Monte Kiffin/Rod Marinelli Were Sold Snake Oil

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Bluestang, Aug 29, 2014.

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    I just listened to Talkin Cowboys today and Bryan Broaddus shared in interesting tidbit about Monte Kiffin.

    Broaddus said he asked Kiffin about the DL group (Ware, Hatcher, Ratliff, Spencer) that was slated to start last year and Kiffin simply laughed about it. Monte told Bryan that he just needed four rushers, but he ended up with one and a half. Part of the lure that enticed Monte to come here was that they were going to have 3 pro bowlers (Ware, Ratliff, Spencer) and a promising Hatcher to run Kiffin's scheme.

    I still believe Larry Lacewell was a big influence in bringing Monte here, but man I can't help but wonder what kind of sell job he and Jerry initially gave Kiffin to come here.

    I also believe that same sell job brought Marinelli here too, which speaks to his character as to why he's still here. Marinelli leaving to Tampa next year is pretty much a foregone conclusion IMO, whatever happens here. I'd have to think that Marinelli is smart enough to know that the circus here is just not worth it and the subpar talent evaluation doesn't promote a good coaching environment.

    Old Monte is probably looking at Marinelli right now and seeing the same thing he went through when Ratliff "pulled his hammy" in the conditioning test and Spencer had the knee issues right before camp.

    It's funny how Monte was scapegoated and given a "demotion" but he's got to be looking at Marinelli and thinking "your next, friend".
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    This isn't getting much attention, and rightfully so, but I should note that the snake oil spin is your own and not a conclusion from Talking Cowboys.

    Kiffin's also on record after his demotion saying he likes both the organization and the head coach in Dallas and likes being here.

    As for Marinelli, we'll see. Lovie has Leslie Frazier in Tampa already as DC. It's far from a foregone conclusion that Marinelli would be going anywhere if we're successful this season.
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    kiffin is not the only one who has been sold snake oil, by the number one snake oil salesman
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    Yea I didn't mean to make it sound like it was coming from the Talkin Cowboys crew at all. Thanks for that clarification.

    It speaks volumes if Kiffin can laugh about the entire situation and publicly say that he's happy to be here. I mean seriously was he going to publicly complain that he got bamboozled by the ownership? Dallas was the only team that gave Kiffin a shot to come back to the NFL after his USC resume and that was only because of the strong influence from Lacewell. I can't picture Monte biting the hand that pays him riding blocking sleds...

    Marinelli has a stronger relationship with Lovie that anyone else in the NFL. Even though Rod could have left here, I believe he is loyal to a fault. This trait could explain why Nick Hayden is still here much to everyone's dismay. And even though Frazier is the DC there in Tampa, Marinelli could go there as the DL coach. I'm fairly certain Marinelli doesn't care what title he's given as long as he's back with Lovie.

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