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    Marcus Spears
    Defensive End

    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 293 lbs.

    2001: 8 Tackles 1 Sack 2 REC 20 YDS
    2002: 46 Tackles 3 Sacks 2 INT
    2003: 49 Tackles 6 Sacks 1 INT
    2004: 49 Tackles 9 Sacks 1 INT

    Marcus Spears is a terrific athlete. Coming out of high school he was the top rated tight end recruit as well as one of the best basketball prospects in the nation. As a freshman he played defensive end, fullback, and tight end, earning a spot an the freshman All-SEC team as a tight end. He settled in at defensive end as a sophomore and has been a starter there ever since. He is very vocal in the lockerroom and an excellent leader. At nearly 300 pounds, Spears is huge for a defensive end coming out of college. He is tall and has a long wingspan, which is good for keeping offensive linemen away from his body as well as knocking the ball out of the quarterback's hand on the pass rush. He is very strong and is an extremely good run defender. He has been a good pass rusher, but he lacks ideal speed for an edge pass rusher at the professional level. Marcus would be an ideal defensive end in a 3-4 or could move to defensive tackle in a 4-3 defensive scheme. He is probably the most versatile defensive lineman in the draft and should be a first round pick in April.

    NFL Comparison: Richard Seymour - Similar size and ability--Another DE/DT "tweener"

    by Greg Benjamin

    OTC Mock Draft Status: chargers, #12 Overall Pick
    OTC Top 100 Player Rank: #22

    Anttaj Hawthorne
    Defensive Tackle

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 305 lbs.

    2001: 16 Tackles 0 Sacks 0 FF
    2002: 68 Tackles 2 Sacks 0 FF
    2003: 75 Tackles 4 Sacks 2 FF
    2004: 42 Tackles 6 Sacks 0 FF

    Anttaj Hawthone has developed into one of the best defensive players in the nation since taking over as a full-time starter his sophomore year. Anttaj has proven to be a great leader and has been elected team captain by his teammates. He is probably the best all-around defensive tackle at this point in the draft. He is an excellent run defender and although he doesn't have the greatest closing speed, he does have the ability to get to the quarterback in the backfield. He has good size and strength but needs to improve his technique and do a better job of keeping opposing linemen off of him. He is great at shedding blocks but gets by mostly on pure strength. When he's at his best, Hawthorne can be unblockable at times. However, if a bigger lineman gets their hands on him, he can be taken out of the play. Another problem that needs to be addressed with Hawthorne is his consistency. He doesn't give 100% on every play and may need a good defensive line coach to keep him motivated. He probably won't be the best defensive tackle in the draft as a rookie, but he has more long-term potential than most and should develop into a top defensive tackle at the professional level. He is among the top interior linemen in the draft and will be a first round pick in April.

    by Greg Benjamin

    OTC Mock Draft Status: texans, #13 Overall Pick
    OTC Top 100 Player Rank: #14
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    I wasn't sure about Hawthorne, but I'm warming up to him. Didn't pay close attention to him at the Senior Bowl, but got a recording of it and payed closer attention to him. I was impressed with his power and quickness.
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    Like most, I'm assuming we are going to the 3-4. That being the case a like the reports I've read on Spears. Hawthorne sounds like a good prospect for nose tackle but I'd only like him as a "steal" in the 2nd because I think we need to get a LB/pass rusher in the 1st along with Spears and that we should really address the nose tackle position in free agency. It usually takes an interior lineman a year or two to become really effective and we can't afford that, if we are going 3-4 some vets of that type of system will have to be brought in. At the nose and one of the interior linebacker spots will be most critical.
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    I watched him a few times this year and in the senior bowl...have been very impressed with his power...and was again in the bowl game...

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