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    *From Radiohead at silverstar digest*
    (Thanks Radiohead)

    7/31 morning practice report
    OK, here's the morning practice report. Some of this might be inaccurate because they were observed from a distance. If there's any error I apologize in advance. I am sure some of the things I say below doesnt make sense since I am typing this in a hurry, but hopefully this will give you guys something to chew on.

    Jerry came out at around 8, signed some autographs, and gave a speech at the opening ceremony.

    Darian Barnes, Singleton and one other player came out on the field and started warming up in the far field (Field 1). Other players started to come out one by one. By 8:30, most of the players were out warming up already

    During the morning speech, Jerry announced that the offense (in white) will practice mostly on Field 1, while the defense (in blue) will mostly practice on Field 2. (My commment: Unless things change, which is unlikely since the video camera tower is set up right above Field 1, most of the 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills will also be run on Field 1, making it difficult to see the actions. This problem gets worse when you have non-participating players standing between the fans and the actions, forming effectively a wall between. This bites)

    At 9 am, the QBs started working on their footworks, taking 3-step, 5-step drops and practicing fake. Quincy did a pretty good job with his head fake, Must have learned that from the time Coslet was here.

    Daleroy Steward was running on the second team, I didn't see who was on the first team. Coakley was running w/ the first team in LB drills. Speaking of the linebackers, one of the drills they ran this morning was practicing making interceptions. The defensive backs, at the same time, was practicing tackling. On one play, Pete hunter tackled his guy so hard it made the crowd went "oooooh". Roy, on the other hand, drew some booing on the next play when he pulled up the last second and eased up on his target. I guess some of these fans forgot that the guy he was tackling was also a Cowboy =)

    The first loud cheer of the day went to #88. As I glanced over to see what the offense was up to, they were doing some one-on-one in passing drill. I saw Vinny seemingly had overthrown AB on this play by 4 or 5 yards, but AB somehow found a second gear the last second to run under the ball and finger snatched it for a TD. I couldn't see who he beat but it was a really sweet play. The crowd was pleased for sure.

    Another drill had the WRs matched up against the DBs one-on-one, with Henson throwing all the balls in this one (I think the other 3 QBs were running some other drills at the same time on the other field, but I was totally oblivious since this took place right in front of us, and gave us a first chance to check out Henson.) On the very first play, Keyshawn faked an out and quickly turned inside of Pete Hunter for a slant. Hunter got burnt so bad he couldn't even lay his hands on Key to try jamming him at the LOS. I am also surprise by how quick Keyshawn is. At the end of the play Pete playfully slapped Key on his helmet and the two had a laugh. Later in the same drill, they started having Henson throw the ball to the corners of the end zone. On two occasions, Peter Hunter was matched up against Bryant, Pete broke up one play, and on the second one, both went up for the ball but AB tipped it in the air while Pete was falling back. AB ended up coming down with it, though not sure if he was already out of bound. Henson looked sharp throwing the balls, most of them were placed precisely where they needed to be. I am quite impressed. The only interception that I saw was one snatched by a leaping Newman. Henson was trying to throw it over the head of Newman but Newman timed his jump perfectly and intercepted the ball. #41 can really jump. Patrick Crayton (#14) was also pretty impressive in this drill, making two pretty nice grabs.

    On the far side, the offense's now doing some running plays. It is very difficult to tell how well or poor they do since there wasn't any tackling. On EG's first two carries he seemed to be running pretty hard, and drew round of applause from the crowd. Julius ran okay, but I couldn't really see much on the two plays he touched the ball. There were too many players and people standing on the field blocking our view. Reshard Lee then ran two plays. He seems to have a very nice burst. On one play he used his speed to get outside and ran down the field. Cason ran the last of the 8 running plays, and had a nice run to the left side on one.

    And just like last year, Parcells had the QBs took turn to throw the ball out of bound. QC was up first. When the fans first saw it some of them went, "it's Quincy being Quincy again" I was thinking, "where the hell were you last year?" When Vinny and Romo later came on and did the same thing, the fans finally realized this was one of those drills. Anyway, most of us standing there could not understand what this play was for because they actually have a wide out running down the sideline while the QB intentionally threw the ball out of bound. Anyway....

    The morning practice ended with six sets of 11-on-11 drills. Quincy ran the 1st and 4th ,VG raun the 2nd and 5th, and Romo ran the 3rd and the 6th set. EAch set has 4 plays - two running and two passing. Since, as I mentioned earlier ,there wasn't any tackling it is hard to tell whether the running plays were effective, but I'll just go ahead and write down what I saw. On the passing plays, the distance is a totaly guesstimation since we were all watching from afar. In addition, the distance does not include any RAC since it's hard to tell when someone was touched.

