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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysfan31, Nov 29, 2011.

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    I would like to start this out by saying that I believe Dallas will be a playoff team, leaving us with a pick somewhere in the high 20's. I normally don't like mock drafts with trades, but you can only spin the same 7 picks so many ways so I feel like changing it up. I propose Dallas trading our 1st round pick and moving back somewhere into the top 10 of the 2nd round and also receiving and 3rd round pick.

    2a. Jonathan Banks CB Mississippi St 6'1" 185lbs Came in to college as a safety before moving to CB. He is big, physical, and productive; everything we need.

    2b. Ben Jones C Georgia 6'3" 316lbs I have been on the Jones train for a while now, and I see no reason to get off. He is very experienced against top defensive line talent in the SEC, and may be the strongest run-blocking C in the draft.

    3a. Kawann Short DT Purdue 6'3" 310lbs Has the perfect frame for a 3-4 DL, and has been a disruptive force. 17 TFL, 6.5 sacks, and 2 blocked kicks this year alone.

    3b. Aaron Henry FS Wisconsin 6'0" 210lbs Henry is a leader on the team, and has a nose for the football. He has experience at both CB and FS, and he plays big in big games. Chryst goes up against him in practice every day and will let Garrett know whats up.

    4. Nigel Bradham OLB FSU 6'3" 240lbs Bradham has the intensity of Burfict with the production to back it up. He has been FSU's leading tackler for 3 season, he has speed to cover the field, and loves to make big hits. Rob Ryan is going to love him.

    5. TY Hilton WR/KR Florida International 5'10" 184lbs Electrifying as a return man and as a receiver. Stayed in school for his senior season to graduate. He has strong character and work ethic. Nickname is "Good-Bye".

    6. Chad Diehl FB Clemson 6'2" 260lbs Doesn't add much as a runner or receiver, but he is the best blocking FB in the draft. Tied for 1st on his team with a 450lbs bench press and tied for 2nd with a 370lbs power clean. He has won awards for his hard work and dedication, and would once again give us a true lead blocker if Fiammetta can't get healthy.

    6. (Comp Pick) Evan Rodriguez TE Temple 6'3" 250lbs His team's leading receiver, and he also plays in all of the special teams packages. His Head Coach, Steve Addazio, compares him to Aaron Hernandez whom he coached at Florida. If it weren't for the fact that he may only be 6'2" he would go much higher.

    7. James Brown OT Troy 6'4" 318lbs Small-school player that has flashed his talent, but hasn't shown it on a consistent basis. He has started every game since 2009 at LT. Lost 20lbs coming into the year and has shown promise in both run blocking and pass protection. With Jeremy Parnell as the only backup OT currently on the roster, we need some competition.

    Anybody have any thoughts?
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    yup one I take that draft any day
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    I like the Jones, Short, and Hilton picks but Banks that early is not smart. Banks is slow and not fluid hips, does not fit a man cover defense. banks would be much better in a zone or cover 2 defense.
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    Cowboys need another OLB, especially if Spencer is not re-signed. Spencer is just not going to get double digit sacks, even playing opposite the best pass rushing threat in the history of the game.

    Just cannot beat one on ones regularly.
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    First off I would like to say thank you for the feedback so far.

    Drawnstripes I'm glad you like it.

    supercowboy8, that may be a bit high for Banks but I really like him. He has a natural ability to find the ball in the air and make a play on it. From the times I have watched him play he was a physical tackler. I have read that he struggles with smaller, quicker receivers but those are the kind that Jenkins and Scandrick excel against. In my opinion we need a bigger corner that can take away taller more physical receivers and I think Banks can do that. I guess we will have to wait until the combine and pro days but I think he will be a hot name come draft time if he declares.

    BAT, Nigel Bradham is bigger coming out of FSU than Lawrence Timmons was and he's had pretty good success for Pittsburgh. Bradham hasn't been asked to rush the passer as much in college as he would in our system and I think once he focuses more on that he could be a beast.
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    Give me Hosely in place of Banks and I'll take it.

    Diehl is a stud. So's Bradham, but I think he plays WILL in a 4-3 or WILB in a 3-4 when he gets to the pros.
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    nigel bradham looks like a complete bad ***.


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