mocking the Boys, part I

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dbair1967, Apr 4, 2005.

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    Probably the first of a few different versions for me, but here's what I'm thinking

    IMO we wont trade for Darren Howard, meaning drafting a starting RDE is paramount with the 1st pick...I also think there's little chance we're changing to the 3-4

    so with that in mind:

    11- trade down with someone between 17-19, pick David Pollack...dont want him at 11, but you cant ignore his ability to make plays consistently and would be a value pick in the late teens or early 20's...if we move down between 17-19, we probably net a 2nd rd pick

    20- trade down again, this time to somewhere between 23-26...we probably net a 3rd and then can draft playmaking WR Mark Clayton...Clayton combines with Key and Glenn to give us an excellent trio of WR's and with Julius Jones, Witten and Henson as the foundation of the offense of the future

    42- we really do need a pure FS, one who can roam and go get the ball...if Nebraska's Josh Bullocks is there (prob will be IMO) he should at the least compete for the starting FS job and at worst be a nickel DB

    and IF the trade downs work as above:

    with the late 2nd rd pick acquired, draft an OT capable of competing for starting at RT if needed...maybe FSU's Ray Willis or NC State's Chris Colmer

    with the extra 3rd acquired, look at backup RB and take Darren Sproles...I dont think Sproles lasts to where we pick in rd 4

    4th rd, pick 109...time to address LB depth/future...take someone like the UConn kid Al Fincher

    after this its basically total random guesses

    5th rd, pick 148...big developmental DT...maybe Memphis' Albert Means...has talent but needs serious coaching and motivation

    with the two 6th rd picks (208 and 209) and the 7th rd pick 224 I could see us taking a DB, OL and yes, another TE (Parcells said last yr we'd draft another one this yr)

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    You are sure banking on us finding a dance partner aren't you?

    If we get so lucky that would be pretty good draft.
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    If were willing to trade 11 back to 17-19 why wouldn't we trade 11 and 42 to NO for Howard and their 16? Which draft pick value wise is worth a 25 overall so basically they would get their #1 pick

    the Dif between 11 and 16 is

    250pts the number 42 pick is worth


    the 25 overall pick is 720pts

    I guess this would be tooo easy for them to figure out...LOL
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    I personally dont want to give up the second rounder in that scenario even if we do pick up a 3rd rounder... plus you have no guarantees of someone wanting to trade up for that #20 anyway...
  5. jksmith269

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    UUUMMMM how did you get the #20 out of what I said????? Just wondering... SO you don't think Howard is worth a second round pick?

    You may be refering to the original post....on the 20
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    okay you are right.. some over thinking on my part and thinking about the next pick.. .. but no, I dont want to give up the second round pick for Howard. And a lot of it has to do with the fact he has a big contract and thats only for one year.. He is sure to want a big extended deal as well
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    I guess its the rule here that everyone is supposed to hate any mock but their own. For my two cents give me Micheal Boley in there somewhere.

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