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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Kittymama, Apr 29, 2006.

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    wow - slow media day.
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    That would be pretty sorry and gutless of Parcells not to address the media after the first day of the draft. He spoke to the media after his first two drafts in Dallas so why would this year be different. As a fan I would like to hear what he has to say about the draft and the offseason in general and there is no excuse for him to skip out on it.
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    Yeah, he looks like he's on a casting call for The Sopranos with that all black outfit with the barber's smock shirt.
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    Im' betting we don't hear much at all from Bill this season, just in general. Valley Ranch should be changed to Fort Knox, this TO signing has locked things down. I get the feeling it all relates to that signing, that Bill really wants to make this year about football and not what the media and fans are trying/going to make it in to. Really, it's the only way to play it. I mean how can Bill and Jerry suddenly say "stop" to Owens after/if they were indulging in the hoopla themselves. That was the main problem in Philly, TO arrived and all of a sudden Reid, McNabb and just the entire city in general, turned it all into one big sideshow. Reids making side-bets with TO concerning tights. McNabb is on the sideline playing tag during games. It was a circus from day one. Things are different this time around. Parcells is in charge.

    For the person saying that's "sorry and guttless", have some respect for him doing what has to be done to give this a chance of working. Or unless an uncontrolled side-show circus is what you want this team to turn into... He made the pick, that should be good enough. What, another "he looks good in the shower" comment from someone do you need? I mean whatelse is there to really hear about a guy aside from unnessacary posturing, a game we all know Bill doesn't play to begin with.

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