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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by 28 Joker, Jan 22, 2009.

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    Fenuki Tupou OT/G Oregon 6-5 328


    Emannuel Cook SS/FS South Carolina 5-10 205 4.42

    3rd: Trade Detroit/Dallas 4th and Dallas' 5th.

    Ricky Jean-Francois DE LSU 6-3 290

    4th: Dallas' 4th

    Jason Watkins OT Florida 6-6 317

    5th: Tennessee's 5th

    Myron Pryor DT Kentucky 6-0 310

    5th: Comp.

    Nevin McKenzie SS Tennessee 6-2 218


    G/Center Job Description: Be better than Proctor.


    CB Job Description: Don't jack up body guards.


    Josh Briscoe WR Tennessee 6-3 182
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    Since when did Oregon join the SEC?
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    I was wondering the same thing...:rolleyes:
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    I have six SEC players.

    Come on, man.

    I think the top safeties will be gone by pick 51. Emannuel Cook could go in the second round. If Dallas takes a safety in round 2 and doesn't move up, Cook could be the guy. He can play SS and FS. He had 71 solo tackles this past season. He is a junior and one of the best defensive players in the SEC. He can start for the Cowboys.

    Nevin McKenzie will make a team. We better hope it isn't the Giants or Eagles. He is one of the best blitzers in the SEC, and he played behind the best safety in college football, Eric Berry.

    Eric Berry is a top 5 pick in 2010.
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    By rule, taking a non-SEC player cancels out an SEC player. And you lose a half pick for every draft pick unspecified (because it doesn't have to be SEC then) so really you have 4 SEC players.
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    ummm..I'll stick with Sean Smith..Thank you. Mckenzie would be a steal in the 5th! He would make a solid pass rush specialists
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    Nice logic. I like Ramon Foster, but he was carted off the field today in Mobile. However, he would replace an SEC player in the 5th and make it a push.
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    I would take Sean Smith, too. I am just thinking he's gone. His measurables are off the charts. Plus, he's a player.

    I'm trying to pick guys I think will be there. I like Phil Loadholt, but I think he's gone, too.

    Everyone is talking about Robert Ayers. He's really helped himself this week. I like him, but I would take McKenzie over him. Ayers is really strong vs the run, but he was an average passrusher. I wonder if 34 teams will test him for OLB.

    McKenzie rushed on 4 man rushes, sometimes. I agree with you. He is one of my favorite players in the draft. He's a sleeper.
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    Oh, come on iRoot4.

    I'm giving you a starting LG with pick 2, and he can play RT. That means McQuistan is gone.

    You get a below the radar SS who can play FS. He was 2nd team All-SEC, and he is a reliable tackler (71 solo). He is really good in coverage. He can play center-field, too. He can't help it if Eric Berry is playing with the Vols. He is a starter.

    That is 2 starters.

    I cheated a little bit with the trade, but Dallas has high picks in round 3 and 4, so trading up is a possibility.

    I fed the front by dipping into Louisiana. RJ-F may go in round 2, though. That takes care of losing Chris Canty. Jason Hatcher starts.

    I took a good looking LT/RT out of Florida who has room to add weight and strength and has the tools to be our future LT. He could swing until he takes over. He is a legit LT prospect, and he has 2 rings. I know he can run block and move well, because Florida is a running team.

    Pryor, in the 5th, is an underrated player. I liked Ramon Foster, but he was carted off today. I'll check on him. Pryor can play the NT, and he's a good player. He replaces the Water Pistol. Feed the front. He isn't Ron Brace, but he's tough to move. He gave teams problems.

    Nevin McKenzie can be groomed at safety and can play special teams. He's such a good blitzer, Phillips could find a way to use him while he transitions to safety. Watkins or Brown are gone. They may be gone, anyway. I've got him at 4.48, as a low 40 time, but we'll see how he times. I want him, anyway. He can run. Darren Woodson made the transition from OLB. McKenzie played OLB like Woodson, and they are about the same size.

    Briscoe has room for weight. He's good over the middle and can catch the ball in trafic and take a hit. He doesn't fumble, and he has very good hands.

    I didn't address LB, because I don't like any of them. That's a weak spot. Plus, I had two ghost men.:eek::

    Cory Proctor needs to get icut, and I didn't do a good job of doing that for sure.
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    I really doubt they will pick an OL with their first choice, especially if we are in-active in free agency as Jones has predicted. We most likely will need a starter at one safety spot, maybe an ILB and perhaps a DE

    I dont see MAny people mention him, but Rashad Johnson from Alabama would be a nice fit, and Saban loves the guy.
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    Rashad Johnson is a real possibilty. I like him, but watch out for Cook. He can ball, and I bet he moves into the 2nd. He can play both spots. He can play SS, and I don't think Johnson can due to his size.

    Johnson has an off the field issue, too.

    If that tackle form Oregon can play LT, getting him in round three would be great. If he's good at LT, he can play LG.

    I redid this mock on paper and flipped the two players, Cook and Tupou. The Ravens game wouldn't go away.

    I think Safey and offensive line need to take top priority. For every DE the Giants draft, the Cowboys better start drafting people to block them. The depth on the offensive line is absent, but you know this.
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    2nd: Emanuel Cook SS/FS South Carolina 5-10 205 4.4 Jr.