    Set 1 - QC
    - dumped off to Campbell running out on a flat for 3 yards
    - Julius Jones ran up middle for small gain
    - QC audibled, the defense adjusted. QC dropped back and saw no one opened. QC pulled it down and ran up field for 15-20 yards before he was touched
    - passed to Darian Barnes on sideline, completed for 7 yd

    Set 2 - Vinny
    - EG ran left for short gain
    - passed down the middle to #48 (who?) for a gain of 8
    - Julius Jones ran left for a nice gain
    - dumped off to Julius Jones in the middle for 5 yd

    Set 3 - Romo
    - Reshard Lee ran right for a short gain
    - short dump off to Reshard Lee. There wasn't any defenders around him when he caught the ball, leading me to believe someone blew his assignment on defense.
    - Aveion ran up the middle
    - Romo rolled out to the right and pass completed to James Newson for 10 yd.

    Set 4 - QC
    - EG ran up the middle for 3 yd
    - QC rolled right and pass completed to Glenn for 7 yd
    - QC passed left to Jamar Martin for 5 yards
    - EG ran for no gain

    Set 5 - Vinny
    - a designed reverse run (I think it was Randal Williams who ran the play) but the runner slipped when trying to make a cut back
    - dump off pass to Darian Barnes for 6 yd
    - Julius Jones ran up the middle while VG faked a handoff to Zuriel Smith running a reverse.
    - threw deep down the field and was almost picked off by two DBs (overthrew the WR on this one)

    Set 6 - Romo
    - <missed this play>
    - Romo rolled out to his right, the WR slip and still made the catch for a gain of 7
    - Reshard Lee had a nice "out and up" run. He's got a very nice and crisp change of direction.
    - Romo pulled the ball down and ran up the middle for a good gain

    The morning practice ended with some goal line drill. I couldn't see most of it since the players wall between the drill and the fans was solid. On the first play Eddie George was stuffed for no gain. That was all I saw. 3 plays later, the practice was over, but I think during one of those drills the offense did score.

    - If you are going to camp, make sure you print the roster out and have it handy, many fans around me kept asking, who's #40, who's #13, who's #33, etc.
    - Just like last year, rookies have to earn their stars. Veterans do have stars on their helmet, however.
    - The QB unit stayed after the practice to do some extra sprinting for 10 minutes
    Eddie George,Tony Dixon, Keith Davis and QC stayed after practice to give autographs. There might be others, but I didn't see them. QC stayed the longest (for half an hour), andd was very patient. At the end of signing he went directly to the media for a lengthy interview.
    - Oh yeah, I got Quincy to autograph my #17 replica jersey - that was cool.
    - the practice was very crisp. Every time they changed to a new drill the players knew exactly where they needed to go and what they needed to do. Maybe this was why Parcell ended the morning session early (10:35 am)
    - Lots of slipping saw in group drills this morning.
    - On QBs: Quincy's mechanic has improved nicely. Most of his passes now have a tight and nice spiral. VG has a very high release throwing motion. Henson's got a very nice arm. I am not really impressed with Romo, it seems like his passes have a pretty high arc and typically have too much air under it. Just my observation though.

    PS - I've taken some pictures. If someone's willing to post them pleaset le me know and I can send them to you for posting. I'll see if I can log on again later tonight to give you guys another update on the afternoon practice.
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    Mash - awesome read - thanks.
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    Very nice read...

    I just hope none of us live or die like some did last year after each practice...or meaningless preseason game
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    Sarge.....ALL the credit goes to Radiohead...

    I thought I would just copy and past his great observations from practice to the people hear who don't visit that site.

    I love these kinds of reports....better then getting a bias report from the media :)
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    Appreciate it nonetheless.


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    We need to sticky these reports, simply amazing. Great read for someone that is on the other side of the country and can't be there in person!

    Thanks mash and mods, if we can set something up where we either sticky these or create some grouping for them, it would be great.
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    I agree - I rated it 5 stars so no one would miss it. A wonderful post.
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    Thanks for posting. Keep it up.

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    Same here, 5 stars, Mash, keep whatever comes from Radiohead coming.
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    I logged on hoping someone had a first hand acct. Thanks Mash for providing this one from Radiohead. Give that dude a big pat on the back and this email addy:)
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    It looks like QC may actually stop trying to force himself to be a pocket QB. Hopefully we see and hear more of this where he pulls it down and runs when no one is open.

    One other thing did he audible at all last year?
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    If it cuts down on impulse ints, Im all for it

    Heck, if we have to run the wishbone to cut down on QC ints..Im all for it
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    Did someone get the pictures? Can we post them here?
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    Freaking wonderful stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hats off to Radiohead.

    Can someone send this to Matt Mosley so he can get some idea what to look for at a tc practice?


    Randal Williams, Andrew Davison, Jemeel Powell, ST 'broom' drill, 7/31
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    Great stuff! I can smell football!

    Looks like our QB play will be upgraded. I feel better about our RB's.
    I fret about our corners.
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    Great job Radiohead. Thanks for passing it along, Mash!
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    I live for these reports.

    Kudos to Mash for posting it and Radio for attending and sharing his notes.

    Fan reports totally smoke media reports, IMO.
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    Thanks, Radiohead, and Mash for posting this, magnificent job!!
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    Great report bro, very detailed :)
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    I have a tool and a free web site I could do a thumnail gallery

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