Mosely's Practice Notes

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Aug 18, 2006.

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    Well if he is the LAST one getting dressed that would mean that everyone else is dressed right? Hence, he didn't dress with the team.

    I do not recaqll parcells saying any article was made up, only that he said he didn't demand anything of the trainer. That waas all. Only one failing here is you.
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    Do you kow how long it takes to put on all their pads, equipment, jerseys, tights, etc.?? TO would have to get on the field 10-15 minutes after everyone else to not be dressing with the team.

    And BP flat out denied that he ever told the trainer to tell TO to get on the field. That is just like saying the story was made up because that was the primary issue in the story.
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    No that doesnt mean he didnt dress with the team, that means he dressed last LMAO way to try and stretch

    So you didnt hear him talk about writers making up stories? Listen again
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    Come on Cajun....! Are you married? If so, do you or your wife/girlfriend get dressed last? If so, is it a distraction to your relationship?

    Get real, dude!


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