    Cook was 2nd team All-SEC at SS behind Eric Berry. Berry was put on all 5 All-American Teams as a sophomore. Cook can start at SS and play in the box. He can play centerfield and has very good range to shift over to FS. It's a two for one. He's stocky and built low to the ground. He plays well in the box and can run with receivers in coverage. In 2007, Cook led the Gamecocks with 92 tackles. In 2008, he led the team with 87 tackles. Of his 87 stops, 67 were of the solo variety. That is a 71% rate. His 7.2 tackles per game rated 9th in the SEC.

    3rd: Fenuki Tupou OT/G Oregon 6-5 328

    Tupou has very good lateral movement and played LT at Oregon. He is a candidate to play LT in the NFL. Tupou would be a perfect option to start at LG since he's played on the left side and has great feet and pop. He has size, power, and he can move. He should be able to play RT in the NFL with no trouble. Hostile says he is nasty. I like it.

    4: Jason Watkins OT Florida 6-6 317

    Watkins played LT in 2007 but was moved to RT in 2008, so he could protect prized quarterback Tim Tebow's blind side. Watkins hasn't met his full potential, and he has the tools to play LT or RT. He has great pop, and he is physical at the point of attack. He moves well, and he played for a running team. He's used to blocking the run. Doug Free is a finesse player. Watkins' combination of strength, power, and very good lateral movement gives the Cowboys a plan to replace Flozell Adams. Free isn't the answer.

    4. Ricky Jean-Francois DT/DE LSU 6-3 290 Jr.

    I wanted to take Auburn guard, Tyronne Green right here and have him learn the center position to go with his guard skills. Cory Proctor can't be booted fast enough. However, Chris Canty is walking, and the front must be stocked. Francois is a junior who had a solid sophomore season and was the defensive MVP in the national championship game. He battled a groin injury this season and his production dropped. Maturity may be an issue, but he has the physical skills to be coached up. He can play end or slide inside. He provides depth as Jason Hatcher takes over for Canty.

    5: Ramon Foster OT/G Tennessee 6-6 338

    Foster had a solid career at Tennessee while starting at RT and playing some guard, and he shined at the East-West Shrine Game. He improved his stock; however, a report stated he was carted off at the Senior Bowl. Foster can definately play right guard, and the scouts liked him at right tackle at the Shrine game. Reports say the scouts were going to go back and look at his junior tape. The Vols offense was a mess this year. They had no quarterback or passing game, and the new coordinator had the offensive line flipping positions between plays. No wonder Fulmer was forced out. This big guy hustles and can move. He is a strong, big, power blocker. Anthony Herrera played RT for the Vols and wasn't drafted. Now, he has a big contract with the Vikings and starts at guard. It's a great pick.

    5: Demetrius Byrd WR LSU 6-1 200

    Byrd had the game winning TD catch at LSU when the Tigers beat Auburn in 2007. He is a former junior college transfer and star. Byrd can run, and he scored 7 TDs in 2008. He can start out playing inside and push Crayton. He makes the team.

    5: Nevin McKenzie SS Tennessee 6-2 218

    McKenzie was another junior college player who got caught playing behind All-American, Eric Berry at SS. The coaches utilized McKenzie at OLB. He became one of the best blitzers in the SEC. He can run, and he gets to the football and makes plays. McKenzie will knock your head off. The Vols sent him on the rush, at times, when they only rushed 4 guys. He would make the team on special teams and his potential at safety. Darren Woodson made the transition, and I would give McKenzie his shot. He knows how to get to the QB and brings heat. He beats TEs and RBs.

    6: Quinn Johnson FB LSU 6-1 250

    The Cowboys have no depth at FB, and when Anderson got hurt last year, the Cowboys running game took a hit. Johnson can challege him.

    6: Britton Colquitt P Tennessee 6-3 205

    Huge leg. Colquitt is an expert at pinning opponents inside their own 20, and he can kickoff. Can McBriar recover after having his foot smashed? I'm not taking a chance. Colquitt's brother was drafted by the Chiefs and punts for them. He was suspended for 5 games in 2008 after being pulled over. Alcohol was involved.

    6: Mike Wallace WR/KR Ole Miss 6-0 189 4.38

    Felix doesn't need to be returning every kickoff, especially coming off the toe injury. Wallace is very fast, and he gets a shot to make this team. Special teams cover units could use some speed.

    6: Robert Dunn WR/PR Auburn 5-11 180

    Dunn is a very good punt returner, and Dallas doesn't have one. That has to change, and Dunn gets a shot to change it. More speed on special teams.
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    I like this one MUCH better

    you don't address the void at weakside ILB though
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    Thanks, iRoot.

    It is much better. ILB is a problem in this mock for sure. I just don't like the guys we will be picking from. The guy from LSU is good, but I don't want to spend a third on one. The guy from USC looks good, too.

    It sure would be nice if Cook, Tupou, and Francois were all third round guys. You could trade out of round 2 and into round 3 and snag one. You could pick one with Cleveland's third, and you could pick the third one by trading the first pick in the fourth round. Then, you could grab Jason Watkins in the fourth.

    Right now, I've seen Cook listed as a third rounder, but after the combine, he should break into round 2, especially with the run on the safeties that will probably happen. I've seen Tupou listed in the second to third round range. RJ-F should go in round 3, but again, if he has a solid combine and pro day, he could break into round 2. Of the 3, RJ-F should be a third rounder for sure. If most teams don't like Tupou as a LT, he should go in round 3. However, I've read he really impressed the scouts at the Shine game at LT.

    Can you tell that I've thought about this way too much?:)
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    I just noticed I listed 4 sixth round picks in the edited version. lol

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