Mockingthedraft;Kheeston Randall 2012 NFL Draft prospect notes

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    Kheeston Randall 2012 NFL Draft prospect notes

    by Jon Dove on Jul 23, 2011 12:01 PM EDT in 2012 NFL Draft

    Kheeston Randall
    6'5, 301 pounds | Defensive tackle | Texas

    First word: This past draft seen a major surge in highly drafted defensive linemen. I don't forsee that trend stopping anytime soon as it is an important position that requires depth. Defensive linemen are often rotated in and out of the lineup increasing the need for good depth.

    Kheeston Randall is a very interesting prospect in that he seems to lack a defined position. He plays with good strength and leverage but lacks the explosiveness to be a 3 technique. His good strength helps him play two gap football but ideally he need more bulk to be considered a nose tackle. Randall might best fit as a nose tackle in a 4-3 or as a run stopping 5 technique.

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