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    Jason Leach Diary: Monday at Shrine practice

    TFY Draft Preview -
    January 11, 2005 at 1:00am ET

    Jason Leach Draft Diary: Monday at Shrine Practice

    Shrine Practice: Monday- January 10th

    Today's practice kicked off in the afternoon under decent conditions. While it was pretty smooth, the wind kicked up in the afternoon which gave the quarterbacks a little trouble.

    There aren't any new pro-schemes that I am not used to here at practice thus far. We are playing man- free (backed off the line of scrimmage) and cover eight.

    So far the toughest receiver to guard is Chad Owens of Hawaii who was pretty quick.

    Unfortunately the safeties and corners really don't get to hit any one. We just form up on the ball carrier and tag him off.

    I have developed new friendships with Chad Owens, Aric Williams , Aaron Francisco , Timmy Chang , Dante Nicholson, and Tab Perry just to name a few.

    The teams that I have met with are Kansas City Chiefs twice, the Jacksonville Jaguars , New England Patriots , and the Miami Dolphins .

    Our team meeting today was fast and to the point. Immediately after that we left for practice.

    My feelings so far is that everything is going well and I have to keep working hard to prove myself to all the scouts. Late in the day my agents, Joshs Luchs and Steve Feldmen showed up at the hotel. Its always good to know that someone always has your back!!

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