Featured Morris Claiborne: An All-22 Breakdown

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ntegrase96, Nov 26, 2013.

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    For a new grading system, can you somehow adjust to take note of the player's role? For instance, in a blitz situation, the DB is probably not going to play a ton of trail without lots of help. If it's a zero blitz, they are going to play off. If the blitz doesn't get home, the QB may complete a pass. Sometimes the DB is coached to play in such a way to allow a pass but limit yardage with a good tackle. That, to me, is an important thing to note. You may give up a 10 yard play, but it was by design that you were taking the risk.
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    Question that I don't know. How often is individual technique based on the defensive play call vs. player discretion? For instance, if we are calling standard man under, I am going to assume that we want the DB to play trail technique, but if there is motion or a stacked WR, someone will need to play off.
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    When is his contract year? That is when we will see some improvement.
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    No quote="TheRomoSexual, post: 5321506, member: 22185"]Can we be honest here? Anyone who thinks they proclaim a second year player a "bust" doesn't understand the NFL.[/quote]

    Mo wasn't that good last year. For what we spent on him this guy is a bust. How many ints do this guy have in his pro career ? Probably less than 3. This guy has the talent but lack the effort.
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    A DB can use the trail technique without being right up on the LOS
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    I understand that definitely. Just trying to figure out what dictates technique.
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    Nothing really stands out about Claiborne. He was supposed to have elite ball skills but he hasnt even shown that.
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    3 year rule isn't relevant anymore. I have posted this before. Pro teams are running high school style schemes. Some high schools have pro level facilities. Rookie contracts are only 3-4 years. When a guy is taken in the top 10, he is expected to have an impact right away. We don't get the luxury of keeping a guy for 10 years.
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    this needs to be repeated several times before homers will get it (if ever)
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    Think as a top pick he probably has a five year contract. This year is another wash for him.
    God I hope the coaching staff gives him a healthy off-season program that he can train with Carr or somebody. Get bigger (a bit - not too much) and learn to get his head in the books etc.
    I think he has all the talent he needs, but wonder if he has that college mentality of being the big shot on campus/high draft pick. Dont need to work hard. I don't know, just guessing - but apart from all the injuries, it does seem to be mental.
    With all the other problems we have on this team, its down right infuriateing that RCB is still a problem !
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    Whoa - he said that? holy smokes - that's pretty bad.
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    It's not exactly drawn into the play step by step, but often times you'll have coaches telling you what you should be doing.

    Rob Ryan gave his guys a lot more free reign than most, but even then, the defense they'd run limited the CBs to a few 'right' choices.

    So you mentioned man under. If there is man under cover 2, you have a few more liberties in this coverage with what you can do, but if you play over, you'll probably get questioned/corrected on the sideline by your DB coach especially when you could've made a play on the ball.

    So to sum up. You you have liberites... you can be judicious, but the situation (defensive playcall, offensive alignment and playcall, who you're playing against and what your coach is going to say when you trot over to the sideline, etc..) pretty much dictates what you're going to do anyway.

    It varies from scheme to scheme, coach to coach, and at what level you're playing (I'd imagine the NFL is far more judicious than junior college which is as high as I got).
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    Yeah absolutely. I mean overall I'd assign Mo' a C+ or B- on the high side. But I'm working on taking into account aspects such as those. That's why I also gave Mo' a successful coverage for playing the sticks in one of the examples. There could've been a completion but the goal was to get the Giants to 4th down.

    It's pretty difficult to paint an entire picture for a CB's performance with stats and numbers, but I'm aiming to do that.
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    he always seems to be in "no man's land". either playing off to soft or a step behind. very frustrating.
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    If Mo said he doesnt study film very much.....................that is very concerning.

    He either thinks he knows it all or he is too lazy to study.
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    Is it that big a shock, though? This is the same guy who quit the Wonderlic because he didn't see any football questions on there.
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    I don't believe he said that.
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    He needs to healthy for an entire year then we can see where he is at. When he does play you can see the talent and there is alot of it

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