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    We aint that far away from making a strong push in the playoffs. We do have to pick up some players in FA and resign a few of our own FA's. I would even look into trading both Felix Jones and Dez Bryant (both are injury prone and Dez is a head case -NOT a JG RKG)

    Free Agents Additions:
    Laurent Robinson WR - Is a MUST sign............period
    Ben Grubbs OG - Much needed after the likes of Holland, Dockery & Kosier
    Brandon Carr CB - Young CB with skills...Newman is done
    Aubrayo Franklin NT - Experienced plugger w/ Rat to DE
    Mike Adams S - Reunited with Secondary coach from Cleveland
    Tony Fiametta FB - Opened up holes for our running game

    Draft: I think with all the up roar over the desired need/want for DeCastro, we will ultimately trade down and pick up additional picks while still landing DeCastro (OG's rarely go in the 1st round): Our first, for a first and fifth

    1st David DeCastro, OG, Stanford...Smart, Mean, Agressive
    2nd Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina...Potential replacement for Jenkins
    3rd Chandler Jones, OLB, Syracuse...Spencer's replacement
    4th Michael Egnew, TE, Missouri...not a blocker, but a pass catcher
    5th Shea McClellin, OLB/DE, Boise State...Plays with HEART, depth
    5th Matt Conrath, DE, Virgina...Spears is slow, Coleman is too
    6th Chandler Harnish, QB, NI...McGee is clueless, this dude can be our future
    6th Terrance Ganaway, RB, Baylor...Big guy with speed / power
    7th Donte Paige-Moss, OLB, North Carolina...taking a flier, just because of
    his potential

    JG's O-Line isn't that big, more of a speed unit pointed towards his "Thought Process Philosphey", Robs D needs speed to the backfield to make the CB's/S's respectful. Romo is getting older, Witten too. Murray will be something special. The past few weeks we have added a few street LB's, a safety and OG Brandon Carter. At WR we have Dez, Austin, hopefully Robinson, Radway and Holmes. Marty B was a good blocker, but Romo lost confidence in him over the years. I think Killer is our starting center. Costa has a mean streak, but his arms are too short, has trouble snapping the ball in the shotgun and gets pushed around too much.

    Bash away
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    If you want Decastro take him, don't move down for a 5th unless you have the team behind you convinced you are trading out or targeting thier guy.

    otherwise it seems a solid thought process for this early.
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    I had high hopes for this after the title of the thread, but eh..
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    I think you're going to disappointed with who Dallas actually does sign in free agency.

    I don't think your list is anywhere close.
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    You drafted one CB and signed one in FA, but I'd argue we need at least 3 new ones. (newman,Ball,Frank Walker) And Jenkins has one year left. I'd much rather cut Scandrick and Resign Jenkins but thats another story.

    And then drafted 3 OLB's when I'd argue we only NEED one.

    I've seen a ton of people drafting TE's but I think we have much bigger needs than replacing Bennett. I know he is an outstanding blocker but I'd rather give Phillips a chance and use the draft pick on a player who can make an impact in a bigger area of need.

    Just my take.
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts for the off season.

    If I trade down in the first, I don't do it for an extra fifth rounder.
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    I don't see anything wrong with taking DeCastro at 14...I like this quite a bit, except I'd rather sign Griffin from Tennessee.
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    23 Philadelphia Eagles Danny Watkins G Baylor

    17 San Francisco 49ers Mike Iupati G Idaho

    29 Baltimore Ravens Ben Grubbs G Auburn

    23 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Davin Joseph† G Oklahoma

    32 New England Patriots Logan Mankins† G Fresno State

    i wouldn't say "rarely go in the first round". maybe if you added 'that high'. i left out the centers drafted in the first but i put them at the same level as guards and there were about 6 in that time span.
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    No way Gilmore is there in round 2. Like picks 1 and 3 though.
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    I agree.

    I would also add that many will be disappointed with the draft. It happens every year.
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    First off, the bolded is a terrible idea and the free agency plan looks like franchise mode on Madden with the salary cap off. The draft itself is almost as bad
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    How far down are you willing to go because I can name several teams that pick behind us that would take DeCastro in second. Bengals, Chargers, and Bears are three off the top of my head. If DeCastro is there at 14, take him and don't look back.
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    If Nicks or Grubbs is signed in FA, no way they take a guard at #14. This off-season (FA and Draft) will be about over hauling the defense and tweaking the offense.

    Nagy or Arkin is the future at one of the guard positions.
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    What has Nagy or Arkin done to impress you ?
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    why are people always so obsessed with getting an extra low round pick? half the time those guys don't even make the team
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    says hello.

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