Mock with SD trade down

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboysooner, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Trade 14 for 18 and 78

    18) Melvin Ingram- This guy is slipping bc he is not scheme diverse and many teams, especially the 4-3 guys have that problem. That ain't our problem. He is a luxury player for us year 1 playing all over the field and rushing the passer from everywhere. He is our Justin Tuck who is the guy that makes the Giant's nickle go.

    45) CB, Janoris Jenkins- He's trouble. He does not like condoms. He's the wrong kind of guy. But at 45 you are getting talent that is rare and he is the best man guy in the draft. It is worth the risk.

    78) OL-Keleche Osemele- Big physical guy. Beast of a guard who can play tackle with plastic man arms. Starter at guard and also swing tackle.

    81) DE-Billy Winn- I don't love him, but he is pretty good. He is a great value here.

    113) WR-Ty Hilton/ Ryan Broyles- I love both of these guys and I can't stand Ogletree.

    135) FS-Markelle Martin- I roll the injury dice with a guy with range and who has seen plenty of matchup coverage with slots and flex tight ends.

    152) CB-Keith Tandy- The WV corner made a ton of plays and he is insurance for my risky 2nd round pick

    186) QB-Russel Wilson- He's good. But he's short. He's accurate and he is fast. He is a RKG. He proved he was one of the 5 best players in 2 different conferences.

    222) SS-Sean Richardson- I doubt he's here but I rarely see him in any 7 round mock drafts. He is huge. He is fast and he is my nickle backer instead of McCray.

    This draft gives us players that contribute this year and frees up a ton of cap space for 2013 by not having Jenkins or Spencers' contracts.
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    I wouldn't touch Jenkins and I suspect he's off our board. But he's got talent.
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    sorry sooner but not at all thrilled by that draft
  4. cowboysooner

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    No problem, just trying to throw some different names against the wall. Also trying to pick up the rumor on the best value of the draft (Ingram falling). I was also trying to get us in the best shape possible 1 year from now while still helping this year.

    I'm not very happy with passing on DE in the 1st 2 rounds in a deep dt/de draft, because it goes against everything I think is wrong with this team.

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