous.

    5. Buccaneers: DT - Michael Brockers, LSU
    Bucs are heartbroken that Claiborne is gone. He would have been a perfect fit for them, so they just have to " settle " for his teammate. Had Kirkpatrick not gotten in trouble with the law, he would have been the pick here, but with their Aqib Talib' experience, they're going to be shy of going through that again. Signing Haynesworth during the season tells me they need DT help, and Brockers has leaped in front of a very, very, very good group this year.

    6. Redskins: DE - Quinton Coples, North Carolina
    Shannahan has 2 football position fetishes: Cornerbacks and Defensive Ends. Coples fulfills one of them. Kirkpatrick could also be in play here, but I doubt it because of the off the field questions.

    7. Jaguars: WR - Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma ST.
    Instant starter, instant #1 option, instant Gabbert's goto guy. No brainer.

    8. Dolphins: OT - Riley Reiff, Iowa
    After signing either Peyton Manning or Matt Flynn to address the QB position, the Dolphins sorely need a starter opposite of Jake Long. As good as Long is, he's also injury prone, so Reiff would be a RT starter and an LT insurance policy at the same time.

    9. Panthers: DE - Melvin Ingram, South Carolina
    Panthers were hoping local product Coples would fall to them here, but they'd be happy with one of the best pass rushers in the draft who happens to be a local product too, only a bit more south. If the Deadskins pass on Coples, the Panthers would jump on him quicker than quick.

    10. Bills: DT - Devon Still, Penn St
    With Both Ingram and Coples gone, and switching to a 4-3 system, the Bills take one of the " primo " defensive tackles that are left. Devon brings size and interior pass rush and paired up with Marcell Dareus they would bring a potential top DT combo reminiscent of the old Miami Dolphins' Daryl Gardener and Tim Bowens tandem.

    11. Chiefs: RB - Trent Richardson, Alabama
    Merry Christmas KC. Top 5 talent with the 11th pick and fills a big need as well. Perfect match.

    12. Seahawks: DE - Whitney Mercilus Illinois
    This is a prime spot for teams to move up for players like David DeCastro, Jonathan Martin, and Dre Kirkpatrick. The Hawks have been putting out noise about drafting DeCastro or Martin, but that's a bluff probably to scare teams like Dallas to move up for DeCastro. They have a very young, very talented O-line, so there's no realistic room for another high pick there. They'd love a player like Mercilus but it's too early for him at this spot too. Still, they might pull the trigger on him if no ones bites.

    13. Cardinals: OT - Jonathan Martin, Stanford
    Decisions, decisions. DeCastro or Martin.. Almost sounds like having to pick dictators in the Caribbean and South America, but this guys can actually play ball. In all honesty, I can see the Cards picking DeCastro here, but since I am a Cowboys fan who wants David in Dallas :D, I say Martin is their man. hasta luego seňor Presidente..

    14: Dallas Cowboys: OG - David DeCastro, Stanford
    Any questions ? Didn't think so.. let's move on..

    15. Eagles: MLB - Luke Kuechly, Boston College
    This pick hasn't change since, practically, the end of the college season and there's no reason to change it now.
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    16. Jets: OLB - Courtney Upshaw, Alabama
    Upshaw's not so great showing at the combines and Senior bowl game has his stock dropping. To me he seems like a guy who needs structure and motivation and Ryan can do both.

    17. Bengals ( from Raiders ): CB - Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama
    Bengals are jumping up and down, throwing a parade in Mike Brown's backyard because of this pick. Arguably the 2nd best CB, arguably top 10 pick, hopefully ( for them ) instant starter and contributor.

    18. Chargers: OG/OT - Cordy Glenn, Georgia
    San Diego couldn't have picked a better fitting player than Glenn. A guy with the flexibility to be a legit starter at OT and pro bowl potential guard, is exactly what a team who suffered an incredible rash of injuries to their O-line needs. He'll probably start at both positions at some point during the season for them.

    19. Bears: OT - Mike Adams, Ohio St
    The Bears are going to be torn on this one between a heck of an OT and a heck of a DT ( Fletcher Cox ), but in the end, their first priority is to protect their QB.

    20. Titans: WR - Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech
    BAM...!!! First " real " shocker of the draft. Hill's 40 yards run at the combines, plus I'm assuming a very impressive pro day later on at G-tech, will be enough to entice Tennessee to pull the triger on them. Believe it or not, they've caught as much flack for passing on Randy Moss in '98 as the Cowboys did, so this is their chance to get a Randy Moss clone.

    21. Bengals: OLB - Zach Brown, North Carolina
    The guy with the biggest and widest smile in Cinci might just be our old friend Mike Zimmer. Zach Brown and Kirkpatrick ? Very deserving gifts for a very deserving good man.

