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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SLATEmosphere, Oct 7, 2009.

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    Just that I would make a quick Mock and see what you guys think. I'm bored at work and thought this could kill some time:D

    Let me preface this by saying I think we pick in the 11-15 range.7-9 or 8-8 looks like a high possibility. Please do not argue that. Argue my selections.

    Round 1-Eric Berry-FS-Tennessee
    Okay ya I know he's a top 10 pick but I think we could do business with the Browns or Raiders. Send our first,3rd and 2011 3rd to move up. He's a once in every 10 years talent and I would just like to have that on the Dallas Cowboys. Our safety situation is a shade under **** and needs to be fixed. Ken Hamlin will be evaluted and hopefully let go. Berry is a ball hawking,smart,sure tackling safety. I think this is a piece that can make our defense finally dominant.

    Round 2-Mardy Gilyard-WR-Cincy
    I think the Hurd and Austin experiments are over. We need that electric WR to go opposite Roy Williams. I really hope Jerry comes to this realization. He reminds me so much of Desean Jackson. Wirey frame but you can't catch him. Can return kicks and punts like the best of them. Maybe this is the year Jerry gives in and actually takes a WR high in the draft. Probably just wishful thinking though.[youtube]uTDoSKbEAUc[/youtube]

    Round 4-Vlad Ducasse-OG-UMass
    6"5 330 pound giant. From a smaller school but he just mauls people. Fits the Cowboys O-line perfectly and could start in a few years. Provides much needed depth to the O-line and could start the next 10 years for us. Could be an absolute steal.

    Round 6-Brandon Carter-OG-Texas Tech
    Don't know why he's got a 6th round grade on him but I'll take it. We need depth on the O-line and he could become a starter in the near future. 6"7 340 pound beast. I just want to see him paint his face in silver and blue alone(look him up). Just a nasty football player.

    Round 7-Malcolm Sheppard-DT-Arkansas
    Led his team with 6.5 sacks and TFL. 3-4 DE who can get to the passer and also take on blocks. Watched this guy play a couple times and he's in the back field alot. High motor guy. Spears,Hatch and Bowen are FA's after this year. Doubt we keep them all.

    A few FA I'd like to see us pick up would be Dawan Landry and Johnnie Jolly.

  2. Bob Sacamano

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    I just don't see how Al Davis passes up a chance to draft Eric Berry

    2 OGs and only 1 Dlineman? we have alot of Dlinemen with expiring contracts, and I wouldn't shed a tear if they left either
  3. SLATEmosphere

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    Lots of 3-4 D-lineman in the FA class this year. Jolly,Gabe Watson,Pickett to name a few;)

    Plus Holland will be let go most likely. Proctor will be gone. We are going to need some OG's
  4. SLATEmosphere

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    Oh and Davis will pick Mays.
  5. DMOB

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    SOLD :bow:
  6. SLATEmosphere

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  7. Chris in Arizona

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    I'd do a little dance if that's how our draft ended up.

    Unfortunately, this is how our draft will look..

    1st round trade down
    2nd round someone from a small school
    3rd round an offensive lineman that the Draft Gurus had with a 5th round grade
    4th round a QB we plan on turning into a WR or FS or NT
    6th round a TE
    7th round someone from Arkansas

    But don't worry, you will see Jerry Jones' face 642 times in the 3 days that the draft is now held over.
  8. SLATEmosphere

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    :laugh2: So true!
  9. Rampage

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    damn! you are so right. But Slate's mock is a good dream scenario
  10. DIAF

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    There is no way in hell we are going to get Eric Berry. That kid is going to be a top-5 pick.
  11. DaBoys4Life

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    No OT i'll pass.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    Hopefully we address the OL earlier.
  13. Benny Blue Boy

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    Yes he will!

    Obviously me and SLATE agree on rounds 1/2. Lol. If we can nab Berry and Gilyard, we got two day one starters, imo. And I would also dance.:D I know Eric Berry might possibly be a bit of a dream, but Gilyard is well within reach, and he's starting to creep his way into the late 1st round. So if we pick around 15 we can address OT and i'd be cool with trading up into the late 1st/early 2nd for Gilyard if we can't get him where we are at. But if they are thinking receiver, Eric Decker would look nice as well... I want Eric Berry though! He would change things more than anyone else we could get at any point in this draft if you ask me. I believe. Watch the browns take him:mad:
  14. UnoDallas

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    I could live with it

    I like the Jolly pick up as Free Agent

    some way I would like to get OT Jason Fox, Miami Height: 6-6. Weight: 302 in the third

    I take this guy over M Shepard

    Jeff Owens, Georgia
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 296.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.98.
    Projected Round (2010): 7-FA.
    2/14/09: Suffered a torn ACL in the 2008 season opener.

    5/9/08: A quick under tackle with speed who can get to the quarterback. Putting up 525 pounds ain't bad either.

    2007: Jeff Owens may be the smaller of the two Georga defensive tackles, but don't underestimate his strength; Owens can bench more than 525 pounds.

    and this guy maybe our next Jolle

    Kellen Heard, Texas A&M
    Height: 6-6. Weight: 345.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.31.
    Projected Round (2010): FA.
    5/19/09: Won't be back with the team for undisclosed reasons.

    2/14/09: In 10 games, Kellen Heard had 17 tackles and broke up a pass. He also ate four quarterbacks, but I don't think that's an official stat.

    7/30/08: A monstrous space-eater and run-stuffer, Kellen Heard will get more playing time as a junior with Red Bryant off to the NFL.

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