Mosley Blog: Position-by-position observations (Offense)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 16, 2006.

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    Let's go position-by-position...

    Quarterbacks: You know Nos. 1 and 2. Matt Baker has received some time at No. 3, but the Cowboys are probably seeing if he's worth keeping on the practice squad.

    Running backs: Julius Jones and Marion Barber are givens. The coaches are going to find a way to keep Lousaka Polite on the roster, and Tyson Thompson could give you some versatility. Keylon Kincade is having a nice camp, but I'm not sure where he fits. Parcells will try to put Demetris Summers on the practice squad.

    Wide receivers: The numbers are there, but Parcells is still looking for help. The Crayton injury only made this search more important. After T.O. and Terry Glenn, the Cowboys have Terrance Copper and rookie Sam Hurd. Skyler Green is primarily a return guy who could help out in the passing game. Jamaica Rector would also be in the mix for that fourth or fifth receiver spot.

    Tight ends: With the two-tight end offense in place, the Cowboys could keep four tight ends. Obviously, Witten and rookie Anthony Fasano are locks. That leaves Sean Ryan, Tony Curtis and Ryan Hannam. Ryan and Hannam are known more for their blocking while Curtis has shown flashes in the passing game.

    OL: Here are the locks: Flozell Adams, Marc Colombo, Andre Gurode, Al Johnson, Kyle Kosier, Rob Petitti and Marco Rivera.

    Cory Procter and Stephen Peterman would provide depth at guard, and the coaches like what Pat McQuistan's doing at left tackle. I still think veteran Jason Fabini might be the odd man out. There's also a chance the Cowboys would work Al Johnson at guard, which could mean that Peterman could be out of luck. Peterman's a capable run blocker, but he really struggles in pass protection.

    We're about to start the Parcells news conference. We'll be back with more roster analysis later.

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    Just bumped into Bill...

    Just spent a few minutes sitting in Bill Parcells' high-powered golf cart. He loses the key every day, making it difficult to escape reporters.

    ESPN's Ed Werder, in town to fan the T.O. flames, asked Parcells about the Owens situation and the coach simply rolled his eyes and kept walking.

    He's catching up with SI's Peter King in the media trailer right now. King covered Parcells' Giants two decades ago.

    We're about 35 minutes away from the Parcells news conference. I'm told that Emmitt Smith of ABC's Dancing with the Stars fame will be joining us today. Also, look for an appearance from Hollywood producer David Eick.

    Here's a story on Eick's hit TV show, Battlestar Galactica, that appeared in The New Yorker.

    If you haven't watched the show in HD (channel 74 on my DirecTV), you're really missing out.
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    Parcells will try to put Demetris Summers on the practice squad.

    If this happens, I could see him being plucked by the Jets.
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    Mickey's prediction from this morning came true.
  5. Alexander

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    Yes, but it wasn't a particularly insightful prediction.

    That is like saying ants are coming if sugar is sprinkled on the ground or predicting sharks as you throwing chum down. If you leave out food to spoil, the maggots eventually will show up.
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    Wonder who we could of had instead of Peterman....what a waste
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    He was a calculated gamble. If he could have stayed healthy and got it together he could have turned into a road grader. He's got the size and the mentality. Just got too fat, too far behind, and never caught up.
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    The coaches are going to find a way to keep Lousaka Polite on the roster

    This really bothers me. Why? He's got no position and takes up a valuable roster spot. He would have been gone a month ago if it was me.

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