    22. Rams ( From ATL thru Clev ): C - Peter Konz, Wisconsin
    The temptation here is to select a WR. The pick should really be Janoris Jenkins. However, in both instances, Jeff Fisher becomes the obstacle that would prevent them from happening. Fisher's conservative approach on offense would make selecting a WR in the first round an overkill. His experience with Pacman Jones in Tennessee will probably put Jenkin off his board, wether it's fair or not. The Rams need to protect Bradford, particularly from the inside, and Konz could be a good one. Glenn would have been their pick here, but he should be long gone by now.

    23. Lions: CB - Janoris Jenkins, North Alabama
    This is very dangerous, high risk, high reward pick. The Lions are a very talented, very undisciplined team who take after their emotional headcoach. Jenkins' off the field problems are well known. His addition would absolutely be like adding jet fuel to that fire BUT if they can harness all that talent, they can become a very explossive, very dominant defense. Plus they need a CB like him. Zach Brown would have been their choice here, though.

    24. Steelers: OLB/ILB - Dont'a Hightower, Alabama
    Hightower could fit in at either slot and has the potential to become an instant producer. The Steelers are old in the tooth at the LB position and Hightower is a horse.

    25. Broncos: DT - Fletcher Cox, Mississippi State
    A rich defense just got richer. There are not huge differences between the DTs this year so the Donkeys got themselves a possible steal here.

    26. Texans: WR - Kendall Wright, Baylor
    Despite the unexpected slower times at the combines, Wright is a perfect compliment to Mr. Andre Johnson. How Johnson has been able to remain so effective with the jokes that line up opposite of him is a testament to the system and Johnson himself.

    27. Patriots ( From Saints ): WR - Mohamed Sanu, Rutgers
    Forget the 40 yard dash at the combines. This guy is a perfect fit for the Patriots. Great hands, great worker, team leader and fills a need.

    28. Packers: SS - Mark Barron, Alabama
    Barron not only can become an instant starter on that defense, he has the potential to be their next Darren Sharper.

    29. Ravens: DE - Andre Branch, Clemson
    One of the problems with the Ravens defense last season was the lack of pass rush at times. Branch would be a possible solution to that problem. High energy guy in a high energy defense.

    30. 49ers: WR - Michael Floyd, Notre Dame
    After running a blazing 40 yards dash at the combines, his stock has come up somewhat. Still, he has suspect hands, but that's something that Harbaugh can fix. The Niners cannot expect their defense to have another year like they did last season, so they're going to need to become more agressive on offense.

    31. Patriots: DT - Jerel Worthy, Michigan ST.
    More than likely, the Patriots will be trading this pick for a future #1 to a team who wants to select sliders like Worthy or Tannehill. IF they do keep ( doubtful ), Worthy would be add depth and talent to a defense that could use it.

    32. Giants: OG - Kelechi Osemele, OG, Iowa St
    The G-man's O-line played well above their heads last year but in reality they're an old bunch. Osemele could play both RT and OG, but should end up being a hell of an inside presence for years to come.
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    Need 1-15, lol
  4. Randy White

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    Sorry about that..

    It's what happens when I try to walk and chew gum at the same time.. I still haven't master it yet. :laugh2:
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    So Brokers is the 5th overall pick and Poe drops out the first round??

    Ummm ok. Otherwise, looks ok.
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    No Poe, eh?
  7. Randy White

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    that's just a snapshot in time. Poe could very well take place in any of the spots I have a DT going except in the top 10. I don't have anything against him whatsoever.
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    Brockers to the Bucs seems highly unlikely, but the rest seem mostly solid.
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    I certainly would not have a problem with DeCastro, but I just don't think we pick him up. We are going to address the defense with that first pick this year.
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    This stinks for us, he's going to be a player! And the Eagles already have good team.
  11. JonJon

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    I'd be tempted to take him just so the Eagles don't get him. :p:
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    Tampa Bay just recently drafted McCoy, Price, Bowers and Clayborn. Shouldn't they try to upgrade other units before further upgrading the front 4? I could see them taking Richardson, Blackmon or Reiff at 5. Otherwise, I think they would have to trade back to fill other needs.
  13. Noryb

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    No kidding, Kuechly to the Eagles is like DeCastro to the Cowboys; a perfect match.
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    Don't be surprised if Kuchley goes to Tampa Bay. Their new coach is an east coast guy and they need help at LB and secondary. Like the previous posted said, they have spent some high picks lately on DL.

    I take Poe over DeCastro and address guard in the 2nd. Our defense is BAD!!!! We need DL and secondary.
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    I think this is a very likely scenario. The thing with Tampa is that Kirkpatrick's run in with the law really threw a monkey wrench in their plan. Their biggest need is cornerback. Problem is that Claiborne is not likely to fall to them IF the Rams move down to #4 and miss out on Kalil. Claiborne falling to them would mean the Vikings would have taken Blackmon at #3. It's still possible, but I'm not sure probable right now. They're set at O-line. Like Seattle, they have one of the youngest and very talented O-lines in the league.

    Yes, they have drafted D-linemen quite often lately, but a couple of them haven't developed yet because of injuries. Signing Haynesworth last season, and playing him, tells us exactly that. They're pretty much set at WR and TE. They can pick up a RB in the 2nd round if they want to and they're good at LB.

    Of course, another scenario would be for the Deadskins or Dolphins to move up to #2, the Vikings take Kalil, and the Browns take Richardson. However, personally, I don't see how the Browns pass on the opportunity to pick up a dynamic player like RGIII. He's exactly what that franchise needs right now, even if the cost for him is a bit higher than they'd like pay.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    :laugh2: Jags are gonna take another WR huh? No mercy there LOL....
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    I don't see any chance that Stephen Hill, Kendall Wright, or Mark Barron (assuming he doesn't participate in a pro-day) go in the first.

    Barron is a nice prospect but recovering from a Double Sports Hernia, and isn't expected to run, lift, or do any drills for the scouts. That alone should knock him into the early-mid 2nd.

    Stephen Hill put up a great 40 time, but combaring him to a Randy Moss clone is absurd. Have you ever watched him play? He runs two routes in an option offense. He isn't better than Demaryius Thomas was a few years back. I guess if you go off of just size and speed you can make an argument, but if you've ever watched him play, it's not even close. He doesn't deserve to be a first round pick.

    Kendall Wright is a small WR (5'10) and ran a poor 40 time. Unless he lights it up at the pro-day I can't see him going in the first. I'd expect more like a mid 2nd at this point.

    And my last thought: Blackmon would end up as Sam Bradford's #1 wr in your scenario. I can't imagine they would not get their franchise QB a stud WR.
  18. Randy White

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    I don't think the Jags have ever drafted a WR in the 1st round since they came into the league. At least I don't remember one they did.

    Nevermind.. whathisname from Arkansas, but he was a QB in college..
  19. Randy White

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    Research the name Irving Dale Fryar. That'll tell you all there is to know about talented receivers in option offenses. BUT, that said, I did posted he would be the first reach because I agree with your premise about not deserving to be a 1st round pick.. yet.

    As for Randy Moss clone being absurd, well, which routes did Randy Moss ran in college ( or in the pros for that matter ) ? As a matter of fact, what was one of the biggest criticisms of him on that very subject ? How tall was Randy Moss ? How fast was he ?

    Right up to a week ago, he was the 2nd WR going in the draft, behind Blackmon, as a top 15 pick. Personally that was too high, but if he responds with a good pro day workout, he'll be a first round pick and Houston could be one of the destinations. SF would be another one.

    Imagine it because that's exactly what's going to happen. The Rams aren't going to select a WR with their current pick, or top 10 pick ( wether #4 or where ever they end up within the top 10 after a trade ). Take a look at who they just hired as their headcoach. Take a look at the offensive coordinator they fired a few weeks ago. Take a look at the offensive coordinator they just hired. Add those factors to who they already have on their roster and it's very easy to see it.
  20. Muhast

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    In Jeff Fisher's last two drafts he took a Wide Receiver in the 3rd round(Damian Williams), and the year before a wide receiver in the first(Kenny Britt). The best WR on their roster is Brandon Lloyd who is a free agent now. They have basically no talent at WR and a serious need to get a WR. I see no reason why they wouldn't want a star WR for their franchise QB. They have taken OL in the first round several times in the recent year, in contrast Jeff Fisher only picked 1 OL in the first 3 rounds in the last 5 years. He took 5 WR's in the first 3 rounds in his last 5 drafts. So he seems to prefer to address WR's over OL.


    Moss has the ability to go up and get the football unlike any WR in NFL history. He was such a weapon in college and is a future hall of famer.
    Moss had 28 tds, 1709 yards receiving in his freshman year alone.As a sophomore he had 1820 yards and 26 tds)

    Hill had one productive season (820 yards, 5 tds). Previous to that his high was 291 yards. Stephen Hill has never had a game over 100 yards receiving against a ranked opponent. Seriously. If he hadn't run that great 40, he wouldn't have went in the first 2 rounds.

    The numbers comparisons start and stop at height and speed and thats it. The production and actual talent level isn't even close.That is why I said it is absurd to compare them.

    With that said, I appreciate the time and effort you took to do your mock, I just disagree with a few picks. You are completely fine to disagree with my take.

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